I don’t know how Yunmingyuan did it, but he disappeared immediately after leaving the five elements homologous array. Even the elders of Tianxiao Array couldn’t find his leaving direction.

Yunmingyuan naturally sensed the position of Han Xiu ink through contract after leaving the law. He didn’t stay in his place but went directly to Han Xiu ink.
Naturally, I didn’t notice that someone was looking for him after he broke the law.
Everyone knows that the Sect of Tianxiao Array is in chaos because of Yun Mingyuan.
Chapter 319 Prefecture-level Dan medicine
It is not an easy task to refine prefectural-level Dan without repairing it. Han Xiumo consumes a lot of money to replenish spiritual power and divine knowledge when refining Dan medicine.
Fortunately, it is not the first time for him to refine prefecture-level Dan, and he has been fully prepared for the possible situation of refining prefecture-level Dan. Instead, he did not meet any accidents when he really made an alchemy.
No, there are still some accidents.
At the moment of receiving Dan, Han Xiumo noticed that Yunmingyuan seemed to be in the vicinity and almost fell short.
Fortunately, Han Xiumo was affected for a moment or successfully put away Dan medicine. The local Dan fell in the bottle and the sound rang clearly.
Make-up monk in red was surprised to see it. At the same time, Yunmingyuan didn’t know what means appeared in front of Han Xiumo and landed in the eyes of the monk in red.
The friar in red leng a first reaction is some doubt looked at YunMingYuan some suspicious "you are an alchemist? Then try refining a furnace of Dan medicine. "
Anyway, everyone can be tested when they come here
However, to the surprise of the red monk, Yunmingyuan shook his head. "I’m not an alchemist."
Han Xiumo blinked. "He is my companion."
The friar in red "…"
The friar in red felt choked for a minute, but he didn’t eat, but he felt a little supported.
But it took him a while to react. "Wait, you’re not an alchemist. How did you get in?"
Since Yun Mingyuan is not an alchemist, how did he get in?
Yun Mingyuan’s face couldn’t see the expression, and his tone was also very dull, which surprised the red monk.
"I’m an array mage."
His words were calm, but the red monk was very surprised.
He opened his mouth and said nothing.
Han Xiumo is obviously more worried. Before he handed in all the pills, he gathered up to Yunmingyuan and pulled Yunmingyuan to look at him. "Are you okay?"
Yun Mingyuan shook his head and was even more worried about Han Xiumo. "You were suddenly sent away and nothing happened, right?"
When Han Xiumo was suddenly sent away, although reason kept telling herself that Han Xiumo might have met an alchemist opportunity, it was not easy to accept that Han Xiumo was taken away in front of him, which was why Yun Mingyuan came to Han Xiumo as quickly as possible.
Han Xiumo doesn’t know what happened after he was sent away, but he can detect that Yunmingyuan’s mood is not quite right. The most important thing is Yunmingyuan, not his alchemy assessment.
After asking each other, they said "I’m fine" almost at the same time.
The atmosphere between them was sticky and neglected. The friar in red was a little uncomfortable. He coughed "Ahem!"
Han Xiumo remembered that there was another person next to him who turned his head and took a few steps to put Dan medicine in front of the red monk. "Did I pass the examination?"
The friar in red knows that Han Xiumo’s refining is a prefecture-level Dan, but I didn’t expect that his refining turned out to be this kind of Dan medicine and I couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
"Ning hua dan!" This turned out to be Ning hua dan!
Although due to various restrictions, the quality of a Dandan medicine has also been achieved, but this is also a genuine Ning hua dan!
Ning hua dan is a godsworn in the deification period to supplement the elixir, which can be regarded as ordinary in the prefecture-level Dan, but it is also a prefecture-level Dan.
What kind of little monster is this monk in front of him?
He wanted to test Han Xiumo’s bone age, but Han Xiumo didn’t give him the chance to put Dan medicine in front of him, and then he went directly to Yunmingyuan and the array mage. If you don’t care about him after you finish farming.
Even if he is tall, he can’t tell Han Xiumo’s bone age every other time.
However, no matter how old this monk is, he can make a prefectural-level Dan certificate from the practice of the elixir period, and his potential is absolutely at the level of heaven!
Even in their Zongmen, there are only a handful of alchemists at the day level, and the number of alchemists at the prefecture level is slightly higher than that of other Zongmen, which does not form an advantage.
If we can fool this monk into Zongmen …
His eyes flashed, and it was also a great contribution to win over a low-level alchemist.
There is a token in his hand, but no one has ever sent it out since the ascending passage was opened. It seems that he will become the pioneer now.
The friar in red was inexplicably excited. His slight cough attracted the attention of the two friars who were still very much in love. "Would you like to join our clan?"
"I don’t know where my predecessors are?" Han Xiumo didn’t forget that he was cheap. Master has a clan. Is it inappropriate for him to join a clan casually …