Gal he finally got rid of the taboo of animal repair secrets.

When he came back from the hound, he couldn’t help falling into a depression again.
Get rid of the taboo of animal repair secrets again
Don’t say that you are now in Xianmen prison, but you can escape to face a beautiful woman.
It’s also a matter of considerable strength to make out with beautiful women.
Situhao thought of here that kind of impulse to live and die becomes more vigorous. Chapter 35 Great beauty.
Situhao is a flexible person, who won’t let himself suffer from the pain any more. When Ling Hufeng came to the dungeon the next day, he directly said that the ancient scrolls were hidden in a pagoda tree folded by several people in Fengyun Jianzong Gulin.
Ling Hufeng knew how great this method was for people to suffer. He did not hesitate to believe that Situhao had left the dungeon.
This is Stuart Hao’s plan to slow down the troops.
This place is two or three miles away from Fengyun Jianzong, Wan Li, and Linghu Peak must go to get the ancient scrolls if it falls behind.
Longitudinal is nine order wu want to go back and forth in two or three Wan Li distance not half a month when it is impossible.
If you can put it off for half a month, Ling Hufeng will never do anything to himself when he finds out that he has done it, even if he comes back in a panic.
In this way, as soon as Situ Hao was quiet, he used the spirit to attract nirvana and absorb the five elements in his cell. After he felt dizzy, he hid in the dead corner of his cell and practiced the secrets of the beast, and then absorbed the five elements through the spirit to attract nirvana.
This practice is much faster than his simple illusion practice.
Situ Hao, who accumulated five elements in this way, found that his spiritual power was also slowly increasing when he drove spiritual nirvana.
He can continue for three minutes, but now he can continue for five minutes, and his mental recovery is getting faster and faster
The longer the spirit leads to nirvana, the more beneficial it is for Situ Hao. He is excited about the spirit leading to nirvana.
Situhao also tried to induce nirvana by Li Ling. After a series of attempts, he failed and finally had to give up.
Day by day, when I was in this closed cell, I didn’t know the light of day, but Situhao knew it was ten days ago through the number of times they delivered food.
On this night, the dark clouds topped the night, and the ink was dark. After a short pause at the foot of a wall outside Xianmen, the figure actually disappeared.
At the same time, a figure appeared in the dark night two miles away from the other wall.
The figure entered the fairy gate and ran quickly for nearly half an hour before it came to the low-lying valley in the magic grave area.
Hiding in the dark, looking at the situation with the light of those crystal balls in the guardian brother’s place.
At this time, the black shadow was shining in the crystal ball, and I could vaguely see her appearance. She was a beautiful woman.
Xianmen, however, is worthy of saying that these crystal balls also need tens of thousands of taels of silver to buy beautiful women. Light moans.
Animal light crystal balls can absorb light during the day, but the price is really high at night, which is really beyond the average person’s affordability.
These high-priced things like Xianmen are not very generous in defending the photos of the demons’ graves and prisons. It is also said that Xianmen attaches great importance to this place.
Martial arts circles say that the guy was captured by Xianmen, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. The beautiful woman mutters about her body and disappears again.
With the disappearance of the beautiful girl at the top of the valley, she is now directly in the magic graves and prisons full of cells.
Xianmen guards all the demons’ graves and prisons in the periphery, but they didn’t send anyone to guard them.
The beautiful girl didn’t move after all the magic graves, but closed her eyes slightly on the spot and calmed down.
Ha ha ran here, the beautiful girl murmured excitedly. After that, her figure disappeared again. Chapter 36 Blink Secret Method.
Situ Hao Situ Hao
Confused Situhao actually heard a beautiful voice calling himself gently.
Today, his strength is already a fifth-order force, and he is practicing the secrets of animals. Today, he has extremely keen sensing ability, even when he is sleeping, he can sense the living things moving around his body.
Of course, those with high strength are the exceptions.