After the cross-country reform, Lotus has all the shine on you effects because it is unnecessary for the enemy to "mutually perish together" when casting Lotus in cross-country!

If the original lotus flower, even when Ah Kai makes it, the burden on the body is very great.
After the lotus flower blooms, it is better than Akai, and there is no follow-up killer.
On the contrary, it is the off-road shadow, hand, wind, blink of an eye and other occult techniques that have changed Lianhua, which has really hit the enemy hard, but the off-road body is still stagnant in the middle without any burden.
In this way, if you are stuck in the semi-cross-country, you can naturally connect a killing trick after Lianhua is cast!
One second!
Just as the mine field was lying in a deep depression on the ground and could not escape because of the lotus blossom force, suddenly "om" rang!
Blue chakra suddenly condensed on the right hand side of the cross-country!
Healing the cross-country corner in Nagato is obviously a recovery.
Therefore, when the cross-country is ready to make a killing move after Lianhua is cast, the cross-country consciousness is ready to make a whirlwind secret!
That’s the wind blade!
Half a month!
The palm of your hand waved a gorgeous wind blade in the direction of the mine field, which is to follow the cross-country palm directly to the direction of the mine field!
Just said that the mine field has suffered the power of Lianhua Department, and there is definitely no way to avoid it.
And cross-country disease romantic hermetic is extremely horrible.
Then in the case of sudden application of the airflow blade, there is a 10% assurance that the airflow blade will directly kill the mine field there!
It can be said that from the first time that the mine field suffered losses in the hands of cross-country, the figure-level strong mine field stepped into the cross-country planning.
Step by step, step by step
When the cross-country killer weapon is officially made, it will be the time when the shadow-level strong people die in the mine field, and the cross-country progress will be made after the confrontation. Is that waiting for the speed?
After all, if you put it in the front to deal with the strong cross-country of the shadow level to the mining field, it is estimated that you will be severely abused by the mining field.
However, in the cross-country eyes, the self-confidence shines, and when I believe that I have a 20% chance of failure, the figure-level strong mine field once again shattered the inherent cognition of cross-country!
At that moment, the air blade was condensed into a wind blade, which was already about to fall on the mine field body and instantly cut the mine field body in half.
But let cross-country never thought that it was almost when the air blade was condensed and the wind blade could fall on the mine field in an instant, suddenly "bang"!
Body double operation!
The shadow-level strong mine field once again shows the horror of the shadow-level strong!
An ordinary body double mining field is a smooth escape from the cross-country killing.
Then the figure of the mine field suddenly appeared behind the off-road
That’s another teleport!
"Minefield teleportation attainments are no less than me and Mr. Watergate?"
"It seems that in the forbearance world, except for my Watergate teacher to stop the water and my horse going to slay the demigod Shimada Hanzo, no one can make it so good, right?"
"Is it that the mine field is the kind of strong person who is hidden in the city?"
"The reason why he can become a shadow-level strong man is that his body skills and teleportation skills are very good?"
Secretly heart way a cross-country heart if there is no surprise that is impossible.
However, although I was very surprised in my heart that body double’s technique could avoid his own killing, and that Minefield could blink to carry out counter-attack, cross-country knew that it was still necessary to suppress the surprise in my heart and keep a cool head in analyzing the way of fighting in Minefield.
Otherwise, don’t worry about how much progress the cross-country has made after the confrontation between the corners. All he has to face is a tragic death in the hands of the mine field
After all, killing before cross-country without killing the mine field is tantamount to losing cross-country!
I want to create a second chance to slay the shadow-level strong, but it is far from as simple as I thought!
And the mine field makes the teleportation suddenly behind the cross-country, and when the mine field is printed with both hands, it shows the cross-country a very strong enemy.
That’s Ninjutsu!
"Fire dun Hao fireball!"
How long does it take to turn around and face the mine field?
It must be like blinking!
But in that blink of an eye, the mine field was already printed and aimed at the off-road direction, which was a fire escape. Howe fireball made it come out, which made the off-road pupils slightly constricted. Silently horrified, the fire escape attainments of the mine field turned out to be equally excellent!
Fortunately, a fire escape Howe fireball is still unable to kill off-road.
Soon the shadow shield made it out of the cross-country and successfully defended the situation of the shadow shield, making it out of the mine field and escaping from the fire.
However, when the power of the fire escape ninja was just dissolved in the shadow shield terrorist defense, the change in the double pupil of the mine field made the cross-country unable to suppress the shock in my heart!
What changes have been found in the mine field to solve the cross-country by the power of fire dun Hao fireball?
Then the change is!
When the power of cross-country fire-fighting and fireball-fighting technology is solved, a touch of blood suddenly emerges from the eyes of the mine field!
And in that bloody color, three black gouyu are still spinning in it!
What is sharingan if it’s not Uchihiro?
"damn it! Is it a group hiding again? "
Chapter 67 Behind the scenes is Monkey King
Since the "Xiao" organization is a Uchibo clan, do you still need to guess who is behind the rape field?