But Xiao Linchu reached out and grabbed her arm. He didn’t look back. His face was pale and his phoenix eyes were deep and it was like a tornado.

His pale lip pursed a cold radian and said slowly, "If you want him to die, you can continue to be with him!"
Lanlin heard Xiao Linchu’s words and sneered at Feng Yun’s light face, turned around and stopped them.
She stretched out her hand and pushed the LanLin body frown nervous watching LanLin not shake head a way "LanLin you go first …"
"Yunqing, get out of the way. This is a man contest!" LanLin cold "clang" a drew a sword.
Xiao Linchu also knife-shaped eyebrows tight knit phoenix eyes filled with murderous look "good-"
He pulled away Fengyun light, and the whole person suddenly became angry and aggressive, and Fengyun light beside him couldn’t help shivering. She knew Xiao Linchu was really moved by murder.
She looked ugly and stared at Lan Lin and shook her head. "Lan Lin stays in the green hills and is not afraid of burning without materials!"
Lan Lin sneered and withdrew his sword, condensing Xiao Linchu’s way: "One day I will take away Feng Yunqing from you …"
Fengyun sighed lightly. This Lanlin is still too angry for Xiao Linchu.
Sure enough, Xiao Linchu looks even uglier. This time, he is not going to let Lanlin go.
Slow a few steps ago, he tried to stop LanLin, but Feng Yun grabbed his arm lightly.
She looked extremely nervous and resentful. "If you want to shoot Lan Lin, cross my body!"
Feng Yun’s words are a little regretful as soon as they come out. Isn’t this equal to threatening him with his own comfort?
She took a deep breath and frowned. She just wanted to let him go, but he held her wrist.
He condensed her "go home!"
Fengyun looks pale and doesn’t want to go, but he bends down and hugs him.
There are many people in downtown, and even if they are better than the city wall, they can’t resist other people’s gossip at the moment.
Her voice was cold. "Let me go and I’ll go!"
Xiao Linchu was injured and let her go. She bowed her head and walked slowly.
Finally arrived at Wangfu Fengyun light always refused to go in. She sipped her lips and said, "Xiao Linchu, can’t we get together?" After you leave, you are still your king! "
Xiao Lin Chu yin is indifferent. "Jin Guifei cooked medicinal porridge and it’s hard to swallow!"
Fengyun Qingnai frowned. "If you don’t want to leave, divorce your concubine. I’ll report to the emperor. It’s my fault for not being with you!"
Xiao Linchu moment not instantaneous looked at her "late day cool dye ink hin was some thin …"
Fengyun was a little crazy, but she still held back her deep breath. "If I don’t want to divorce my concubine, I will ask my father to give me an imperial decree to divorce my husband!"
Xiao Linchu still looked at her in addition to the phoenix eyes flashed a subtle pain color face as usual "medicine is bitter …"
Fengyun light finally unbearable roar "Xiao Linchu are you sick? What does it matter to me that porridge is hard to swallow and thin? Medicine is bitter. Everyone knows about you. Can I pretend that nothing happened when you play dumb and change the subject? "
As soon as her voice fell, he suddenly deceived her and kissed her lips tightly.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
He looked pale and watched her reach out and hold her waist. The teeth knocked on her lip, causing her a shiver and pain.
He kissed a low "porridge is terrible, no one will help me eat brocade quilt, and no one will help me cover my medicine. It’s too bitter, and I will miss you more …"
His words instantly drained her of all her strength and looked up slightly. Her face was sad and tears were in her eyes. "Am I a git and a heater in your eyes?"
Xiao Linchu don’t talk hugged her.
She laughed at her tears. "This tool of mine is really omnipotent. It can help you to win the beauty of the country …"
When she didn’t speak, she choked up tears and fell.
Endure for half a ring, and the tears wet his half shoulder like a flood.
He held her tightly in his arms and said nothing. When she was tired of crying, she slowly said, "Xiao Linchu, you are too much. I have to give up this time!"
Xiao Linchu said, "I won’t stop my princess from dying!"
Fengyun hates punching and kicking to the extreme. "Then you can die, you can die, you can die …"
She had a lot of strength, and now she is even more angry. She hit him with brute force, and he clung to her but refused to let go.
Finally, when she was tired, she saw Xiao Linchu’s face was bloody and tall, and she fell into a coma.
Fengyun looked at him nervously and looked at his hands and blood, shouting "Xiao Linchu Xiao Linchu …"
"Get out of the way!" Next to a severe reprimand angrily to Feng Yun, she was pushed away by Bai Jin, and the maid-in-waiting quickly helped Xiao Linchu in a coma.
Bai Jin somberly "physician? Physician-"
Several ladies-in-waiting joined forces to help Xiao Linchu to dye Mo Xuan Feng Yun’s face looks pale than Bai Jin’s looking back at her face. Li Fengyun’s face was just about to open his mouth to explain that Bai Jin was whisking a loud slap in the face and fanning Feng Yun’s face.
Fengyun’s face was suddenly red and swollen, and she didn’t speak for a while. She gnashed her teeth. "If anything happens to Xiao Chu, I’ll be the first to let you go!"
With that, she hurried after the group of ladies-in-waiting to see Xiao Lin. 179 Either divorce the princess or take a concubine (the first more)