The red python swallows the fruit in its belly with a big fist. The big fruit root is not enough for it to plug its teeth, but its eyes are narrowed with happiness as if it were a treasure.

Thank you for looking around. There is nothing to hide around. If you want to go back, you can go through the cave just now, and the cave is some distance from the mangrove.
He and Jiang Zhichu’s weapons in hand may not necessarily be a red python’s Chinese food.
Red snake or purple snake, he has his own way to profit from it, but he looks at the red python lying prone with the fruit and thinks of seeing pictures in Chenjiacun and the canyon, and a guess pops up in his mind.
He lifted the fruit and took a gentle bite.
Chapter 59 Chapter 59
Jiang Zhichu was busy holding down Xie Ji’s letter "What are you doing!"
Thank you for sending a sign for the other party’s peace of mind. "This is different from what we met before, and I doubt its theme."
Jiang Yunchu "What theme?"
Thank you for sending "no speculation for the time being, let’s talk about it when we are sure."
After eating the red fruit, he could not feel any taste because he had no taste, but his sight was clearer than before and he felt stronger than before.
It seems that the fruit has enhanced physique.
Xie Ji just wanted to tell Jiang Zhichu about the discovery of fruit, but I turned around and Jiang Zhichu didn’t know when to chew off most of the fruit.
He laughed. "Why did you eat it?"
Jiang Ji swallowed the fruit in his mouth at the beginning, and he looked like a dead mouse feels no cold "ate it anyway."
Xie send micro didn’t resist pinching Jiang Ji early neck again.
At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s eating, he bowed his head slightly, his eyes were thick, his eyelids flickered, his lips were pale and stained with red juice, and he became extremely ruddy.
The temperature of the back neck is as low as ever, and you can clearly feel the skin blood vessels beating when you put your fingers down.
One after another, like jumping in his heart.
He withdrew his hand. "What’s that smell?"
"Sweet, not greasy, and delicious." Jiang Zhichu felt something, and picked a fruit from the tree and handed it to him. "Red fruit seems to enhance physical fitness. See if the taste has recovered."
I don’t care how much his physique has improved. Ask him if his taste has recovered …
Xie sent a little guilty at the moment, but he didn’t refuse. He took the fruit and took a bite and confessed, "I still can’t. My taste failure is psychogenic. Did I enhance my physique?"
He ate the whole fruit. "His physique didn’t continue to improve. Eating one is no different from eating two."
Jiang Yunchu’s "Psychogenic?"
Thank you for sending a hand "Let’s talk about it when we go back"
It’s really not a good time to chat when the red python is on the side.
Thank you for turning to look at the red python. It is more docile than just now, and it has a faint affinity.
Suddenly the red python moved.
Jiang Zhichu immediately drew his sword out of its sheath. The terrain around him is open and not suitable for hiding. If it is attacked, it can meet the blood spattered all over. Bidiu is always strong
But Xie Ji held down Jiang Zhichu and asked him to take the knife back.
Most of the red python was still lying on the ground, and its tail tip circled in a big circle before the two of them. It moved very lightly, as if it knew its power and carefully bent its tail tip and handed it to Xie’s chest.
Xie Jifu held out his hand and shook the tip of the red python’s tail.
Jiang Zhichu "…" Who holds the tail with such a big python? !
Xie Ji didn’t forget to say hello to Jiang Zhichu, "Try it with a soft tail tip."
Jiang Zhichu’s "Don’t"
Thank you for sending "Come and try it. Look, it’s looking forward to making friends with you."
Red pythons and bright lanterns blink and blink for half an hour before the vicious letter hangs outside and looks a little pitiful.
Jiang Zhichu "… after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, you are not allowed to be refined"
He touched the red python’s tail as Xie Ji said, and it felt good.
Xie sent his tail to Jiang Zhichu to touch the red python’s head.
The red python is taller than him on his stomach, and one mouth can swallow him up, but he is not afraid to touch such a monster as a dog.
Thank you. "I didn’t see bss. Even np is not sure. Is bss it?"
Jiang Zhichu "Red snakes have red pythons and purple snakes should also have purple pythons"
Thank you for sending "it is also so cute that I really don’t want to start work."
I don’t know who was just chased all over the mountain by a red python.
Jiang Ji spoke too many times in the afternoon, and he was numb and didn’t want to talk.
After eating the red fruit, the red snake fruit in the canyon was no longer difficult. It was getting darker and darker. They climbed back to the ground and went straight back to Chenjiacun.
Rao is that when they rush back to Chenjiacun, they have already passed the dinner meal.
Xie Quan early in the village, such as a see they jumped up happily "elder brother! Senior Jiang! You can come back! If you don’t come back, Siyou and I will come to you! "