"Of course, old hide-and-seek but never lost? And the girl holding the cat over there should have noticed, right? "

"I just don’t want to know in the wind."
"…….. ah? You are very interesting. "
Thin smile Izayoi eyes and smile.
This milli-symptom was summoned, and all three of them were full of murderous look, staring at the black rabbit’s hiding place with Ye Yu’s body emitting a cold and death breath, which made a timid rabbit afraid and almost crying.
"A few, a few good hate this evil Wolf as terrible eyes staring at the black rabbit black rabbit will frighten to death? Loneliness and wolves have been natural enemies of rabbits since ancient times. If you can look at the fragile heart of the black rabbit and listen to me calmly, the black rabbit will be very happy? " Trembling black rabbit himself came out and said with a trembling line
"Don’t!" Izayoi spoke without hesitation.
"refuse!" Kasukabe Yō mending knife
"dismissed!" Kudou Asuka made a final blow
Yu Yeyu looked at the rabbit that was about to cry, and then looked at the three problem children behind him, which seemed a little confused.
Forget it … whatever they want to play has nothing to do with themselves. The most important thing now is to find out exactly where this place is.
So thinking about Ye Yu’s approach to the black rabbit made the other party afraid of shrinking again, and the three problem children fell silent.
Compared with Ye Yu, they feel a little more oppressive.
"What is this place?"
Try to sound as gentle as possible, but this kind of words fell into the ears of the black rabbit, but it seemed like an ultimatum warning, which made the timid rabbit fall to the ground with a limp and plop.
"Boo-hoo … I’m sorry, I’m sorry … it’s all black rabbit’s fault to summon this adult rudely."
"Do I look scary?"
Looking at the black rabbit shivering and begging for mercy, it’s Ye Yu’s turn to have some words. He touched his nose a little bit. Although he was more or less stained with evil breath because of the world crime, he has controlled himself well and won’t let the other side fear like this, right?
"No … nothing, my Lord. Although you feel terrible, you look like a good man."
The black rabbit barely smiled and sent a card to Ye Yufa, and then worked hard.
Chapter 169 I join
Get up, black rabbit, retype the spirit, gently cough his throat, and open his arms to say
"Then, first of all, welcome four people to the" Huting "where many incredible places in the world of ghosts and gods gather! We sent four gifted people to be allowed to participate in the’ Gifted Competition’ and summoned you! "
"Gift game? What’s that? " Izayoi asked.
"You are not ordinary people in your own world, are you? That special ability is given by various shura gods, demons, elves or stars, and the’ gift competition’ is this" gift "competition. Holding the competition is a stage created by people who live in this world with strong gifts and can be happy and distort their lives!" The black rabbit spread his arms and hugged the whole box.
"God … magic …?"
Ye Yu frowned slightly and chanted this word, which involuntarily reminded him of the maze city Euler Li, but obviously this is not the word Euler Li’s gift game, which he has never heard of.
"Yes, it’s a world full of ghosts and gods, so don’t be surprised. Well, Black Rabbit continues to explain. If you want to participate in the gift game in this’ box court’, you must join the guild and play under the name of the guild!"
"I don’t want to!" Izayoi said with his eyes closed
"You must join!" The black rabbit jumped up
Sure enough, the body is still a rabbit … Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe Yō thought in their hearts
"The black rabbit is here to invite you to join our community and fight together!" The black rabbit looked at you with hopeful eyes.
"impossible!" Kudou Asuka has long hair.
"No!" Izayoi didn’t bother to open his eyes.
"No way!" Kasukabe Yō didn’t look up.
"hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t refuse so quickly! " Black rabbit jumped up again.
"Well, this gentleman, would you like to join my community? By the way, I don’t know your name yet?" At first, I introduced myself to Black Rabbit, and I knew the names of Izayoi and others, but I didn’t know anything about Ye Yu.
"Name? Call me Ye Yubi, a good black rabbit. Let me ask you a question … Have you heard of O ‘Leary?"
"Ah? Black Rabbit has never heard of this place. Is it Mr. Ye Yu’s hometown? "
"Hometown … maybe?"
Ye Yu muttered so much that she was just a passer-by for Euler Li. Where is her real destination?
By the way … it’s the place where the snow is floating, right? It’s full of frost debris …
"So, Black Rabbit, since you can summon us from another world, do you know how to get out of here and go to another world?"