In fact, Meng Fei still reserved when he said this.

In terms of forging techniques, there is actually a difference between the two sides, but there is a great difference in instilling light.
One is pure light and the other is light and true qi. This difference is not reflected in the strength and quality, and even the appearance is slightly different. Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventy Try hands.
Kerviel hesitated. He sighed with a sigh, Brother Meng. Although I don’t know what you can do to forge this thing, I am sure that your accomplishments in forging will not be inferior to others.
Meng Fei’s eyebrows raised Brother Doc’s words.
Kewell hey hey smiled. He took his own life-and-death thunder and weighed it one by one. Do you know how long it takes for us forgers to forge a suitable life-and-death thunder?
Meng Fei considered a still shook his head.
He can melt the golden core almost instantly, but relying on the fire spirit in the gourd, not his own forging power, can infer the level of others
It takes at least ten minutes for Wildau to forge a life-and-death thunder, and it also takes at least ten minutes to instill light into it.
But, bro, it’s less than ten minutes since you forged the belt and added the light. If you let them know, hey hey, I really want to see their faces at that time.
Meng Fei didn’t know it was too short to surprise him.
However, in forging this thing, he not only moved the fire gourd, but also returned the light and dark qi. If he can’t shorten the time by half, he will be embarrassed.
Shaking his head slightly, Brother Meng Fei Daoke, let’s try the power of this thing.
Kerviel nodded again and again. Although Meng Fei spent about half less time forging life and death thunder, it would be pure waves if his power was insufficient.
Meng Fei forged the thunder of life and death and threw it to him. Kerviel wanted to act, but he saw Meng Fei waving his hand. Brother Doc had a treasure with a certain hidden whereabouts. Can you and I try it?
Kewell’s heart is much bigger if they get such a good thing, and it is much bigger if they enter here and get it.
Meng Fei touched it from his arms and immediately took a piece of iron.
Although this piece of iron is a little worn out, it is heart-rending.
Kerviel’s eyes flashed a strange color. In his memory, he seemed to have heard of such a thing, but he couldn’t remember it for a moment after many years.
There was a strange wave in Meng Fei’s gentle wave of his hand. When this wave dispersed, their figure disappeared completely.
A rather strange feeling spread from Meng Fei Kewei’s heart.
At the moment when this strange force fluctuated to them, they all felt a sense of being enveloped by something.
However, this feeling did not bring them a sense of threat, and they did not resist it.
Slightly shook his head, although Meng Fei is not the first time to hide the function of black iron sheet, but at the moment he felt a feeling of never being the same.
Mind micro he immediately white.
Before trying this thing, his martial arts practice had not yet reached the realm of Tianjun, but at this moment, he was promoted to Tianjun. After the Ministry of God entered the black iron sheet, he actually released two different effects.
In his sight, Kerviel Bai Longma is no longer there, but in their hearts there is a rather obscure connection, which is shocking and inexplicable.
Huo Ran has an idea. Come here, Brother Meng. This treasure is why you came.
Meng Fei eyes a bright didn’t hear the sound in his ears.
But I heard the Kerviel sound in my mind, and he was sure that it was not heard, but sounded directly from his mind.
Hesitated a Meng Fei tried to put his mind in the direction of Kerviel.
Brother Ke, can you hear me?
Brother Nengmeng, this treasure of yours came to Kerviel to ask again, and there seems to be a little more expectation in his voice.
Meng Fei vaguely felt that the origin of this thing did not seem as simple as he imagined.
This is my younger brother’s half-truths about getting Meng Fei from a narrow place.
Brother Meng, it’s no wonder that you were so confident just now. The worries in Boukville’s heart have long been swept away. This thing should at least be able to get away with it.