Sun Wu turned Jin Ji in his hand several times with the pleasure of the road, and this tree king’s knot is sweet and delicious, which is more delicious than my wild flowers in Huashan Mountain. I’ve been living in this small garden for four or five days, so I won’t wait for him to knot it.

It’s hard for you to fight against the holy Buddha. This garden is played by the Queen Mother, and this flat peach tree king is the most important thing in the garden. Every 12 thousand years, one hundred sacred fruits are lost, and one little fairy is also unbearable.
Sun Wu scratched his head and was puzzled. Isn’t it just a few pieces, Queen Mother? Why are the old ladies so stingy? My old lady is the most headache. The woman is crying. Alas, fairy, you can think about it slowly first.
Li Yueling, the Queen Mother’s peerless appearance and elegant temperament, has seen it before, but he never thought that he would become an old lady before Sun Wu’s mouth. It is estimated that the monkey will call the Queen Mother such a name in the purple mansion world.
Li Yueling, who saw Yi Xian’s fear, could not bear it.
Look at Sun Wu’s eyes staring straight at the branches of the flat peach, and he is just drooling. He also guesses that Sun Wu will never stop because of this. Think about the past trip of the Monkey King and you can infer that the flat peach is definitely a very fatal temptation for him.
I said, Great Sage, if you really take the flat peach and blame the Queen Mother, you are not afraid, but you will really suffer from Yixian. Do you have the heart to let her suffer?
I don’t have the heart to Sun Wu’s answer simply, but he followed a word and made Li Yueling speak, but I can’t come this time in vain.
The most painful thing in the world is to watch peaches not be picked, delicious and small. Can you understand that my grandson has been waiting for 12 thousand years?
Li Yueling, a monkey’s longing for a flat peach, really can’t solve it, but he has already seen something of hunger and thirst from Sun Wu’s urgency.
Great Sage, can’t you consult with the Queen Mother? It’s always not a problem to ask the Queen Mother for a few flat peaches. Li Yueling considered it from another angle.
I didn’t expect it to be okay. When Sun Wu, the heavenly queen, immediately flew into a rage. That old lady was so kind. It was wrong before my old grandson.
But that’s all in the past, but the old lady bears a grudge. For ten thousand years, I’ve never attended the holy banquet of flat peaches. That’s all right. She actually put it out that Luo Tianzhen Ling’s large array was arranged outside the flat peach garden to prevent young people from stealing flat peaches.
Grandma and Laoniang’s flat peach garden has been formed for three days, and it has been robbed once. It was my old grandson who fucked her that year. Isn’t this a gesture of talking about me? I can’t swallow this tone. Sun Wuzhi is famous in the world
Never hesitate to say anything.
Isn’t it just a broken array method
This flat peach garden, my old man can come and go whenever he wants. Who can stop me from humming and going to give the old lady a big cleaning? Today, when I saw your young players present, my old man left some surplus food for the old lady and picked 70 pieces to taste.
Seventy pieces were tasted. It was said that Li Yueling, Qin Yuan, or the weeping Italian fairy capital was dumbfounded, and Sun Wu was obviously a start-up advocate. He was ready to pick all the flat peach trees, and now it is because of the delicate and touching appearance of the fairy that he could not bear to leave some.
However, this is still a disaster for Yixian. I don’t know that in this deliberate effort, I turned my attention to Li Yueling, which also made me think in the middle of the back.
Sun Wuxu also made a scene in heaven. The enemy is that he was forbidden by the Buddha, and the five elements of the mountain never compromised. It was also that he swept the magic field with a needle. It was that he was the first among all the gods and buddhas in the sky to make his flesh holy. His great magical power was that he was outspoken and not afraid of people or things. It was also him.
For such a strange fairy Buddha, for such a temperament middleman Li Yueling, I sincerely admire it, and I yearn for it in my heart.
After thinking for a moment, Li Yueling said, Great Sage, you don’t want to make it difficult for Sister Yi, but you have to take flat peaches. I’m trying to make a plan to see if the Great Sage dares to do this.
Sun Wu and a pair of Kiyomi flashed the divine light and suddenly flashed Li Yueling’s side. In the Taoist world, I didn’t do anything, but I didn’t dare to do it. Tell me about it.
Li Yueling whispered with Sun Wu that the Great Sage needed this.
Speaking of later, Sun Wu turned out to be hard to hide his excitement. Ling turned over several somersaults and praised Xiao. What’s your last name? I’m old. Haha, let’s hear it quickly. It’s always bad to call you Xiao.
After Li Yueling reported his name, he turned to Yixian Road again. After the Great Sage picked the flat peach, I will go with him and go back with Qin Xiong. If the Queen Mother asks, you need to answer. That’s my business.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen The boundary of heaven
In three days, heaven, earth, man and three domains are the most vast expanse. At this moment, a cloud about three feet in size of Fiona Fang is moving at a terrible speed 100 times faster than Xianjia’s light-hiding technique.
The cloud is a somersault cloud, which is known as a somersault cloud, but today’s somersault cloud is not the only one who once defeated Buddha and Sun Wu in this fight.
Li Yueling, dressed in a five-element fairy armor, is also proud to stand in the clouds and enjoy himself extremely.
Niang, this speed is so exciting that you can’t fly to Wan Li as if you’ve cast a candle at the fairy house. This kind of enjoyment is just as carefree as Ferrari racing in the world. Li Yueling sincerely sighed in his heart for being able to enjoy the famous somersault cloud.
Li Xiaoan, it’s really not easy for me to look at you. You are a master of the immortal emperor, and you can’t stand the somersault cloud. It seems that you are half a body consecrated. Haha, Sun Wu’s somersault cloud is so fast that you can’t stand such high-speed movement unless you put a protective magic weapon to protect yourself in advance.
However, Li Yueling and Sun Wu all know which magic weapon has been sacrificed. At most, the two of them are dressed in clothes. Sun Wu is the originator of flesh sanctification, but he doesn’t say much. However, Li Yueling’s practice is a pick-up wonderland and can withstand this fierce nine-day Gangfeng, which really surprises the Great Sage.
Li Yueling still knows how to shake his head and laugh at the Great Sage, but you overestimate me. I am gifted at most, but I am thousands of miles away from being sanctified in the flesh.
My grandson says you can do it, and you can always do it.
In time, Li Xiao, you can definitely become the third person to be sanctified after the third eye. Do you believe it or not? Sun Wu said, and took out a large flat peach in the washbasin and took a bite to praise the Queen Mother. That’s why the old ladies are so envious of my old age.
Li Yueling also you’re welcome. It’s actually Sun Wu who generally doesn’t know where to take a big flat peach and bite it with a mouthful of sweetness. It’s even more refreshing to pour it into the body with a supernatural force down the throat.
Great Sage, look at me. Li Yueling is really doing everything in front of him, but the Monkey King shrugged his shoulders and asked.
I told you, you don’t understand. At least my grandson is also a Buddha.