All the people in the world are absolute beauty, Yan Guantian and other words to shape his phoenix and crimson clothes!

"I often miss you, in fact … Wang, it’s not like what you said," he doesn’t mind taking it off to show her if she doesn’t believe me.
Of course, she saw it before. Don’t beat him up.
Often acacia glanced at him and was about to scold him a few words. Mei Er came over there and saw that Feng Jiang’s clothes were here. Then he said, "It should be almost time for Miss Xiang to let Miss go to his side for lunch."
"I know! I’ll be there soon, "Chang Xiangsi replied.
"Then the king went to Chang Xiang’s place to have a meal just because he wanted to miss Chang Xiang. You don’t mind, do you? Besides, it seems a little guilty if I don’t visit Chang Xiang here."
Anyway, this is still his future father-in-law.
When Feng Jiang’s clothes arrive, there are often salutes and hospitality periods, and he must not always miss them. He has no respect for him.
Seeing Chang Xiang reprimanding Chang Xiang in this way, there are also some opinions in his heart: "Chang Xiang doesn’t have to be polite, and it’s good to be lovesick. Wang came uninvited today and hoped that Chang Xiang wouldn’t be a stranger!"
I often say with a smile, "The eleven princes said that the eleven princes can come here and make me feel proud. You don’t have to mention it. I propose a toast to you!"
He lifted the cup toward Feng Jiang’s clothes.
Feng Jiang clothes also raised a cup for two people to drink off.
"Chang Xiang has changed a lot over the years, but Chang Xiang seems to have remained so young, which is really envied by the world."
When I heard Feng Jiang’s clothes say this, Chang Xiang couldn’t help but scoff lightly. I don’t know who the old man died in front of her to call Chang Xiang.
When they heard that they were often homesick and sneered at each other, they asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing!" Acacia should be lightly.
Often smiling, holding chopsticks and holding a piece of fish, I handed it to the bowl of acacia. This time, I didn’t expect that the bowl had not been taken away so quickly, and the piece of fish had fallen on her.
In the bowl
"Acacia will be smarter if it eats more fish!"
"Dad …"
Didn’t you tell him not to give her food?
How come today …
However, when I think about how to look at each other at this time, I have to smile and nod. "Dad said yes!"
Aside from Feng Jiang’s clothes, his face was a little not so good. He remembered that several times when she brought her food when she was having dinner together, she quickly raised the bowl high and disliked his saliva sample. Now she actually gave her food often!
Seeing Chang Acacia didn’t object to smiling tenderly. Even when he looked at her, his eyes were stained with warmth. He remembered Chang Acacia’s first meal, and he rarely wanted to give her food. This little girl refused to eat the food he had put on the table without saying anything.
Now it seems that he hasn’t succeeded in seeing the look of Feng Jiang’s clothes, but at this time, he is bound to be lovesick to his face. This time, he has won a small victory.
Eat that piece of fish because I think I often give her food. Although that pair of chopsticks has not been eaten, I still miss it very much. When I swallow a piece of fish, I still can’t taste what it is.
This is the first time she has eaten a dish given to her by someone else. Even the emperor dares to refuse, but the original owner often misses his father.
It’s even more unpleasant for Feng Jiang to eat fish when she sees that she is often lovesick, although she is often her own father.
Pinching his lips, he stared at Chang Xiangsi for a long time and said, "The king of Xiangsi wants to eat that fish, too. You can give him some!"
Chang Xiangsi didn’t give people the habit of picking up food. He glanced at him lightly. "Don’t you have hands?"
"Acacia is not polite!"
Chang Xiang scolded him and immediately smiled at Feng Jiang’s clothes. "It’s all because I’m rude. People haven’t given the eleven princes food!"
With this soft voice, a sweet-looking servant girl came to serve vegetables immediately.
Although Feng Jiang’s clothes are dissatisfied, there are also dissatisfaction in her heart. Now she can stay for a meal with Chang Acacia and dare not expect too much. Otherwise, she really angered her for a while and was afraid to directly take this broom and personally drive him out of Xiangfu.
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This meal has only been eaten with great satisfaction. Chang Xiangsi lost a lot of appetite because of eating that piece of fish, but Feng Jiang’s clothes were full of anger, but he was reluctant to wave his sleeves and leave.
In the future, my father-in-law’s clothes are not directly revealed. At the very least, the surface is still harmonious. After dinner, nature is melon and fruit snacks, and tea is also made to entertain Feng Jiang clothes. I often miss the excuse of going back to the hospital to rest. Although I want to go with Feng Jiang clothes, I let Chang Xiang stay hard.
"Acacia is a girl’s family. It’s not good to follow the past. Besides, Acacia is going back to rest. Acacia is used to having a rest for half an hour after lunch these days."
Chang Xiang has said that Feng Jiang Yi can look at that slim figure plaintively, but the soul has left with her.