After a long struggle, the heroic eagle finally lowered its head and the female eagle softened her words. Don’t you just want straw? I’ll get it for you

Ashin xiaosheng said, there’s no hurry. Take us around Ying Chao before the straw dries.
Eagles are not autumn eggs. Children grow up early and have no scruples, so they come to the cliff Ying Chao with them.
Ashin gave birth to a baby, and he saw how gorgeous Ying Chao is. It’s such a broken nest that there are no caterpillars.
It seems that the quasi-god has a small stream of sharp mouths and pecks at beetles.
Beetles are too big for hummingbirds to eat eagles and beg to send athel Loren away.
Two hummingbirds are full of meat, and the little ones row a beautiful arc and disappear.
This winter, the enslaved goshawk got them enough dry straw to build a warm nest beside the abandoned beehive, and they flew to eat fresh nectar and catch insects on a sunny day.
At night, Ashin looked at the cold star Gao Boyuan, showing off the knowledge of later generations. Look at those stars. We are also on the same planet. It is called the blue star of the earth. Humans have built many spaceships to look for intelligent life on other planets.
You can’t find life on earth in this three-dimensional world.
To be honest, he also wants to go to other worlds, but the three-dimensional world has been blocked by the spiritual world because of the hidden dangers of the earth. What does it mean if his baby is the earth spirit and he doesn’t go to a place without a baby?
Gradually, spring has arrived in Guangdong, and the sign of spring is that the old green disappears and the young green is pumped.
The breath is full of sweetness, and birds are paired, and insects are also accompanied by each other.
Two birds drink nectar and jump into the grass, trying to make a sumptuous food, but they don’t avoid insects.
Ashin xiaosheng stopped his good brothers. Don’t touch them. You see, they must be ill and can’t eat. Chapter 6 They are not in love.
The quasi-gods have lost their interest in eating insects. Although these are illusory things, they have the same life in the initial conditions. Let’s go with a smile. They are in love.
Ashin gave birth to a hot face and asked Xiaoyuanyuan in the nest. What do you say about kindness and love that can make them die?
The quasi-god was touched by his mind, and this fascination almost never occurred to him. At first, he was playing with a fox gate disciple, and everything was safe. I don’t know which day this life entered his soul so deeply. What should I do first? What should I do if I want to feel Huansheng and feel Huansheng ‘an?
He sighed, and I was wrong. They were not in love, but in loving each other. They were afraid that he would be hungry, cold and lonely. They were so heartbroken that they would lose sleep. When they were together, they coaxed him to take him around the world. If he didn’t, he would accompany him.
Ashin was heartbroken and surprised again. It was just like this for me. Er, I also hung up Xiaoyuan on the night of birth. Xiaoyuan disappeared on the windy night. I tried my best to find him. Love is not necessarily sex. This cosmopolitan nature is too easy to love and too difficult.
Do you know what crossing is?
A weak soul has never talked to anyone about this. Does this mean that she believes me and reaches out to me carefully to listen?
A Xin xiaosheng whispers and spits. Top secret crossing is rebirth. Reincarnated people have no memory of past lives. I have learned what love is through many times. You are right. Love means that the other party wants to never hurt each other and drag them into danger.
You must have loved God to be envious.
A Xin’s life is a fool with a low laugh. Speaking of it, I’ll tell you that I was a person in my previous life. Er, my very good roommate’s name is Qiao Fang. She wants to marry a rich man, but she can deceive too many people. Although a good house is available.
The quasi-god has clearly sensed that all the judgments can’t be false. First, he is a man. Second, he loves his nest. Third, I think that the weak spirit hasn’t changed his mouth and asked him if he can cook.
It’s very complicated for a weak spirit to laugh. It’s better if we eat a nest. I told you, you don’t know how to visit Fang, but she didn’t know I was a hummingbird when I flew in front of her.
Qiao Fang has been in a quasi-god since Ashin was reincarnated to B. Of course, I know what she looks like. Considering that many handsome men need women to match, Qiao Fang has set up a hummingbird in the dreamland. Qiao Fang also set up a human being. Both of them are not good things according to the romance novel mode. When seducing us to go to the tropics, we may meet her. Hey, when you were a man, you never liked anyone. The quasi-god found out that the little weak spirit loved him impressively in the file. This can’t be played. I am a cannon fodder man.
No little weak spirits are suddenly depressed and the sea of consciousness is suddenly closed.
Let’s dance, please.
A Xin gave birth to He Yan while dancing courtship to the birds, but why not dance? So he spread his wings and flew to the nest with a little pity.
Perhaps the dancing of the two birds is so beautiful that the surrounding birds sing with the rhythm.
After a dance, Ashin’s life is inexplicably sad and faint. Xiaoyuan, you really want to go to the rainforest, so let’s go.
Wow, Kaka’s romantic trip finally got a quasi-god, and Yuanyuan turned around in an arc of flowers excitedly. We are sure to have many beautiful adventures in the morning.
Ashin xiaosheng closed his eyes. Okay, I want to see my hometown again. Don’t come with me.
When the quasi-god knows that everyone needs to be alone, he nods his head so that he can wait for you to go home. Chapter 7 Finding a widowed mother in a previous life is in distress.
Ashin xiaosheng flew to the village to be reincarnated so many times. She was not the only one who let go of her mother, the widowed mother who brought Wang up through hardships.
In the old days, everyone in the village said that the Wangs were fierce and savage, but a widow was not good enough to give her people a rope to tie them up and remarry, so that they could go to Wangjiatian. In fact, many people in my widowed mother’s family wanted to marry a girl into the Wangs’ widowed mother, but they chose an ugly wife from a normal family. The villager said that Bai Sike was such an ugly wife and bullied others, especially when I was in college, the villagers reported that the ugly girl was pregnant. Damn it, Wang Gengen had never touched her.
Wang Shenghui’s early death was mad with anger and scruples about Wang Jiaming. She dared not say that she was bored in her heart until she vomited blood and reincarnated her daughter. Anyway, the ugly woman gave birth to twins, which made my widow rely on the ugly woman for life. It was probably because she was afraid of genius and husband. In the future, she divorced her wife. The status of women in the Song Dynasty was too low
Ashin is looking forward to seeing the widowed mother in her previous life, and it would be better to see those two children.
She didn’t know that it was impossible to be a quasi-god, and she didn’t know that these three people’s faces were quasi-gods. The energy was transformed into a mountain village in the Song Dynasty, which was derived from the initial conditions. Seeing that all the villagers were strangers, except Gao Boyuan and Wang Sheng, everyone’s face was blurred. Of course, it was also an ordinary diaojiao building in northern Guangdong, which was similar.
Axin xiaosheng’s energy is weak, and the blurred background sound is almost impossible. She can’t find the room, but she can’t find the previous life door and see Gao Boyuan Wang Sheng playing in the tree.
She thought Wang Sheng would always go home, so she waited in the leaves.
An emerald-like kingfisher was found by two teenagers although it was hidden in the green leaves.