Similar to this scene at the moment in Yuan Ye’s body several bones and muscles produce, although the pain makes Yuan Ye almost black in the eyes, but the fast becomes broad and tough bones and muscles, but it makes him Bai Jian, and he will be of great benefit in the past. I’m afraid this is the real level of honour.

When the tricolor energy refined the bones and muscles, it continued to rush forward and heard a low noise. Yuan Ye suddenly sprayed a small tricolor energy column in the pores of his body surface.
Shortly after the first ring, Yuan Ye’s body suddenly began to tremble continuously. On the surface of his body, three colors of energy surged from his body like a fountain. At that time, Yuan Ye looked like a kettle with many holes.
When the spewing lasted for a few seconds, it disappeared completely, but after the energy disappeared, the pores of those tiny energy columns slowly infiltrated and made some blood roll down, which made Yuan Ye half of his body wet.
However, Yuan Ye can clearly feel that whenever he changes into a practice knot, the pores that are connected with bones and muscles are actually like a wind tunnel, which is ten times faster than before, sucking the external energy crazily.
Hardening the bones and muscles is actually tempering the appearance of the bones and muscles. Now that Yuan Ye has successfully tempered the bones and muscles, he tried to absorb these golden snowflakes from the energy department and threw himself at the tricolor energy.
At first glance, the three-color energy is that the living thing falls into the oil pan and suddenly fluctuates.
Go against the fate of the three-color energy in the meridians fierce collision subtle before the ring is endless, and the three-color energy is also at this moment to resist the thick strong energy ripples spread from the body and hit the tendons, so that Yuan Ye’s mouth shivered, but fortunately Yuan Ye’s bones and muscles were extremely tough and strong, so it was not a big problem except pain
Enduring the pain, Yuan Ye commanded the fate of quarrelling and wrapped the three-color energy into it, and then forced it to run along the route again
As the fate of quarrelling continues to be wrapped and fused, the three-color energy is forced to merge into strands of golden liquid energy, which threatens them at high temperature. The energy generated by this fusion seems to be even larger than before, but the energy becomes vigorous again, but it still has little resistance to the fate of quarrelling. The resistance of the three-color energy gradually weakens. With the operation, the wild and hot energy is slowly separated from the main body, and finally it is transformed into pure energy and poured into the snow.
This energy in the snowflake is injected into the cultivation of the three attributes of light, soil and wind, which completely becomes a part of Yuan Ye’s strength, and Yuan Ye’s three attributes are also flying high.
I succeeded in this adventure scene. In case of failure, there is no energy left in the six spirit beads. I can’t recover the energy left in the six spirit beads in a hundred years. I feel that I have succeeded in this scene. Yuan Ye is slightly surprised that he can now increase his strength a lot, and the energy of the six spirit beads has just been so low. I am afraid that he will be able to absorb the energy department in less than half a year.
Lingzhu is a good thing after all. This time, I should make a lot of progress. I calculated that Yuan Ye once again lost his concentration and constantly consumed the quarrelling, pulling part of the energy of the six-pointed star array above his head and finally pulling it into his own body.
The fate of quarrelling wrapped in three colors of energy circulates in the meridians in a hurry. After each cycle, a large amount of refined energy will be put into the fate of snowflakes. At this moment, the volume of the fate of snowflakes belongs to the three forces of light, soil and wind, which will suddenly rise a lot.
The three forces of light, earth and wind are constantly expanding. According to this degree, I am afraid it will not take long to reach the limit of attribute quasi-respect, and the force closest to the attribute of quasi-respect is afraid to break through.
Over the past few months, Yuan Yezhou has been shrouded in light brown brilliance, and a picture of quarrelling in body form is a sign that it is about to break through into a quasi-statue, while the tricolor brilliance is constantly distorted and seems to be testing something in the structure.
At this time, Yuan Yeran can’t feel the whole body changing the helmet of Wu Yi. He can always keep the greatest control of his mind. At this moment, his attention has been completely focused on the body that is about to break through the soil property power.
With the rising power, when the soil property power reaches the peak of the ghost god, Yuan Ye’s handprint and even the moving body are fighting. After a moment of momentary silence, the ripples suddenly move in the golden snowflake surface waves, and the fluctuations become more and more intense. Finally, it is almost like water, and the brown waves continue to penetrate in the center of the soil property power, and this seepage energy is the peak energy of the ghost god.
Fast induction to the sudden overflow of energy has been the core strength of energy transformation Yuan Ye tense mood slightly relieved for a while and then urged.
When slowly passing Yuan Ye’s head, the energy of six spirit beads is also rapidly decreasing, and everything seems to be on the smoothest route.
Before, I suddenly remembered Yuan Ye’s body violently shaking. First, the six spirit beads on the top of his head were exhausted and slowly dissipated, followed by the earth spirit beads, and then the wind spirit beads and the clear spirit beads disappeared. When the clear spirit beads disappeared, more than a dozen energy beams suddenly shot from Yuan Ye’s pores, and suddenly a strong brilliance hung over a mountain range.
Yuan Yeti’s crazy rotating energy slowly stopped, and the corner of snowflake, which represents the strength of soil property, suddenly rose sharply, and the strength of soil property instantly broke through the realm of quasi-respect.
Moment light spirit bead disappeared. Finally, the spirit bead also used up its strength and sat cross-legged. Yuan Ye’s eyes suddenly opened brown and Guanghua’s eyes shot suddenly and violently, and his feet were a little light and his eyes fell to the ground. The momentum was completely different.
Succeeded with a long spit and a long breath in the chest. Yuan Ye, who had never felt a surge, murmured for a moment, and then his face could not help but emerge. Yuan Ye’s mouth was filled with a sense of strength. With a satisfied smile, his fist was slowly clenched, and the brown mans covered the surface of his fist. The dark aggregates of brown mans gradually emerged.
Feet slightly Zhang Yuanye feet suddenly stepped on the ground, and the body was still displaced and transposed. Generally, the fist appeared about 100 meters to the left, mixed with a breath-taking strong strength, and smashed in front of a huge stone.
Bang bang huge stones flying Yuan Yewei tilted his head and looked at the mountain behind the huge stones. Tiannan Mountain smiled lightly and slowly withdrew his arm.
It’s just the strength of soil property. Once it reaches the quasi-sacred realm, it can be truly realized if it is as heavy as Taishan’s broad artistic conception. At the same time, Yuan Ye’s satisfied mumbles are faintly smiled and his right hand is flat, while the ring shines and the white sword suddenly flashes.
Holding the sword of Wu Yi’s legacy, the body flipped sharply, and there was a breeze blowing around, and it trembled with a slight sound of a huge sword.
Half a year is coming, and the power of law will be restored. By the way, it will be interesting to see who is strong and who is weak in Kouyi. Yuan Ye took a look back at the passage dozens of miles away, where the three beasts of Qinglong Suzaku Xuanwu have been guarding, and once people try to enter the mystery world, the first thing to break is his law. When the time comes, no one will inform him that this law has not moved, which is all peaceful.
Read here, Yuan Ye, and fly to Fengdu City, the headquarters of Fengdu.
The most powerful force of Fengdu Darkness 6 has been inherited from generation to generation, which has made this ancient Sect stand on the top of Darkness 6, more than several times in history. Fengdu’s strength has completely controlled a dark Sect of 60%, but this Sect has not.
Today, generations of Fengdu have come to the former patriarch Huo Guang, but it is hard to become a light yuan Zun, but it has become the only yuan Zun in history. Yuan Zun was killed without stopping smoking, but it has become the biggest joke. More ironically, he came to Fengdu to kill others and forced him to become the new patriarch after absorbing his strength from the high-level killing in Fengdu.
This man is Kouyi, a recent serial killer of Muhua Yuan, sixteen attributes of quasi-statue of dzogchen Weishu Qinglong Suzaku Xuanwu, and the three beasts are invincible and powerful. When they were in the limelight, they successively killed Lei Mingyuan, Feng Qingyuan, the earth Yuan Zun Hao Tian, the patriarch Yuan Ye.
Today, Yuan Yefeng, the patriarch of Heaven Sect of Science, is in charge of Kouyi. There is no doubt that these two world powers will fight a decisive battle in Fengdu City. Everyone knows that this will be a decisive battle to decide who will dominate the decisive battle in the mysterious world. This is also the peak of the prehistoric battle in the mysterious world.
In private, there are many speculations about who wins and who loses, but most people hope that Tian-zong Hao will win. After all, Tian-zong Hao, who entered our clan, is in a position of righteousness and heroism, and he never regrets his ancestral teachings. It is not to say that there is less fire now. In particular, the prehistoric case of Tian-zong Hao still gives ordinary people the opportunity to practice and rectify their actions. On the other hand, before Fengdu Fengdu, it was an ordinary power to compete for territory and occupy the mountain gate. Now Fengdu’s main Kouyi is even more moral. Seeing the attribute quasi-respect, whether you know it or not, directly killing and sucking people is more powerful than cruelty, so that even Fengdu’s own attribute quasi-respect is spared. I am afraid that few people want him to win.
It’s the will of outsiders that can’t control this peerless fight. No one can predict this epic war.
Fengdu Headquarters Fengdu City was established in Fengdu Mountain. Several people came here to look at Yuan Ye Kouyi, but Yuan Ye was walking slowly on the road at the moment. No one could recognize him. Yuan Ye showed a large number of Hao Tianzong masters lurking.
Fengdu Mountain is the site of Fengdu. The patriarch of Heaven Sect of Science came to Heaven Sect of Science alone. I don’t know who led the younger brother of Heaven Sect of Science. He didn’t go to these brothers to talk directly. Because he knew that the strength had reached the height of his Kouyi, these ordinary brothers had no effect. Since they didn’t help, they didn’t have to watch what orders they reached.
A young man in a blue robe walks slowly on the unobstructed road, and his breath is very noticeable. Occasionally, people coming and going in the road will cast a series of surprised eyes, but Yuan Ye seems to have never heard of these eyes. Although he is not urgent or slow, he is a thin figure, but he is free and easy.
Yuan Ye walked slowly in this way, his chest was filled with an inexplicable emotion, and his eyes were locked straight at the end of the stone steps. The line of sight still penetrated the obstacle and shot at the top of the mountain, sitting in a strange middle-aged body.
Kouyi, Kouyi, you old fox, Qi Yue, although a villain, always recognize an adoptive father and hug others’ thighs, which can not harm many people. However, you have been constantly provoking a big fight from now on. You are so good at sucking up your strength and expanding your strength, and you have actively killed one person after another. Damn it, your mouth is micro-moving and cold, and you quietly spit it out from Yuan Ye’s mouth.
At the end of the long stone steps, there is a huge square, which is paved with all kinds of huge stones. It looks quaint and atmospheric. In the center of the square, there is a huge stone monument standing tall and bearing the names of all the patriarchs of Fengdu who have made great contributions to sects.
Looking around the square at this time, nearly 10,000 people were sitting in a semicircle, and one of them was wearing a black robe on the outside at the cuff. A skull was floating in the wind, and there was a faint chill, darkness and abundance. This atmosphere was Kouyi Yin evil.
Are there many locusts in the sky again? There are usually hundreds of thousands of people. These people have different decorations, but they come to watch and kill people in the mysterious world. These people don’t know the specific decisive battle. They know that they have been waiting for these days, which shows that they are looking forward to this peak battle.