Xingshan’s eyes narrowed and he was about to turn around to fight against a sudden gust of wind, which carried a large number of wind blades. The wind blades usually cut and the python also sneaked in.

A man just fought a blow, and now he is resisted by a three-layer attack method.
Roaring Xingshan suddenly roars into a huge white tiger. The white tiger is huge, but the same defense is weaker than the human form. Many instantaneous wind blades have split the white tiger and infected the beautiful fur of the white tiger.
However, the main purpose of Xingshan’s transformation into a white tiger is to avoid Leng Yun’s attack
The cold cloud sword attacks human form. It is terrible, but it can’t hurt the vital point if it takes a sword to incarnate a huge white tiger.
The sword shadow sloped and Xingshan’s back met and a sword crossed.
Hey, hey, it’s not over yet. Leng Yunfei smiled smugly at the huge white tiger in the past.
Leng Yun is not over yet, which means she is a python.
At this time, the python also turned into a huge python to bite Xingshan. At this time, the abrupt part of the wind blade around Xingshan disappeared.
Xing Shan Tang Tang’s three-attribute quasi-statue was bullied by two-attribute quasi-statue because a three-attribute law force was holding him down. Today, this force suddenly disappeared. No, Xing Shan was one leng, and Leng Yun Sinan python didn’t react.
With a roar, Xing Shanhua’s white tiger roars and a tiger roars and rushes directly to attack him.
Three-attribute quasi-respect beast versus two-attribute quasi-respect beast
As soon as the white tiger bit the snake’s neck, it tried to entangle itself with its huge body, but two Tiger Claw crossed directly and tore the snake’s body into three parts. Then the white tiger suddenly bit the snake’s head and chewed it directly, and its soul was instantly strangled.
Wu day, you bastard dare to yin me. Leng Yun suddenly got red in the eye and was actually killed in Warcraft. This is all because there are no three attributes to force Leng Yun to crush his opponent. A hatred is scattered on the law master Wu day.
Cut the crap. I have to strangle you. Deal with him. Wu Tianyin wants to get up.
Let two dual-attribute quasi-deities deal with one or three-attribute quasi-deities.
I want to kill us. Sinan ran away without hesitation at the virtual curse.
Linghu, if you can’t escape, I will take revenge later. Leng Yun glared at the white tiger and tried to escape.
But Xingshan unreal white tiger didn’t intend to let them both go.
The whoosh tiger shadow flies and chases.
Leng Yun once again tried to escape, but this time no one helped him. How can the degree of two attributes be better than that of three attributes?
The tiger growled, but all of them slammed into Leng Yun and went away with a tremor and explosion that made the surrounding law tremble.
Leng Yun’s harmonious body was directly smashed, but Leng Yun’s soul fled and was scattered by the white tiger.
Leng Yun died and Xingshan also recovered. He knelt on the ground and killed him just now. He also carried a heavy load and forced me to hand.
On the other side, the Linghu clan led the battle of Elymus, the second elder of Xingmu hades, to the last moment.
Terrible roar sounded from the middle and saw a white light and a black light strike several times. Every time, it was a shock of heaven and earth. Soon these two lights fell on Elymus, the spirit tiger Xingmu, who was arrayed in a black robe.
Xing Mu looked pale and stared at Elymus in front of him, but his strength was stronger than his opponent. However, Nai’s large array was too strange. That Wu day had been trying to help Elymus with this array. Although kill array had a three-attribute quasi-respect level, this power was too far away to deal with the five-attribute peak. The impact was almost negligible, but he was trapped in the array and reached the six-attribute quasi-respect level, so that he could not break the array further before the array was bound.
On the other side, Elymus is also horrified. Xingmu’s strength is beyond his imagination. If it is not the law to help him, he would have lost.
Buzz suddenly a large array of energy are all some disorder strange sound.
Elder two, you should deal with him first. I can’t help Sinan and others, and I can’t help you. People are breaking the array.
Ah, you left me alone to deal with him. Elymus turned green
On the other side, Xing Mu is not stupid. What happened immediately? He immediately roared and released his strength without reservation.
Yell at Ye Fan. Fight it out.
Xing Mu’s body explodes horribly from behind his body, and suddenly there is a gray giant tiger image, and Xing Mu is the fierce fighting spirit of the giant tiger core.
Majesty is rising constantly.
Before Na Wei pressure actually makes people tremble.
Elymus face suddenly changed Wu Tianxian help me stop the blow quickly.