You want a nine-doubt tripod, don’t you? You want a demon spirit to help you with one arm, but you can become red-eyed and flapped. It seems that your heart is tempting Li Yueling to say

What’s so cheap? Look at this monster. A tail is still being melted into the tripod. It’s because I’m trapped. I want to play with my mind. You’re still too young. Li Yueling’s face in his heart is flattered. The demon king is really willing to give me the tripod.
A pair of red eyes suddenly shot two sharp rays. Don’t call me king. You can call me demon spirit and red pupil. You need to promise me one thing if you want the tripod.
Look at your minor repairs. Although your strength is pitifully weak, you are still honest, otherwise the demon spirit won’t bother you.
What a big breath! Li Yueling tried to explore. Where have you been with your red pupil predecessors?
I heard that Li Yueling asked himself about his monastic practice, and he was very proud that he was better than the average Jin Xian, but he always got the first word or two in this world.
What’s the high road? Li Yueling won’t say a sarcastic remark at this time, thinking about it and praising the red pupil predecessors. It must be that the heart benefits people. This just stays in this world of mortals and earthly world, leaving the purple mansion and celestial world to go.
Sort of, but it’s a rare animal, and I can’t talk about blushing. I’ve been blushing for a long time, and I always have the cheek to promise
This guy’s face thickness obviously has a certain gap with his own realm. It takes me half a day to say a big lie.
Li Yueling didn’t go to debunk that he was chasing after the former saying, "What are you going to promise? You must try your best to do it."
The word "Nine Doubts Ding" was almost destroyed by red eyes, but he finally didn’t completely lose his mind. Only after a little thought did he open his mouth and said, "You have to promise me that once you have enough strength, you can break the nine Doubts Ding Yan Di Ban, and once the Yan Di Shennong’s ban on this Ding is lifted, this treasure will be completely transformed, which is not inferior to those magic weapons that accumulate fairy aura. This is beneficial to you and me."
Of course, Li Yueling wanted to promise to come immediately, but he first frowned and hesitated a little, which was a barely recognized tone. This is no problem. I don’t know how to repair my strength to achieve this requirement.
Red-eyed and rare hesitated for a long time before slowly spitting six words to achieve pick Jin Xian.
With that, I think it is too hard for Li Yueling’s confidence to get out of trouble in the future. I immediately added, "Don’t worry, the demon spirit may not be the right time to help you achieve the goal of picking Jin Xian."
In fact, it’s a temporary conation and being trapped for too long and depressed to the extreme. That’s what I really think today
At the moment, his heart is also the seven pick Jin Xian. That’s two levels higher than the purple mansion Jin Xian. Don’t say it’s Li Yueling in the early days of Du Jie. Even if the purple mansion Jin Xian wants to make it a pick Jin Wonderland, it will take thousands of years, and it has to be a deep blessing.
Li Yueling doesn’t care how difficult it is to repair him. He just came here to improve his strength and take a powerful magic weapon. However, such benefits are according to the order. Thank you so much for your predecessors. I will try my best to practice and strive to completely lift the ban on these nine suspected cauldrons as soon as possible. It’s really great.
This sentence Li Yueling really falls into the red eye and is very comfortable.
Now I’ll give you a little demon spirit, and you can integrate it into Yuan Ying’s one. From then on, the nine doubts will be over, and you will be in the second place. I can also directly carry out divination and help you if necessary.
Guess it’s been more than half an hour since I entered this Qionglang Fairy House. Li Yueling is still thinking about the treasure, the dragon column fairy house and the treasures outside, and he doesn’t want to wave, so he immediately replied.
Seeing that the red eyes spit out a condensed column, the blue and white column is in his trend, and Li Yueling is 7.
At that time, Li Yueling, like being hit by a stimulant, said that he was not affected by his body shape and was inhaled after a burst of madness. He was soon integrated into his baby.
This green and white demon spirit is a rare one. It’s really original and unusual, but it’s the purest innate power. If ordinary people get a little bit, it can be directly condensed into a baby. If the monster will instantly condense into a human form, it will be even worse than the strength of the demon king.
Good things like this are only rare in this world, so a demon fairy-level figure trapped in the Nine Doubts tripod can afford it.
After the rapid integration of the demon spirit and the true yuan, the Yuan God of Daniel lee’s inspiration Mud Pill Palace was beating rapidly, as if he had been inspired by his potential. A feeling similar to warning signs passed through my mind, but it was only possible when I was in Du Jie.
Du Jie’s later period was really inspired by Du Jie’s later period and Daniel lee’s spiritual strength, but it was also a little worried. After all, Du Jie’s later period also meant that the apocalypse would fix the truth. This short time is so short that it will cross the apocalypse so soon, and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse.
After instilling twenty percent of the body into Li Yueling, the demon spirit is rare, and it seems to be very weak. You have swung your head and said, Now you have got my demon spirit. This nine-doubt tripod is already a treasure, but you need to get together when it comes to the demon spirit. Yuan Yu Ding will know everything.
I’m tired, too. I’ll go back to Dingping to adjust my breath first, and remember that you promised to do everything possible to improve your physical strength. I hope you can give me a surprise after I recover.
You can rest assured that I, Li Yueling, promised that things would never go back on our word. Worse, you gave me many benefits. It is also due to the rare requirements that Li Yueling’s physical interests do not conflict. He is also happy to be a good person and sincerely said.
Chapter two hundred and five Yuanyang Broken Jade
Seeing that the red eyes are gradually hidden in the tripod cover, Li Yueling immediately turned into a different animal phase like gold. The move of God was firmly reinforced by the four-pole thick diamond iron column. The nine-suspected tripod was suddenly Guanghua, but the size of two or three feet. The nine-suspected tripod caused violent tremor, but it completely shattered the four diamond iron columns in one shape.
The nine-suspected tripod went straight to the top of the temple and shone like a small sun. Fortunately, Cher left the hall when she was away. Otherwise, the nine-suspected tripod diffracted and this treasure light was enough to hurt her.
Li Yueling’s mind movement has already released a little demon spirit. Yuan Li penetrated into the tripod body. At that time, a huge amount of information flooded into my mind. This nine-suspected tripod is an ancient psychic treasure, and I don’t know how many world monsters have been refined. Every time a monster nine-suspected tripod is refined, it will merge with that monster’s eternal knowledge.
Today, Li Yueling’s red eyes and rare help belong to the nine-doubt tripod’s strength, and the demon spirit’s strength is combined. However, at the same time, he has also obtained the immortal knowledge of a large number of monsters in the nine-doubt tripod’s storage for many years.
It’s cheap to be refined by the Nine Doubts Ding. It’s not a bad generation. Li Yueling not only got the Nine Doubts Ding, but also reached the realm of Du Jie’s later repair with the help of rare eyes.
Nowadays, it is also learned that the knowledge of all kinds of monsters in the nine-suspected tripod is equivalent to getting him to know the monsters refined by the nine-suspected tripod all his life, which also gives Li Yueling a lot of valuable experience and knowledge in repairing the truth.
It is said that in this world, I want to find a monk who is the most Broadcom demon. Before I changed, Li Yueling’s roots would not be ranked. But now, if he recognizes the second place, no one dares to recognize the first.
See Li Yueling flash in front of cher is also quite surprised, brother, you fix it.
Hey, hey, Cher, sister and younger brother recently got a nine-doubt tripod in lucky strike, not to mention a little bit of repair. We’ll talk about it later. Let’s go to the hidden treasure dragon column quickly.
If Shiduo doesn’t take the opportunity to get more magic weapons, there will be no chance.
At first glance, I heard Li Yueling’s nine doubts about Ding Xueer’s pretty face. The thought of waiting until this time to play with Li Yueling has made her a demon statue, and she is also restless
Greeted the Nine-headed Hiderigami Fox King and Li Yueling to go first, and one person and three demons swept to the hidden treasure dragon column at full speed.
Brother wants to break the jade hook in the nine-day Yuan Yang ruler or Gong Gong’s place. In addition to the nine suspected tripod, these two treasures are the most precious. Cher wakes up behind Li Yueling.
Cher, Sister Bao, if you don’t hold down these two magic weapons, you can’t let go of other magic weapons. You made the double demons work together to hide the treasure, and the Dragon Column has not yet been taken. Don’t let go of Li Yueling’s smile.
Cher lightly chastised him, but he felt that his younger brother must have bumped into some adventure when he took the nine-doubt tripod. He could vaguely feel a kind of hard-to-pull, close-to-close smell from him.
In fact, whether it’s Cher or Li Yueling, I don’t know if this is the effect of Li Yueling’s body merging with the demon spirit. It’s a demon fairy-level monster. He sacrificed and refined for many years. The demon spirit is really powerful. If it’s rare in the world, no monster can muster up the courage to start work on him
Even the demon statue of Cher is less than one level.