At this time, Yuan Ye finally got a little surprised in his eyes. This is a life transition.

Every time a life breaks through a card, it will make a leap to the Emperor Wudi level, to the quasi-respect level and to the Taoist level. At other times, it is quantity accumulation, but these breakthroughs are qualitative changes, which is the life leap.
Now Yuan Ye is finally white, and it is not that your strength will be much stronger immediately after you have absorbed Shura’s heart. To be precise, he is opening the door to your life transition. Those people in the Shura world want to break through the realm of Tao Zun and the realm of big Zun. They can only succeed by first absorbing Shura’s heart and then practicing. In a sense, it is almost impossible for you to become a Taoist statue in Europe, just like being trapped for several years. If Duan Muyun Ji and others are not sent to the soul by Yuan Ye, they are afraid that there will be no soul in the Shura world, and this Shura heart will play a role of soul and
Of course, two can also be divided into many different souls. A hundred souls can be powerful, and when they can, they can bring powerful spiritual strength. This shura has the same heart, but it will still bring terrible killing efforts besides helping you break through.
Without hesitation, Yuan Ye continued to suck the second shura heart.
Boom a huge killing will attack. This time, the intensity turned out to be ten times, and at the same time, the variation of the body was more impressive than the last one. When Yuan Ye sucked the fourth one, it was already destroyed by this killing will.
Yuan Ye’s will consciousness is much stronger than others, but not all of them. Among them, his most vulnerable is the will to kill. This will is not stronger than the average person, but much weaker. He is strong enough to defeat the mansion owner nine planets. Most people can integrate six shura hearts less, but he feels that the will to kill is not enough when he arrives at the fourth one.
It’s not good to believe too much. Yuan Ye’s personal veins stood out and his eyes were red. But his personal finger clip has become several times more than this nail has become a blood S sharp devil. This long nail has never been retracted. At the same time, Yuan Ye’s consciousness has been swallowed up a little bit, leaving him thinking and killing. If you don’t have enough will to kill, you will become a thinking and killing machine.
Roar Yuan Ye suddenly face upwards whistling roar general at the same time that terrible eyes look around suddenly a foaming at the mouth will kill straight into the sky.
On the other side of the world, where the world is vast and I don’t know how far it is from Yuan Ye, Censen is chatting in Muqiang Yu Xiaoting.
Buzzing at this moment, a black S ripple overflowed from dng in Censen’s ring, and suddenly a region was filled with a heaven of death, and then the black S ripple continued to spread to far away places.
Censen, this is Mu Qiang’s face slightly changed.
It’s a night-terrorizing gun, but I don’t know what happened to Yuan Xiong. Censen also feels that this night-terrorizing gun has not changed for many years. What does it mean? After all, the night-terrorizing gun is an artifact, and his master will always be one. That is, Yuan Yeji is just holding a night-terrorizing gun, and his soul is also an artifact of Yuan Ye’s death.
Humming black S wave came directly to Yuan Ye through the barrier.
The word "master" sounded in Yuan Ye’s mind when he almost lost his last consciousness. It was not a real person’s speech. The sound was purely formed by the hum of heaven, just like the click of thunder. This click made people feel the word "master" as soon as they heard it. At the same time, Yuan Ye personally took the lead and bng was severely beaten by people in consciousness.
Death is also the sound of Wan growling, and Yuan Ye’s scarlet eyes snap open.
Drink a big drink immediately around the black S ripple crazy toward Yuan Yeti. In this force, all the body mutations become soft. Those raised nails are also immediately restored. Shura’s heart contains terrible killing meaning, but it was completely assimilated by black S fluctuation and then integrated into Yuan Yeti.
I don’t know how long it took Yuan Ye to finally open his eyes slowly.
The will to kill is the sharpest sickle of death. The knot of the will to kill is to kill the world, and death is more frequent than any other world. The heaven of this world is not the heaven of killing but the heaven of death. The two great deities have listed this Ashura realm as a test ground for the gods. It’s not that we want to raise the will to kill, and it’s not that we are the best candidates to become the gods. The two great deities want us to raise our awareness of the heaven of death and the disappearance of life. For us who hold souls, the shura heart helps us practice life and jump cocoa, but the two great deities still want us to absorb the heart of shur
At this moment, Yuan Ye seems to understand a lot because he obviously feels that the heaven of death has been promoted. He can barely display the third formula of the law of death, but now it is easy enough to display it without the help of the death artifact. This is all about shura’s heart to help shura’s heart. For the soul-holding artist, it seems that besides making you more murderous and easier to practice, the biggest thing is actually to enhance your understanding of the heaven of death, which I am afraid is not realized by ordinary people.
Without the slightest hesitation, Yuan Ye directly sucked the remaining three shura hearts into the death artifact, which helped Yuan Ye find out that in the end, it was not the shura heart that he had sucked, but the death artifact’s night-terrorizing gun. The night-terrorizing gun sucked the killing will department into Yuan Ye’s body, and Yuan Ye’s heaven of death was improved again and again, that is, the seventh time Yuan Ye felt that the death artifact had no pressure to suck up. This death artifact was still hungry for 1,000 years, and the evil wolf desperately wanted to suck the shura heart to have a big meal.
It seems that it’s not so simple for me to get ten shura hearts. When seven shura hearts are sucked into Yuan Ye’s mouth, I can’t help laughing. Since it can be sucked, of course he doesn’t mind. Now he can cast the law of death twice at a time. According to past experience, if he can cast it four times in a row, he will have a chance to successfully cast the law of death. The fourth type is really like this. Yuan Ye is very extravagant, but he can let himself die through the shura heart. The fifth type says extravagant hope, not hope, because Yuan Ye knows that the first three types of artifact laws are very simple Almost every artifact owner can do it alone, but the last two formulas are too difficult, that is, some great deities have never learned the fourth formula of the artifact law in the fifth formula, and the two great deities can exert it. This difficulty has already reached an incredible level. The fourth formula and the fifth formula will not be so simple to achieve, but Yuan Ye will definitely try it.
After taking Shura’s heart, I helped myself with a night shot. Instead, I didn’t become bloodthirsty, or did I have to say that the only change is that I have died, and the understanding of heaven is more profound. This is also the most precious point. Soon after, Feng Yun sent someone to bring Yuan Ye to divide my territory.
At first glance, the desert in the north of Emperor Vatican City is full of sand grains, and the wind swept through it, making people blind. Occasionally, they can see the oasis and finally get a poor little green S animal.
Pity is really pitiful.
At this time, seventy people stood in this desert.
Brother Yuan, this is where you get the territory. Yuan Ye is beside Censen. I don’t know what to say. Yuan Ye will call nine planets, the seventy-six mansion owner of Asura, and he will be strong. He will call him from Mijie to discuss the general direction of governing the new territory, but he doesn’t want seventy-nine people to fly for hundreds of miles. It is a desert, but even a city or a village has never been met.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
His mother Feng Yun found a broken place for the old Yuan Ye also gnashed her teeth.
My Lord, the rules of the Ashura world are here. We have joined a powerful force. If you don’t hunt souls, 30% tax will get the territory. It will also be very fi. There are many people and many strong people in the territory. These strong people all belong to your subjects. They will give you 10% of the souls they get when they hunt Warcraft. Then hunting Warcraft in your territory requires a certain soul for you. Every year, you need a certain soul for the adults who give you the territory. In this way, your soul accumulation speed will be greatly increased. You don’t need to hunt Warcraft yourself. Of course, there are a lot of other benefits to getting territory, but the price is that you have to be strong from behind. You choose to get this place by yourself. No, there is no benefit. You have to send a lot of people to guard your territory. Similarly, those who are weaker than you will seek it and attach it to others instead of attaching it to you. You can get the soul by yourself. It is not enough to pay taxes every year without killing the soul, explained the lock carefully
It’s true that most people in the Ashura world will choose to be attached to the body, because there are too few people, because they have to pay a great price. Whether I, Lock or others are attached to a domain master before following the adults, you see that Feng Yun has not hunted Warcraft because he is attached to a ruler who takes care of Feng Yun and needs his own domain. It is enough for him to dedicate his soul on the other side of the river.
There is no cost, no cost, and the territory is not good. We can call for a better soul. No one can kill us. The strength of the soul depends on the fist. Let people hunt the soul for you. That’s forgetting the essence of the soul. What is the soul? Isn’t it that killing the soul in exchange for the shura heart? The killing will also rise a fart. I can’t believe that if you give me thousands of miles of territory, there will be no village or desert.
After flying for half a day, ideal city finally came into view. It is a city surrounded by many oases, and it is even more rare that it is a slender river that passes through it. This river is so precious in the dry desert.
My Lord, when Jinsha City saw the city along the river, it immediately turned to Yuan Ye, but Yuan Ye’s face S was extremely ugly at this time.
It’s really a desert thousands of miles away. This is the only city and several villages around here. Every year, the light soul has given me a pot of Feng Yun’s territory. Yuan Ye Yuan Yeran has to pay a certain soul tax every year. This is a common practice and it is very suitable, but it is necessary to tax the territory area in this bird-less place. It is in some fantasy days. Chapter 1494 Jinsha City
Jinsha City is a small town. I’m afraid you can’t get much soul by these subjects. This broken place is the worst even by people inside. It seems that Feng Yun is prejudiced against adults, and it’s sighing to lock it aside.
Lock, what do you think is the main way for Ashura to get the soul? Yuan Ye suddenly looked around at the lock.
That depends on the strength. These people are too weak compared with the castellan’s government. Even if the territory is ruled, the territory is less. Generally, they hunt Warcraft by themselves or with strong hands. I am like Zhang Huashan and others along the river. But when the government mainly gets the ninth shura heart, people will still hunt it, but they will give up this road because the number of souls needed at that time is too large. I don’t know how long it will take them to hunt the roots.
Feng Yun sat in his lair and waited for the man to get his soul. Yuan Ye sneered.