Yes, the blue sky is an artifact, and holding her can defeat the mainland people in western Chu, but can you recruit her?

I will practice this slowly, but it’s your evil spirit. Your energy is sealed. Now your energy is not even in my family. You will die tonight.
Night maple raised the purple bamboo in her hand and said, no, my hand is enough for her. I just said that tonight will make the Bu family history forever, so cash it now.
Ye Feng said to Zizhu in his heart, Zizhu, let you kill as much as you want today. Kill all the creatures in this three-kilometer range and don’t leave any.
Night maple sounds like purple bamboo in my heart. Good master, I will not leave a creature.
With an artifact, you want to destroy my family. You’re too proud of me, aren’t you?
Zi Zhu Huan Hua cheng xing ba
A burst of white light flashed through Zizhu Magic and turned into a beautiful girl.
No, I saw the purple bamboo turning into a human, and my eyes were all big. I said that Baal is Baal, and the artifact is artifact. Hahahahaha, let me play with the artifact.
Defense level 6 ultimate magic with no sound, no sound, no body, a shining magic robe.
The fire element is full of heaven and earth. You listen to me and turn it into a flame chop to destroy the enemy in front of you. When the flame chop appears beside Zizhu, Hou Zizhu turns into a ghosting image, holding an energy sword in his hand and cutting it through the flame to attack the enemy.
At this time, Buerle realized that she was afraid of Zizhu, but the energy was real magic. There was no Zizhu energy sword for her, and nothing was finished everywhere. Buerle just dodged Buerle and got a few swords, but he was hurt by his strong defense magic method.
Full of wind elements in heaven and earth, listen to me and turn into wind spears to attack the enemy in front of you.
Sharp wind spears shoot at Zizhu strips with scary sounds. The wind spears pass through Zizhu’s body, but Zizhu has nothing to do with it, and it’s attacking Laier.
Why don’t you come? Are you an idiot? Do you know that Zizhu is turning into magic to deal with Zizhu Night Maple?
Pine sword
A sword with colorful light and energy, Zizhu energy sword, slammed when it touched, and when it touched, the energy sent a strong wind to pull the figure of Zizhu for a long time. Night maple also felt the wind pressure in the distance, but it was painful to be blown by the strong wind, but it was impossible to hold on hard.
Because of the strong wind, all the family members got up and saw their father fighting with a strange woman, so they stopped saying that their father and children would come to help you.
Ten will be injected into the energy of the sword, and the sword will be cut to Zizhu Zizhu, and the sword will flash across eleven swords.
Ye Feng said Zizhu, stop playing and do it quickly.
Night maple is hello. Come and calculate the account tonight. Pointing at night maple with a sword, he said
You’re going to die, and Ye Feng said, Zizhu, I hate it when he gives me the first kill.
Hear the word of night maple, Zizhu returns to the energy sword.
How can I beat my little girl? I’m so anxious that I’m about to cry
We’ve tried all the ways to fight, and then we said
What can I do? I’m worried about my big brother, even the care teacher. Little Ya Ya sobbed.
Leng Wei-er heard little Ya-ya worried about night maple, and when she saw little Ya-ya worried about night maple, something sour crossed her heart.
All right, little ya, don’t cry. Sister Shui Xin guarantees that your big brother is all right. Is it okay to worry about Shui Xin to comfort little ya?
I’m worried that the big brother lost to the people inside, and the little girl fell on her shoulder and cried.
Look at people coming. Yaqi looks at a green light flying towards them in the distance.
It was the dean who came and then cried. When the green light was near, it was clear that it was the dean who was loose.
Why are you all here in such a heavy rain? You asked loosely as you covered them with enchantments.
Dean, big brother, after he entered the territory of Bu’s family, the enchantment covered the territory. Just now, we heard screams inside, and I was afraid that big brother, his little ya ya, sobbed
Big Brother Is Big Brother the Night Maple? Actually, Songran followed the Night Maple and arrived earlier than later, but he was hiding in a dark place. Super-medium magic was used to observe what was going on inside. What would kill the family members? Is it true that the foreword of 5,000 years ago was that my uncle was a murderer? He thought of it when he saw it. Later, five of them moved. He knew that it was impossible to fight the night maple enchantment with their strength. Plus, he also wanted to know what night maple wanted to kill the family members. Later, he followed the night maple three.
If it’s a big brother, call it Dean Yefeng. Big brother is also a hospital student. He may be in danger now. You are the dean. Let’s go and save him. Little Ya Ya shook her loose hand and said.
Ye Feng, you let a woman die for you. What kind of man are you? I looked at Ye Feng and said, but just after I finished, I was scolded by my son. Don’t underestimate that beautiful woman. She is a weapon.
Father and child are not white. Can you put it more bluntly?
That woman is an artifact and her strength is quite strong. Just now, I almost stumbled because I underestimated her.
You two fathers haven’t finished speaking. Let’s go to hell. Ye Feng said coldly that Zizhu is becoming energetic.
Purple bamboo instantly turned into a mass of purple light, and the energy gas produced a strong wind, which made the trees on both sides crumble.
Ye Feng, you look down upon our father too little. Yun Tian’s double swords are not able to play together. Ten figures overlap together. The two swords are United, and the father and the son are very tacit. Together, they inject energy into the sword, and the sword immediately increases several times against the purple bamboo.
Purple bamboo energy gas is getting bigger and bigger, and my father secretly loses it, saying that it seems that we should not have the last trick of our family.
No, my father and I were divided into two groups, and they urged the body energy to speed up the rotation. Soon, each of them presented a dark red energy sword, and because of the crazy energy, the sword gave off a burst of red whirlwind.
Dark red holy energy looked at the maple face in the distance and showed a little surprised expression. Zizhu came back and I’ll deal with them both.
Purple bamboo should fly back to the night maple body with a touch of purple light
With the coming of a loud cry, the father and the mother joined together again, but this time it was true to synthesize a body. In the blink of an eye, the fit completed a hand with dark red energy and a sword red Han floating in front of the night maple.
So what if you say that you are an evil maple? Your energy is blocked. If I don’t come tonight, I will disappear from this world if I can’t kill you.
Night maple doesn’t even lift his eyelids and says coldly, give it a try.
The fit man instantly kicks a foot in front of the night maple, which is to see a shadow kicking at himself, but it is also a hope to flash if you can’t see the real foot.
Boom was kicked in the middle of the night, and the maple broke the villa. A few big pillars of the night maple got up and wiped their mouth and said, It’s very good. I didn’t expect that the protoss combination technique could be practiced in the mainland.