Sure enough, a high-decibel scream came from Ye Chen’s ear, and then a girl dived into the water.
You, you, you, you, you, who are you? The girl is obviously scared. She stammered and shouted that her voice is tender and sweet. It’s more than a surprise to see a man in front of her, but she has never seen this man before.
Cher, let’s go back to Ye Chen, close your eyes and say.
Ning Xue also knew that she had accidentally made a mistake, but she tried to turn around and listened to the girl shout, I know you are the outsiders they said.
I’m sorry, my little sister. I will make amends when I get back. Ye Chen turned his back on her and shouted that he finally understood the meaning of Xiaohua’s behavior just now. This should be a place dedicated to bathing women.
Hey, you’re not allowed to leave. If you see him, you should leave the girl and scream louder.
Ye Chen turned to the girl who was in a hurry to get out of the water and said, What does the little sister want to do with me?
I’m in trouble again. Unfortunately, Ye Chen turned around and saw something I shouldn’t see. Swish my head and turned to my ear. At the same time, the girl screamed again. Don’t look back or leave.
Ye Chen’s fate usually sits behind him, followed by a quick sound of wearing clothes.
What about my brother? The elder sister seems to be angry. Why don’t you keep your voice down and worry in his ear?
I’m a little angry, but she’s curious about me. It seems that Ye Chen patted her little hand with a little nai.
Yi curious
The world is so small that everyone can understand everyone and every inch of land clearly in a short time. The word novelty is really rare for people here, and when we get here, it will make a big shock here. I think the most everyone here talks about these days is that we are in trouble for some girls who are childlike and most eager for novelty and excitement.
Just now, the girl Ye Chen captured the expression and eyes change from a short glance, and she said that a few words should probably know how she is. She is an ordinary girl who was suddenly peeped at in the shower. The first reaction is to cover up and then let the person stay away from the body, but this little girl is not so easy to behave. Once this girl is entangled, it is not so easy.
It’s a lot of trouble. No, everyone here is so nice. She will surely worry about her brother Ning Xue.
The trouble in Ye Chen’s mouth is not what Ning Xue thinks. He said that she should be your two sisters and four sisters.
As soon as Ye Chen’s voice fell on his head, the wind shook the girl’s body, and an elegant rotation fell in front of him, with a slight eyebrow and a crooked mouth. How did you know that my name was Siya?
Just now, Ye Chen didn’t finish seeing her clearly. At this time, I just saw the girl’s appearance clearly. A young face was comely, and she looked with an attractive charm. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, the whole body curve was covered with a wide coat in a hurry. Half of the jade neck was white and slender, and there was an indescribable and attractive amorous feelings. The body was slightly wet, and the water was printed everywhere. The dark hair was gathered into a bunch of feet on the left chest, and a pair of jade stars were bare and bare.
Chapter 34 Amazing four ya
If the theory of posture, she is much worse than her sister Er Ya. Just now, she could see clearly in the water, but when she was just in front of her eyes, it really surprised Ye Chen to condense snow for a while.
Her body is thin, and the two semicircles in front of her chest are also very young and shallow. But this 15-or 16-year-old girl has a pair of long legs that make people feel amazing and proud, and her figure is not to mention Ye Chen sitting. Even if he gets up, he will be a little shorter than her.
Although she is tall, she is still much longer than her body, showing a pair of amazing long legs that kill people’s eyes, but she doesn’t feel out of proportion at all. Because she is too long, most of her beautiful legs are exposed from the coarse gauze skirt wet by water. These beautiful legs are not thin and straight, as delicate as bone China, but the lines are undulating and exquisite, which implies a pair of long legs full of agility and flexibility.
It seems that taking care of these long legs is beautiful and proud, and the long legs are attractive enough to teach people to move their eyes.
Her legs seem to be painstakingly carved, which is not only proud of the perfect length and shape, but also the skin of bare calves is creamy, crisp and dazzling, and it is generally coated with milk, which makes people feel tender, delicious and fatal.
Ye Chen’s breathing has become a little disordered. Although she is handsome and lovely, her confidantes are far from each other, but these beautiful legs make this 15-year-old girl a beautiful thing to be ashamed of. When everyone sees her, it must be her legs at first sight. If she grows up at this age, it will inevitably be a disaster for the country and the people. The killing index is much higher than her sister’s.
Sister, you are so tall. Ning Xue lifted her face, and her heart stood on tiptoe. Before the impulse, Ye Shuiyao was the tallest woman she had ever seen, but in front of her, it was probably that Siya was taller than Ye Shuiyao. Plus, she was thin and her legs were surprisingly tall.
The girl seems to be very satisfied with her height. She is very proud when she hears Ning Xue’s heartfelt words, and raises her snow neck a few minutes. Then her beautiful eyes stare at Ye Chen and hum softly, I’m asking you. How do you know that my name is Siya? Do you often ask about me?
This is the first time that Ye Chen met a woman with a small temper in this place. She was not interested. She said that she didn’t ask for it, but I guessed it with a guess. I already know everyone here except you and your grandmother, and you don’t look like an old grandmother. It can also be four ya.
Siya’s mouth became warped and she was very dissatisfied with his answer. Her hands rested on her hips and her face was angry. Hum, then why did you peek at my bath?
Her move revealed most of her waist curve, which was really unbearable. It was a bunch of delicate willows with round lines, but her hips were raised high. It was a visual impact, which made people amazing than moving their eyes.
Did I peek? Ye Chen looked up at the beautiful scenery in front of her eyes and wondered what the little girl grew up eating.
Did you-did you say it yet?
"Peeping" means sneaking around to see me sneaking around. Ye Chen smiled indifferently and made a nai expression. He was really nai, not because of the loss of strength, which made him feel lost. He could hear the water in the small lake far away, but he wouldn’t come near it.
You forced me to take your boys’ bathing place over there. This is our girls’ bathing place. You boys can’t go near here. How dare you?
As you know, I’m a foreigner, and many rules here are not clear for the time being. I don’t know how to forgive me for offending this time. Ye Chen smiled and said that the more he found this girl interesting, the more she looked angry, but her eyes kept blinking in his face. I don’t know what I was thinking.
It’s true what Siya’s sister and brother said. We had no idea that this was a place for girls to bathe. Otherwise, my brother would not have come to Ningxue to help him explain.
You and I don’t care if you know that this is the place where girls bathe, but you have seen all of me. How can you get married after you let me? Ye Chen has been smiling all the time, and her face is full of worry. The panic look makes the girl feel angry and think that her body has been seen by him. She bites her lips and her head is in a mess, and even she doesn’t know what to do.