"You go for me."

"Bah, bah, shameless"
"I’m fascinated. Don’t sell cute."
"You’ve had enough and have fun."
Suluo coughed two times to continue.
Segmented reading 2
"Everyone, at this time, Zhou Yu is proud of officialdom, battlefield and love. Think about it. A 24-year-old young man has made achievements in the battlefield with a senior general and married the most beautiful girl’s wife in this place. How do you think such a person could be jealous of others? We are more jealous of him."
"In fact, in history, Zhou Yu’s magnanimity is very large, and the evaluation of the Three Kingdoms on him is that he is generous and good in quality; At that time, people spoke highly of him, and Liu Bei said that he had a great reputation. Jiang Gan said that he was magnanimous. By the way, Jiang Gan was also wronged. Jiang Gan did go to Zhouying because Jiang Gan and Zhou Yu were classmates, but Jiang Gan didn’t steal anything. It seems that history is sometimes very far away from us. It is difficult for us to figure out what history looks like. "
Well-founded and credible
So what history speaks highly of Zhou Yu, and the first reaction of the public to Zhou Yu is that "both Yu and Liang are born"
There are three images of historical figures and events in the program: historical image, literary image and people image.
Then, based on the gap between the three images, various allusions of historical and literary people are interspersed with detailed opinions. Zhou Yu is wronged and Zhuge Liang’s image is the most outrageous.
Suspicion of Zhuge Liang will make people think of the city plan. Similarly, I didn’t expect suluo to open his mouth and sing a Peking Opera.
"I was watching the scenery on the tower, and I heard the chaos outside the city, but it turned out that Sima sent soldiers."
"Ha ha ha 6666"
"Pit master Peking Opera sings very well."
"Here we go again. Show me my face."
The show was just a show, without giving an excerpt from a Beijing opera, which made the audience fascinated.
"Sima Yi came with a great army to see Zhuge Liang at the gate party and withdrew."
Suluo stand hand way "you this thing he logical? Sima yi is not afraid that he has an ambush in the city? Send a reconnaissance company to sound out the actual situation.
The second Sima Yi personally stepped in front of the horse and saw Zhuge Liang smiling at the gate tower. The distance is very close. Then I’ll call a marksman to shoot him, okay? "
Suluo said that the podium took a beat and started the play again.
"The second battalion commander brought the old Italian guns."
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
"Poof, you’re such a showman."
"Don’t you dare hack my brother Yunlong"
The excitement is still going on. Zhuge Liang’s plan is not there, but the plan is there and it happened in Cao Cao’s body
In a word, almost all the audience were dumbfounded. The red cliff battle plan in front of them is a familiar story, but not many people have heard of Cao Cao’s battle plan.
"How is it possible?"
"Cao Caocheng meter blather!"
In all the people puzzled.
"When Cao and Lu Bu were fighting, once Cao Cao’s army went out of the city to collect wheat, suddenly Lu Bu’s army came over, and Cao Cao’s family members were taken to the wall to go to work. When Lu Bu came over, he saw that the city was full of songs and dances.
Take another look. There is an unfathomable forest outside the city. Lyu3 bu4 thinks that Cao Cao, a traitor, must have bought an ambush in the forest and waved his hand away.
Think about it after withdrawing it. I’m not willing to come again the next day. This time Cao Caozhen ambushed the forest. "
"Ha ha ha"
"Poor Lu Bu"
"IQ crush"
"So there really is this thing."
"So it is really a city plan?"
"Ha ha, sly, sly boss Cao"
Suluo explained that the quotations were humorous and funny, and a little-known historical story reappeared, and it suddenly dawned on me that this was the real history with evidence.
Does that mean that literature is worthless?
actually not
"Just like the city plan, it also has psychological problems. It is actually a psychological warfare institute. The romance of the Three Kingdoms is approved by Mao Shi’s father. He has a saying that only prudent people can’t do bold things, and only prudent people can do bold things. Because this cautious person has been cautious all his life, he suddenly became bold, and no one believed him.
Zhuge Liang is a very cautious man. Zhuge was cautious all his life. He was cautious for a generation and suddenly came to a city. Sima Yi didn’t believe it because he remembered that he was usually cautious.
Of course, this matter, that is, touching Sima Yi, is a complicated problem. I want to say that if Zhuge Liang touched a group of mountain thieves and robbers, he wouldn’t think as much as Sima Yi, and he wouldn’t care if he went in. "
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Li Yunlong was shot again in the knee."
"My poor brother Yunlong, the pit master has blacked you again."
Three images explain one by one, multiple positions and angles, and then look at the history. The original boring history lecture program is now full of climaxes, brilliant smiles and constant fascination.
And the first program also unconsciously entered the end in suluo’s wonderful performance
"It is difficult for people to have these three opinions when studying history, because history is history after all, history is a thing of the past, that is, a story.
What is said in the story is whether it is true or not; If you say no in the story, you won’t. Yes and no.
Zhang Sheng, a poet in the Song Dynasty, said that how many things were abolished in the Six Dynasties? Gossip actually went into the fishing firewood. Gossip was only abolished in the Six Dynasties. That can include all history. "