Two miserable hum sounded at the same time in the blood jet two bloody arms have fallen in the hall at the same time, an old woman’s breath is suddenly weak. Two hundred and forty God Hou Dabi.

Yuan Hou looked at the cold so nodded and motioning with his hand to signal them to retreat, and then turned to sneer at the blood killing Hou. I believe you have seen it clearly at the end of the matter, and you still have something to say today.
You are cruel enough.
Now that Yuan Hou has disposed of the advocate, he decided to waste it before. Today, just five Hou gathered in my five Hou door gods, Hou Dabi, to stop Dingyuan Hou from turning to Yuan Hou with a wave of his hand in his eyes.
Yuan Hou Wen’s eyes were flashing with cold light, and the corners of his mouth were cold and tilted lightly. This is very good. It’s scheduled for noon on Sunday.
With a wave of his hand, he led the Yuan Hou Fu people to retreat from the blood Hou Villa.
Yuan Hou left, but others didn’t stay for another reason. They got up and waited for the event of Hou Dabi, the sun god.
They looked at Meng Fei Xi Xi with a smile and killed Hou Dao with blood. Wow, you old guy heard that your son-in-law and I are sworn brothers.
I’m an excellent disciple, and I think your good son-in-law must be good. When have you been such a handsome son-in-law and told him to pretend to be a grassroots and hide in the dark to play with me?
I’m even more surprised by killing Hou with blood than by Dingyuan Hou. He is busy. Teacher younger brother laughed at Meng Fu. That child is really a name. In fact, he has less grassroots. That can be compared with you. Besides, my girl in Meng Fu disagreed with that engagement.
Dingyuan Hou spat, and now you’re hiding it from me. Do you still think I’m a good friend?
Blood kills Hou, trying to explain Dingyuan Hou, but where is he willing to believe that seeing his disciples can make a half-brother Meng Shaoshao, and how can he go there?
It’s still hard to trust people when they say that they are thirsty.
Dingyuan Hou still denies killing Hou when he sees blood, so he laughs. Well, well, what’s your son-in-law? After all, he is my disciple’s eldest brother, you can be nice to that child.
Said to Meng Fei beckoned ACTS you come here.
Meng Fei in accordance with the said approach devoting to master commanded.
Ding Yuanhou laughed. It’s rare for you to recognize my teacher and let him steal the show at this ceremony. I appreciate it. If you want something, I’ll give it to you.
Meng Fei shook his head slightly, saying that it is a great blessing for disciples to recognize your teacher.
Dingyuan Hou couldn’t help but admire his humility and extraordinary bearing, especially in his heart.
When he saw that Meng Feijian didn’t take the credit, he said, "Hey, think of a way to reward that kid in Mengfu. I am very grateful to him because he sent me a precious disciple."
Blood kill Hou nodded. I’ll have to say this. Looking at Meng Fei’s eyes, I feel puzzled and can’t guess his origin at the moment.
Dingyuan Hou laughed and patted Meng Fei’s shoulder and laughed. This time, thanks to this child, the five waiting doors of Dahua Dynasty gathered together to recognize this child, but I can get his approval from Dingyuan Hou. Haha, the Japanese god Hou Dabi doesn’t think I will be an army of this old guy Yuan Hou.
When he got up, he had to leave.
When the blood kills Hou, he sees his old friend’s happy face, but he doesn’t move. When he gets up to see him off to Meng Fei’s side, he sees that he is still dull and orders you to stay and I’ll ask you later.
The tone is quite slow, as if I really have something to say.
When I heard this, Ding Yuanhou was slightly annoyed, brother Zheng. I, the disciple, tried the summoning talisman today and exhausted my energy. I must have been tired long ago. Let him have a rest before we talk about anything.
Hey, you’re an old thing. You don’t even recognize other disciples. Don’t worry, I’ll just ask a few words. I won’t let you, a good disciple, suffer hardships and kill Hou. I’ll understate it and send Dingyuan Hou outside with a smile.
See this scene, Meng Fei is heart movement andao this blood kill Hou will stay may be to ask Meng Fu things.
After a while, I saw blood and killed Hou and hurried back to the room to sit down.
Meng Fei saw that his face was more excited, but his face didn’t respond at all.
Blood kill Hou looked Meng Fei after a long time and suddenly heard that the housekeeper said that you had injured the cloud in your previous hand, didn’t you?
This is a well-known thing. Meng Fei didn’t hide it. He nodded his head and said that his little hand was careless and hurt Brother Yiyun’s heart. He was also guilty and punished by Hou Fu.
Blood kill Hou smiled and didn’t care. Instead, he asked noncommittally, I heard that you used to be a loose repairman. How could you get to know Meng Shaoshao in Shuijiang? Now you haven’t stayed in the blood Hou Fu for a long time.
Meng Fei thought in his heart that his identity should not be exposed yet, so don’t reveal his true identity and cough up a cough. I’m afraid Xiaolang is used to staying in the same place for a long time
Meng Fei saw blood and killed Hou. He closed his eyes for a moment and looked a little sorry. It took a long time for him to kill Hou. Did you and my nominal son-in-law get attached to this? Is he also valued by you in many places?
Meng Fei’s heart is busy, telling your honor that my eldest brother’s cultivation talent is not due to me, but to others’ low-key and unassuming, which led to his lack of fame by the world.
Oh, it’s really such a thing. When you get the information you need, you don’t have to say much. It seems that Meng Fu’s younger brother really needs a good visit. Let me try him first to see if he is a real collar or a shell.
It’s getting late when I’m thinking and saying, if I don’t let you rest, I think your master will find the door. Go and rest first, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow
Meng Fei well out of the door.
Just in front of the hall, there suddenly came a sweet wind. Meng Fei smiled slightly. Thank you, Miss Leng, for your guarantee. Can I say a few words alone?
Cold faint disdain to say goodbye has become a distant Hou’s brother’s tail can be tilted to the sky. Hum, don’t say anything to people. It’s agreed here. Chapter 249 I’ll kill him.
Meng Fei’s heart is dark and strange, and everyone should treat him well in his present position, but this beautiful little girl is strong-willed and not condescending, and the man is as tit-for-tat as before.
Meng Fei pretend to be angry and wry smile. Since Miss Leng doesn’t attend, forget it.
Cold faint can’t help but mercilessly stared at this magnificent wild escape guy. Come with me.
Meng Fei ha ha a smile to the door guard winks after.
The strange feeling rises in everyone’s heart. I feel faint and cold. I’m especially welcome to Meng Fei because I regard him with special respect.
Cold faint led Meng Fei through the corridor in the back hall of Guanlian Hall and then left into the big courtyard in the north. I just wanted to sit on the rattan chair in the courtyard. Meng Fei had pulled the rattan chair leaning against the stone round table a little first, so I disguised my way to sit on Miss Leng.
Cold faint didn’t good the spirit white his one eye sat tight qiao face way to speak.
Meng Fei held the armrest of the chair in his left hand and leaned his head against the high chair back with the other hand, and put his mouth to the small ear of the cold and glittering jade. He praised that it was really beautiful, and it was really good to smell and smell the wave pattern of two people.
Cold and faint, with a barely tolerable expression, she frowned and said, can you move your face a little?