Alice Phil is so paranoid that when Ye Yu mastered the dominant position, the girl was slightly absent.

Maybe she’s just shy. Alice Phil wants this way to distract herself.
Because it would be too shy to focus on Ye Yushen.
So they are real husband and wife. Although there is no banquet or luxury wedding, their hearts are filled with emotions that they have never had before.
Is this happiness?
Alice Phil blushed and laughed.
There was no goal since birth. Alice Phil finally found herself. This sad life is sad in meaning. Then there is this man in front of him. This man who has become his husband has given everything to him. He brought the Holy Grail to realize his wish.
This … is enough?
It is winter snow that surrounds the castle of Einz Belem, but you can’t feel the slightest chill in the unlit bonfire room.
"I’m sorry"
It was Ye Yu who was tossed all night in the afternoon when Alice Phil just woke up.
Looking at the low head and a face of depression, Ye Yu is still in a daze. Alice Phil is funny and puzzled.
"What do you want to apologize for?"
"Because … I went too far last night …"
Ye Yu was embarrassed and said that he didn’t know what was going on last night. Maybe it was the sequela that he had moved that force.
That kind of desire, that kind of tyranny, and that kind of impulse, Yuzryha couldn’t suppress it when he finished imperial, and it was released in Alice Phil’s body.
"So … I’m sorry for doing that."
Looking at Ye Yu’s serious appearance, Alice Phil first felt a little funny, and then pursed her lips with an unhappy face.
"Sure enough … Ye Yu still doesn’t like people?"
"Don’t you take someone as your wife after you’ve done that?"
"How … how!"
Ye yao in a flurry just wanted to explain that Alice Phil had leaned up, and her mouth sealed Ye Yu’s mouth.
Ye Yu’s eyes can’t be separated from the beautiful body of this woman in front of her eyes. The last ray of light from the edge of the curtain just outlined her a Phnom Penh, and her light flickered with the curtain.
Although she made such a bold move, after waking up, Alice Phil was a little shy and bowed her head. She pulled and was covered up again by her beautiful leisure time.
At present, this beautiful scenery disappears. Yuzryha Imperial involuntarily sighed, which seems to be aware of Ye Royal’s disappointment. Alice Phil blushed and asked.
"Ye … Ye Yu can see anything he wants if he likes to see it."
While saying this, Alice Phil is going to lift the cup again.
"Okay, let’s get dressed first. Don’t catch cold."
Looking at Ye Yu, a girl who is trying hard to please herself, is a little touched and funny, but after all, Alice Phil is a girl who has just experienced human affairs, and Ye Yu has no intention of bothering her again.
My own woman still needs to be well protected and loved. Is there a chance to do it after the fun of the boudoir couple?
When Alice Phil and Ye Yu changed their clothes, there was a knock at the door.
"Come in"
Ye Yu slightly one leng immediately said that the door was opened and a maid came in pushing the dining car.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please have breakfast."
"Ah, please."
Ye Yu nodded, saying that the maid was a slight bow after the dining car was parked by the bed and continued
"Please go to the living room for a while after dinner. The master is waiting for you."
So the maid turned and left the room.
Although Yuzryha’s impression of Hayd has changed due to some things, after all, he has slept with his granddaughter, and this meeting still needs to be met
There is no wedding ceremony and no wedding banquet. I have to say that the wedding ceremony of Ye Yu and Alice Phil is also crude to a certain extent.
But Ye Yu doesn’t care much about all this. Anyway, in this world, he is alone and has no relatives to invite.
In love, Belem’s side, Hayd didn’t even consider saying so much. In the end, Alice Phil was just a means for him to win over Ye Yu.
I’m afraid Alice Phil is the only one who feels a little disappointed. Although she has already realized her fate, Alice Phil still wants to be an ordinary woman like Ye Yu’s wife in this decade.
Chapter 94 You are you
Although it was breakfast, it was already ten o’clock in the afternoon.
By the time Ye Yu and Alice Phil came to the living room together, Hayd seemed to have been waiting there for a long time.
After roughly observing the situation of Alice Phil, Hayd nodded his head with satisfaction.
I saw that Alice Phil was no longer in Hayd, which was the last breath. Ye Yu accepted Alice Phil, which means that he is willing to fully integrate into Einz Belem.
Of course, if Ye Yu wants to completely tie it to the Imbelem chariot, he still needs something, but this is not urgent for the time being. After all, there are still ten years to prepare for the start of the Holy Grail War.
"Because of special circumstances, there was no banquet, and there was nothing to invite relatives and friends in Einz Belem. Your wedding with Alice Phil may have been a little hasty."