I just can’t help it with him. Forget it. Just remember not to do it again.

Won’t Jingyun hate Yuhu? Yuhu must be very good.
Dark nodded with a sigh.
The Shanghai horse is alive and kicking again, and it will be known that Jingyun is the best for Shanghai.
It is always said that a child’s temper changes as the weather changes in June, and the same is true in Shanghai, but fortunately, most of his heart is not like his heart, which always holds up many things.
It’s just that he’s happy.
Jingyun’s appetite is not very delicious. After a few cakes, she fell asleep.
He was always alert when he slept. When the shadow secretly pried open his door, he woke up. The shadow flashed by and approached gently step by step.
Laugh internally and sigh that he knows.
Suddenly, the lights in the room were big, and the men in black shouted that their feet were not good, and they kept rushing to the bed.
Jingyun had already sat up and rolled over the bed, and the right hand gently waved a fine needle to accurately stab into several acupuncture points on the legs of men in black.
Black dress person’s feet are numb and he loses consciousness, otherwise he throws himself down and makes a loud noise.
Passing 18-wheeler, I heard that the fight had come from the next room and the broadsword was wielded at the men in black.
Damn, the thief dared to hit the young master with his idea.
Seeing that the situation was not good, the black man stopped fighting, picked up a knife and stabbed himself in the foot, jumping out of the window in pain and hiding in the moonlight.
Dark inflammation wants to chase, but Jing Yun stops it. Don’t chase it.
But it’s not like a young master can do things.
He can’t live.
Although the words are short and dark, I understand that the young master is wearing a poisonous needle to protect himself. Presumably, that person must have been hit by a needle before he can walk. He needs to stab himself to regain consciousness.
Young master, don’t leave anyone alive and secretly ask him questions.
Jing Yun smiled indifferently, and his skirt was messy because of fighting, so he wouldn’t ask anything.
Don’t young master already know who sent him here to change inflammation?
Jing Yun didn’t answer and kept silent.
That man has a short blade. He knows it’s that man. Can’t you stand it for a few days? Do you want to kill him so much?
Unfortunately, his life is very big, but this account is getting bigger and bigger.
It’s better to calculate more carefree like this.
Shanghai woke up with a start and hurried to see Jingyun unhurt but was stopped by inflammation.
Let the young master be quiet
He didn’t guess wrong. It should be royalty, right? That person can make the young master uneasy. Maybe everything is providence.
Chapter 12 Goodbye, brothers
Running all the way finally arrived in Kyoto years ago.
Unexpectedly, just entering the city gate, the guests were not waiting soon.
I see that the voice of Wang Yun is not too loud, but it is just enough for Jing Yun to hear.