Go for dinner

Suddenly, the prison door was pushed in, and two guards brought in a sumptuous meal. They turned around and left, and they were still mumbling about the prisoners. Seventh Master asked for good wine, good food and good treatment.
Who knows what medicine is sold in the gourd of the Seventh Master? I know that Grandpa is even more strange. I heard that he keeps the snake king and dotes on the snake king woman.
Shh, be careful not to be heard.
Two guards murmured and listened to Kasheng Yan from the dungeon. He didn’t regret it. He was confused. Seven lords were Dragon Seven Kirin Taitai, and nine lords were Mo Xie. What did they say? They said that Dragon was too fond of Korea’s sister Yan didn’t regret it and asked.
I guess so
That sister Kasgonghan is not together.
Listen to the situation, Kasheng shook up the ancient fan again, slightly frustrated. Look, the two brothers lost their throne and lost their throne. Kasheng was anxious for a while, so he just held his horses and pulled the plate closer and glanced at the sumptuous dishes and said, Let’s have lunch first. When my mother comes to save us, we will go and help the eldest brother.
I’ll eat first
Kasheng suddenly picked up a delicious chicken leg and took a bite and stared at Yan. He didn’t regret chewing for half a ring before he relaxed and ate. It’s not poisonous.
Do you think I’ve bitten?
It’s not that I don’t regret it. I don’t mean that Yan doesn’t regret taking over the chicken leg. I’m not even touched by it. He’s trying to cook, so he’s not afraid to poison him first. Maybe it’s because he looks like Cass. What are you staring at me for?
You look good when you eat
My brother often says that she looks like a poor kitten when eating, which always annoys him and orders her to change.
Moving and charming
The public made fun of him and didn’t regret his ambiguous whispers, which made her face blush. Immediately, she stretched her delicate finger and poked it at Kasheng’s forehead. Turn your head and eat.
Glancing at the charming and charming Ka Sheng’s smile, which made him feel moved, added a little bit more. It’s really not like the hypocrisy of seduction in the past. It’s nice to stare at the beautiful girl in this dungeon. It’s not a shame to have a small life.
Kasheng considerate asked.
Yeah, I’m sleepy. Maybe I ate too much.
Lie on my shoulder and sleep. Kasheng patted the idle shoulder to signal that she’s welcome. He’ll meet Yan at any time without regret.
Lie down. Just think of me as my eldest brother. Kasheng gently hooks her head and lies on his shoulder to familiarize her with his gentle body temperature. Even if he regrets it, it’s still Cass, but he’s not discouraged. In the end, the boat will cross the bridge. This situation is like a race between a tortoise and a hare. Cass runs fast but doesn’t move, while Kasheng climbs the tortoise first.
At this time, the dungeon with beautiful scenery and beautiful color was kicked hard, and the dragon king’s robe was awesome, especially the half-length beard was full of charm, and the water chestnut was divided into five senses and a bold masculine taste. It is conceivable that he was indeed a handsome man when he was young, but now he inherits his superior appearance, but he has a mutated beauty, Mo Xie
What a beauty! The Dragon King’s eyes are sharp and staring at Yan. I don’t regret that you are a human being. Then our son will catch it back and join in the fun. Do you want to give him a new favorite princess? It’s good. It looks good. The woman is watery. Look at that tender skin.
Longwang laoer
Kasheng is lazy, putting Yan into his arms, refusing the Dragon King to spy on his age but not forgetting his heart.
You have a good beauty in your arms
Don’t pry if you know my arms. No wonder the Dragon King has been demoted. You really can’t do great things. If it weren’t for Dragon Seven Mo Xie, he would be an ambitious and domineering old man.
Don’t put on airs. You and I live together, and my father is just a backslapping.
It’s not difficult for you to bring that beauty to the king
What if I don’t?
Kasheng provoked an eyebrow to protect Yan from remorse. Although it is a matter of his future happiness to kill him, he will not compromise.
Hey, old dragon king, you’re not afraid of being haunted by flowers and willows. Kasheng quickly dodged and protected himself in front of him without regret. He stretched out his arms very firmly. Cold hum won’t touch her unless you step on my body. Hehe, you should remember that my eldest brother once pulled out your dragon beard and he rose up against you. If you don’t have chips, you can’t be a man with seven lords and nine lords. Kasheng shook up the folding fan and leisurely threatened, but his heart was cold sweat, but it was really unexpected. He had to kill her first and be ruined by the old dragon king.
Are you threatening the king?
It’s just advice. The dragon king’s brain can’t figure out the importance. Besides, this residual flower is what I left behind. You should strive to fight for a residual flower in the dragon king. It’s ugly.
The dragon king suddenly leaned forward and approached his body with a look that she couldn’t look like. Kasheng got angry and refused to bite his rosy lips. He tried his best. At this time, it was bad to yell outside the prison. The group in the Dragon King Temple came to chant Buddhist scriptures again.
I can’t hear the chanting clearly in the prison, but it’s enough to disturb the dragon king’s face, cover his ears and passivate into a dragon.
Sheng er took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the Dragon Palace with two black shadows, steal the key and hit the dungeon. The two cast spells to remove the seal, which was very neat.
Mother Ka Sheng was so surprised that she was busy helping Yan’s unrequited charming body to pounce on Aloyakalub. Just now, fear turned into trembling. You finally came to save Sheng Er.
You loser didn’t make a mistake. You were either cut or caught. You are the savior when your father and mother are your parents. Fortunately, you haven’t got involved. Otherwise, I don’t think you’re a goat. Alouya grabbed Kasheng’s ear and didn’t fight. That horrible guy was led by the two of them, but he was caught dead by the old turtle’s incompetence. He’s still in hot water.