Yi, and so on. Evil Feather suddenly called out "One" and then lost in thought, muttering, "I seem to have seen this word somewhere before." Take me to Nangong Sword and Evil Feather and tell Wen that my information should be available to the mysterious organization. Besides, I am much better at intelligence research than your master.
Why do you suddenly look at Xie Yu with suspicion and say that we have no money to pay you?
Although I love money, we thieves are very loyal. How can I say that Nangong Sword has also helped us? This will be regarded as returning his favor.
Wen pondered for a long time because Wen knew that the intelligence of evil feather was much higher than that of bounty hunter. If she helped, she could definitely find the murderer behind the scenes quickly, but Wen was worried about what evil feather was trying to measure the weight of both sides. Wen decided to let evil feather join the investigation because he believed that the Nangong sword could not brush any conspiracy against evil feather, so he said that he had to wait for a few people first.
Chen yingfeng
Hearing this name, Xiaoqiu couldn’t help wondering if Chen Yingfeng was coming. Then he looked around and saw Xiaoqiu in a daze and secretly laughed.
Well, it seems that he will also come to Carreterre to investigate, but Wen looked at his mobile phone and said it was 9: 46, which seemed to be a long time late.
Don’t small wind he has been in carrettel city cloud some worry asked.
I don’t think it will be tattooed, and I’m also worried that we have to pass through here when we arrive at Carreterre from the Cromont Empire, and we have increased their speed a lot, and then we arrived here early when we calculated. It’s probably because their driving speed is too slow.
The evil feather is a little worried and asks, Hey, do you know the shortcut from the Saudi border to Carreterre? That road is on the other side of the forest. I looked at the cloud, and the evil feather scolded me for leaning over. You don’t know, then Chen Yingfeng is still alive.
Yun, you take the evil feather and them to the master to help him find a way to destroy those biochemical beasts and monsters. I went to Carrettel to find the shadow, Wen Wen panicked and cried, Yun took him and said, You should take them to the eldest brother, and I’ll find Xiao Feng.
Calm down, evil feather shouted to them. Now, the more people go into Carreterre, the more dangerous it will be. Besides, we are looking for Chen Yingfeng, and we should first need someone who knows Carreterre well, and then we can protect that person. There are two people in total.
Evil feather looked at Wen Yun’s face expression and immediately knew that none of them knew about Carrettel, so he sighed and said, It seems that Xiaoqiu knows Carrettel like the back of his hand here, but in terms of intelligence, I’m better than Xiaoqiu, so I need another one who can protect Xiaoqiu.
I, I, I raised my hand with a grin and cried, Evil Feather gave him a cold look and said that you were disqualified. You are more worried than those monsters around Xiaoqiu. Evil Feather looked at the moire and then looked at the side. Little Rabbit asked Evil Feather, Are you a power?
I’m a medical rabbit, so the evil feather snapped his fingers and said it was decided to let Haiyun Rabbit Xiaoqiu go to Carrettel to find Chen Yingfeng.
What Wen is dissatisfied with and asks the evil feather that the rabbit is capable of medical treatment to ensure that the personnel are not injured, but the rabbit has no reason to go and be followed by the evil feather. Wen looked at the cloud rabbit and nodded and said that’s true.
Then Wen told Yun the location of the base and said that you should just look for the shadow wind. Don’t stay in Carreterre for too long and be careful of those monsters.
Know the cloud sat in the car started up.
Beware of the evil feather telling Xiaoqiu that it is dangerous. You should immediately leave those two men and run away. Don’t look for your man and fight hard, you know?
Shut up, Xiaoqiu. A leather bag was dumped in the past, and he was flushed and cried.
And the illusion is whispering in tears that it’s not me.
Saying goodbye to the crowd, they drove into the fog with clouds, and soon they were shrouded in the fog and disappeared into the sight of everyone, with tattoos and evil feathers driving them towards the Hades desert.
The fog enveloped the city of Carreterre. At this moment, the silence was chilling. The fog made the streets of Carreterre white as if clouds had landed in the city. Generally, people could see the scenery ten meters away, but the scope was ten meters. The shadow wind and his party felt more frightened than the fear. The streets were covered with bloody bodies and rotted for a long time. The surrounding buildings smelled like hundreds of years. The buildings collapsed everywhere, and the rubble fell all over the streets.
Shadow wind and other people don’t know where to go. In the fog, they can’t tell the southeast from the northwest. In the city, they don’t know where the street is and where the building fault is. Because of the collapsed buildings, there are broken buildings everywhere in the city. Chapter 11 Half demon monster
Because the street was covered with rotten and broken bodies, the building collapsed and filled the street with shadows. They had to park their RV outside the city of Carrettel and walk into the city of Carrettel. They stepped over the bloody bodies and tried not to step on the residual limbs and broken arms. They climbed over the buildings lying on the street, and their feet were flat. The street was crushed and broken by the collapsed buildings. All this was terrible.
Although I have always imagined what the city of Carreterre will become, although I have always imagined that it is a hell inside, when the shadow wind witnessed it with their own eyes, they were shocked only by the word shock.
The little black cat was lying on the shadow wind’s shoulder, covering her sensitive nose with her hands, and cried, A city is full of rotting corpses, and I can hardly stand it.
Has there been a major war in this city? I can’t believe that these streets were destroyed in a short time when I looked at them at night.
It seems that those monsters are even more horrible than we thought. Odin said in a panic. From the way, those bodies were obviously torn apart by monsters’ teeth, huge claws planed the bodies, and then they ate the dirt and teeth tore their limbs.
Obviously, the monster is human food. Kate said simply, let’s be careful not to disturb those monsters. Find Locke’s hiding place as soon as possible and get out of here
The city of Carreterre is too big. We looked around for it, and those monsters found it before we met Locke. The wind was very worried.