In order to make delicious food for the two of them, Zhang Ting played an extraordinary role at noon.

I got half a table full of starch food.
"Mom, I still want to eat." In addition to touts and adults Lin, there is another person who has a soft spot for starch cooking, and that is this guy.
Since Zhang Ting was busy in the kitchen, the little guy had to watch others take him to the kitchen.
As soon as Zhang Ting made the cake, this guy tore off more than half of it.
If it weren’t for fear of scalding this guy, he would continue to eat in the kitchen
"I see, but I can eat another half piece. You’ve already eaten a lot. If you eat it again, your little belly will burst." Zhang Ting watched and jumped and ate several cakes. I’m really worried that his little belly will be burst. She doesn’t dare to give it to him now
"Well," the little jump flattened the flat mouth, but finally agreed to Zhang Ting’s proposal
At noon today, it’s still a constraint to have lunch without Lord Hong and his wife to accompany Lord Lin and touts.
The end result is that both of them are full.
"Girl, this starch-based cake and bag is really delicious, which is much better than flour." Lord Lin burped as he spoke.
Zhang Ting proudly raised his mouth and looked at Lin’s adult and said, "How about Lin Shu? I didn’t lie to you, did I? I told you that the food made of starch is really as good as that made of flour."
"Yes, I believe the girl this time. Let me discuss one thing with you. I want to make all the potatoes planted by all the people in Tingxian into starch. Do you think it is feasible?"
Zhang Ting’s eyes were calm and he tore a piece of cake. After that, he held his greasy hand with a handkerchief and then looked at Lin’s side.
"Lin Shu, I can say yes or no to this matter, but it still depends on what the people think. I think they can get this starch out if they can’t finish eating potatoes."
"I asked you how long we can usually put this starch out?" Lin adults worried looking at Zhang Ting asked.
"If it’s not damp, you can usually put it for a long time and half a year." Zhang Ting answered seriously
Lord Lin and touts immediately took a deep breath after hearing Zhang Ting’s answer, which was longer than potatoes.
"Ok, since it’s resistant to release, I have a way to persuade those people to turn potatoes into starch, but girl, this matter may need your help. Can you teach the people in Tingxian how to turn this potato into starch?" Adult Lin looked at Zhang Ting with a face of embarrassment.
Zhang Tingxiao smiled and promised "Yes, most people in my village have learned this method now. When the time comes, Lin Shu, if you need to be taught, you can send someone from my village."
Lin’s adult couldn’t stop smiling when he heard Zhang Ting’s words. "So much the better. I’ll find someone to discuss and solve this matter now. But you don’t know that many people in villages around the county are bothered by potatoes at home."
While saying this, Lord Lin got up with touts.
Zhang Ting looked at the table and put a lot of cakes, thinking that there were a lot left in the kitchen.
Zhang Ting stopped the two of them from leaving.
When the two of them looked over, Zhang Ting smiled and said to them, "Uncle, don’t worry, don’t even take anything."
Lin’s adult and touts both wait for a while expression.
What else haven’t they taken here? How come they don’t know anything about it?
Soon when they looked down Zhang Ting’s eyes, they immediately understood what Zhang Ting said in his mouth.
Zhang Ting smiled and called his family to pack the table with half a bowl of cakes.
"The small court sees that the two uncles like this cake very much, and they have done a lot at home today. Let’s take it home with the two uncles left." Zhang Ting handed the two bags to them.
Lord Lin and touts looked at their hands with bags, and both of them smiled.
"All right, then let’s put it away. This is the girl’s respect for us two old men." Lord Lin patted touts on the shoulder and said with a smile.
Favourite to see their own adults have said so well received to "thank you, Zhang Ting girl, your aunt likes to eat this fragrant and soft cake, I will take it back to her."
Chapter 55 Everyone is happy!
"Yeah, if Auntie likes it once, I’ll cook it for Auntie." Zhang Ting told touts with a smile.
Touts even said a few good-bye words, all smiles.
Two days later, the two men came again, but this time they came with dozens of people behind them.
"Girl, these are the representatives of every village in our county. They are all here to learn how to make this starch from your villagers."
This dozens of people in adults with Zhang Ting Lin said these words after all respectful toward Zhang Ting side a gift.
"Don’t be so polite. Sit down and have a cup of tea. After drinking tea, I’ll have people show you the steps of making potatoes into starch. If you have any questions, you can ask them while watching." Zhang Ting told them dozens of people.
In front of Zhang Ting, dozens of people listened carefully to Zhang Ting’s words with serious expressions on their faces.
Soon Hao’s family brought tea to this courtyard.
These dozens of people stared at this exquisite cup of tea in front of them and didn’t dare to drink it.
It is true that these farmers usually drink some white water at home or drink raw water from wells.
Where do they get a chance to drink such good tea?
"You guys are welcome to have some tea first." Zhang Ting saw that they didn’t move one by one. They told them with a stiff smile.
Touts glanced at these village representatives.
Shake your head and smile
He was also a child from a poor family before.
He knows a little about the life of poor families.
Favourite smiled and explained to Zhang Ting, "Little court girls dare not drink your tea, which is so good that they dare not drink it."
"Yes, yes, we usually drink some white water or raw water from wells at home. It seems that this kind of tea can only be drunk occasionally in our village head’s home-we have all lived for such a long time and haven’t tasted it yet. It’s really a blessing to the county owner that we can drink it this time." At this time, a village representative stood up and said to Zhang Ting with a respectful face
Zhang Ting zheng she really didn’t think they didn’t drink is this reason.
Zhang Ting smiled and said to them, "If you don’t like this tea, I’ll let people change it into white water."
At this time, I sat on one side and seriously studied the tea. Lord Lin finally said, "Girl, they don’t want to change tea for them if they like it. You people don’t know when you are blessed. Lord Lin finally gave you a taste of tea and you didn’t drink it."
It was lit by Lin’s adult that dozens of representatives turned red and no one dared to reply.
"Xiaoting heard from your family that you have something to find me. What is it?" Hao Qingshan sound drifted into Hao’s yard.
It’s really hard to listen to it before you see it.
Hao Qingshan came in as usual, and his quick steps suddenly stopped.
"Hey, there are so many people. What happened?" Hao Qingshan slowed down his steps and stared at these people in Hao’s yard with a face of preparedness.
Zhang Tingxiao smiled at Hao Qingshan outside the crowd and shouted, "Brother Qingshan, I have something to tell you here."
Hao Qingshan quickly found the position of Zhang Ting along the sound.
Squeeze through the crowd Hao Qingshan finally managed to squeeze in front of Zhang Ting.
"Small court, why do you have so many people here? You’re not here to make trouble, are you?" Hao Qingshan looked at Zhang Ting nervously and asked.
Zhang Ting smiled and waved his hand and explained to him, "It’s not that they’re not here to make trouble. They’re adults Lin who brought representatives from Tingxian villages. They’re all here to learn how to make potatoes into powder in our village."
"It turned out that learning starch scared me to death. I also thought they were here to make trouble." Hao Qingshan breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest and said with a smile.
"Who dares to make trouble here?" Lord Lin suddenly got up from behind Zhang Ting.