Cold and realistic

Su Mo had to close the first four pages and open the fifth one, but when he looked up soon, the fifth one also replied, and the tone was rigid and the fourth one was bound to be high.
[Dear Mr./Ms, you need to pay a certain amount in advance for consulting ~ Our lawyer team is divided into gold and silver …]
Su Mo didn’t finish reading the mobile mouse, clicked the right corner key, cleared the browsing record and closed his brain.
I threw myself in the seat and raised my hand over my eyes.
I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I woke up this morning, but now I’m beginning to feel sour and swollen. It’s really eye-catching to read and browse materials at high intensity, but these are actually tolerable.
What he really can’t stand and makes him more miserable is that he feels that he hasn’t changed the status quo at all.
Even become more and more degenerate.
What’s wrong? … Su Mo distressfully thought.
Economy, capital
Remember that reason why the fourth and the fifth thing just rejected him, ega smiled bitterly.
Economic law is independent and even has no qualification to know information.
Now these devices are only available because Yan Shu is still willing to give them to him.
But what if one day alpha, who really likes ega, comes back?
Su Mo didn’t dare to think or bear to think.
Although he is Mrs. Yan Jiashao now, whether he is an ega attached to alpha or alive depends on Yan Shuhan’s love and affection.
And once he left Yan Shuhan, he still duckweed.
He had to make money. Su Mo suddenly woke up.
He can’t just attempt to successfully avenge Su Erbo and his wife for killing his adoptive parents.
Because it is true that Sue’s family has deep pockets and strictly formulates the latest education law, how can she be afraid that a person who can’t even disclose his surname and name at will will initiate a lawsuit?
He has to grow up more, and knowledge alone is not enough. He has to have a circle, have money and be more willing to trust others.
He has to abandon him when Yan Shuhan is cold, and he can be calm when he leaves.
He needs to have a stronger heart and not be depressed like this after being said by several internet people.
Only when he makes changes and grows positively can he really hope to win the case.
It’s already five forty when I look at my eyes.
I don’t know if Yan Shuhan came back yet. Su Mo got up and stretched his muscles and put the table in his arms as a cover. In fact, he also likes to watch these, but he is really not in the mood now.
The cover is beautiful, delicious and sweet. The picture is like a lively and lovely elf, Su Mo, who opened the title page unnoticed.
I saw the words son written on the edge-
Suspected to be a female ega name.
Su Mo heart micro hand also weak almost fell.
Stress crouched down and took it, carefully put it in the place that was just taken out.
The heart seems to be stuck by something, and there is some bitterness in my mouth.
Yan Shuhan likes that ega is a girl? That girl likes to make sweets, too?
Yan Shuhan carried him to bed last night because …
Remember her?
Chapter 1 Black woolen coat
Su Mo never thought that Yan Shuhan liked ega and might be a girl.
It’s not because of gender bias, but because the phrase "like male alpha" in Yan Shu’s cold words really misled him too deeply.
As a result, he naturally corresponds to the fact that the ega owner is also a male.
At this moment, I realized that Yan Shuhan may have regarded herself as a female ega…… last night …
Su Mo naturally felt uncomfortable in his heart.
Although he also knows that his appearance is extremely outstanding in ega.
But …
Did Yan Shuhan treat him like a girl these days, especially last night?
My mind flashed some not-so-good memento mori teenagers’ abuse, insult, ridicule and ridicule.
Those bad tricks.
Su Mo is a little nauseous.
Patted his chest and went smoothly.
But he can endure as much as he did on his wedding day and achieve the goal of revenge. He may have to "pretend" to please Yan Shuhan in the future.
Su Mo bitter heart while input instructions to open the door lock was about to step out suddenly.
He is tall and beautiful, with his back facing this way, leaning against the gate and facing a vertical reading bar.
It looks like a daze.
But in a flash, people look back.
"Come out?" Talking to himself, he seems to be coming towards him, and his lips are slightly raised. It is a gentle smile, and his dark and deep eyes seem to be shining: "Come and eat, it’s almost dinner time."
Yan Shuhan personally called him?
Su Mo was slightly surprised, but he didn’t show anything. He just took the silk and smiled and gave a well.
Turn around and go to the spiral staircase. I’m going
Yan Shu’s cold voice sounded from behind, "There is a ladder at home."
Su Mo footsteps face slightly changed.
Of course, he knows that there is a ladder in Yanfu, but he will feel dizzy when he takes the escalator, especially the ladder in this room, which makes him even more dizzy.
So he hasn’t sat on it since the housekeeper took him once on the first day when he came, and he choked back the deadly dizziness by pinching his palm.
I saw that Yan Shuhan was so close to him, and his voice was gentle as water, and he couldn’t find anything wrong. Even because his voice was full of magnetism, it was full of sultry meaning: "Let’s take the stairs. It’s not so tired."
Probably because I saw his black eyes and thought he was very tired.
Then bear with it again, Su Mo heart way