If Li Yueling folds at the moment, instead, it can be seen that Jiang Shishi, who used to be smiling, has slipped a few drops of crystal tears in his eyes at the moment.

Yue Ling is my good brother Wen Yu and my good sister. What happened to him and me a thousand years ago?
With a sigh, Jiang’s poems suddenly closed, and a few Li Yueling’s night beads lit up the surrounding areas. Jiang’s poems began to sit in the memory and eliminate distractions.
It is said that Li Yueling went back to the magic shadow Sect and met Tuode’s poisonous shadow. The first thought in Li Yueling’s mind was to consider whether to kill the poisonous shadow in front of him.
Poem elder sister closed is determined not to be exposed. This poison shadow is also half an insider. If it is leaked from him, it will cause poem elder sister a slip of the tongue.
The thought of poison shadow in Li Yueling’s eyes has become a dead man. Just when he was ready to shoot it, he said a word, but Li Yueling hesitated.
Xian Chang thinks that you always come to sit in the magic shadow Sect
Fart, you want to die, but you don’t want to glare at the poison shadow. When Li Yueling gives the order, you will pinch your hands, control the method and seal it, so that he will die by steaming his intestines and stomach.
Li Yueling is not what he used to be, and he wouldn’t be poisoned by Tuode to kill him. But today, he is a pain killer, and three people, except Xianjian Zongji, are offering sacrifices to the ancient magic treasure.
The evil treasure, Qing Suojian, and the ghost-eating spirit that day also had a little influence on his mind. It can be said that Li Yueling has developed many other ideas that he has never had before.
Li Yueling’s eyes are full of fine mans, and the poison shadow is cold. Why would you say that?
Poison shadow is not a fool, but a clever demon. When Li Yueling dropped his sword, he felt vaguely that it was time to die.
For the former Li Yueling’s oath to the site of Sanqing’s ancestor, it has long been out of the consideration of poison shadow. It’s a joke that people, together with those who belong to Daozong, dare to kill, and they will still worry about that shit oath.
The only way to survive is to stir up all your brains and be thought of by him.
Hearing Li Yueling’s words, Poison Shadow breathed a little sigh of relief, and immediately seized his only chance to say "Immortal" quickly. Now, you’ve got the spirit-devouring banner, and this thing is the patriarch’s position of our magic shadow clan treasure for you.
See Li Yueling eyebrows slightly wrinkled poison shadow little dream plop plop a crazy jump quickly connect the key is that I just saw something bad for you in the abode of fairies and immortals.
This is also the reason why you are always sitting in the magic shadow.
Don’t get to the point in a vague way. At this time, Li Yueling has some inappropriate feelings in his heart, vaguely aware that he must have missed something.
It was a cold sweat on the forehead of poison shadow who saw the first guy in the three Taoist priests whose body was destroyed. He escaped from the abode of fairies and immortals.
What Li Yueling smell speech facial expression changed, I always knew that I had missed it.
When did you meet?
Poisonous shadow carefully said that when the old Taoist priest exploded Yuan Ying, he came from the other side but saw a golden light darting straight away, which was Yuan Ying’s taxiing evasion. The golden light Yuan Ying went too fast, made minor repairs and was thin.
Want to intercept is also a heart.
Li Yueling’s water baby body should have been destroyed by the lonely Taoist when it exploded.
Today, after the poison shadow said so, it is recalled that the moment seems to be really so indistinguishable to the naked eye. At that time, the golden flash was exhausted by the ghost on the third day of sacrifice, and he didn’t care so much.
This poisonous shadow won’t deceive people in this way. It’s so important that the news that Shui Yuanying escaped is bound to tell the story of what happened today and report the name of the clan, which will not only take great risks in the future, but also be greatly implicated in XuanYuanzong.
The deeper I think about it, the more troubled Li Yueling is, but at the beginning, she said to herself that she wanted to be in charge of the magic shadow. Maybe this guy can’t solve it?
I know you still have something to say. If it can satisfy me, I will not only spare your life, but even if you are a cousin, it is not unreasonable for Li Yueling to sweep away his previous amazing expression, but he promised poison shadow a cousin’s promise.
Li Yueling even listened to Tuode’s words, and Zhang Er was still scratching his head, but the poison shadow was rubbing his hands and saying it hastily. After careful consideration, he made some suggestions.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two I mean into a magic
Poison shadow is now also clear to the courage, the immortal has done the magic shadow clan patriarch’s benefit three
One of the immortals is that you always control the ghosts of heaven and eat souls, but it can be said that this patriarch’s power is not limited to this day in Wulin. Speaking of it, more than a thousand years ago, the magic shadow clan was quite strong in the eastern demon gate. But when it came to the black robe and the old ghost palm clan, because its three elders did not fight against the magic shadow clan together, it was gradually lonely.
But once your old avatar enemy is in charge of the clan, the Germans can circle back the three elders in the periphery.
To return such a thing, listening to the poisonous shadow, Li Yueling felt curious in his heart, but it was not that he wanted to hear a cold hum in his nose.