Dong Fangshuo thought of his daughter’s obsession with Yeze, and he felt headache, so he decided to find a way to deal with Yejia.

He really had a headache, so a housekeeper came and said a word to him.
Dong Fangshuo smell speech face carefully busy let housekeeper to lead the way to the room.
The door pushed a surprised man who was in a wheelchair and looked out the window to see him come in. The man smiled indifferently and couldn’t say how expensive Dong Fangshuo felt.
Sure enough, the first handsome man in Korea is also the man that Beijing ladies want to marry most.
However, it is a pity that this man is ill and I am afraid he will die soon, otherwise it is most appropriate to marry Wu Er to him.
"What gust of wind brings you to the temple? It’s really a shame for me." Dong Fangshuo walked over to the tunnel.
Emperor Phoenix pursed his lips and smiled at night, and his eyes flashed with ink eyes. "Oriental adults don’t come to me. There is something I want to discuss with you-"
A few days later, countless flowers suddenly floated around the house. I don’t know who bought all the houses around his house so generously, and because all kinds of flowers were planted in summer, and I don’t know what happened, they were all very fragrant flowers
Yezawa is dealing with his own business, and he is ready. All kinds of difficulties from the business field are not difficult for him.
These people want to deal with him, but they are fishing for the boat. After all, he is not a fool, and it is too much to call him a genius to achieve such success at a young age.
What’s worse, the emperor protects the emperor. He likes to milk from the night home, but he can do it, but he won’t allow others to do it
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 35 New and Old Hatred
People who can become beneficial value. This is why Yejia has been able to live well in Dayong for so many years, and the reason is even worse. With princess royal’s support, these are Dayong’s two biggest thighs.
Night ze contemptuously checked the list in his hand again. The base Xuanyuan family, the Oriental family and the ridiculously beautiful emperor couldn’t shake the night family roots, but that’s all.
Just then, an old housekeeper rushed in, and before anyone arrived, she knelt on the ground and made a loud splash, which made people feel pain.
The old housekeeper cried, "Master, it’s bad for the old lady, the old lady-it’s bad for her! !”
"You-say what? ! !” Night jersey hand sheet suddenly to sell those sheets will still foam like a film flying all over the floor.
The old lady at night had an old asthma problem, and now even the normal people have some breathing difficulties around the fragrant flowers. She is an elderly asthma patient.
Yeze went home and saw the old lady at night for the last time. The old lady intermittently said, "I think-maybe-it’s that my family at night has done too many bad things-this can’t be blamed on others. This is God’s punishment for me. Let’s stop our children at night-"
Ye Ze’s eyes were cold and he didn’t move or talk for a long time before he said, "Mom, don’t talk. I invited the best doctor in Beijing to show you that you will get better soon."
"No, I’m not dying! !” Night old man’s face turned purple and night Ze roared at the old doctor, "What are you still trying to do?"! !”
The doctor looked at the old lady and sighed to help the tunnel. "This old lady is in an emergency and there is nothing she can do, unless-I heard that there was a woman who saved the disease of the 17th Emperor, and the 17th Emperor was suffocated and almost died."
Ye Ze’s whole face was twisted and gnashed. "There is suffocating poison in the house, but now I have moved my mother to the mountains without those flowers and pollen!" !”
The doctor tunnel in vain "but but that girl, I heard from my colleagues in the hospital that the medical skill is very strange and has the effect of bringing the dead back to life. You might as well ask her to come and see it! !”
"This-"Ye Ze turned his back to the doctor and clenched his hands trembling. "She won’t come! !”
"Emperor-Empress-it’s not that I don’t mean to make you giggle-it’s that Empress does harm to you-it’s that——"The old lady of the night family suddenly shouted in a daze, staring at the distance with turbid eyes, as if looking at someone with fear and guilt in her eyes, and reaching out as if trying to hold someone’s hand, as if asking that person to forgive her-
At night, the old lady half-lifted her body and suddenly froze, then she slumped to her neck and her eyes were wide open.
That doctor is scared out of his wits. Oh, my God, what did he just hear? What empress? This is a terrible thing. Which empress is it? !
Night ze bit her teeth a little bit and went to the front of the old lady to stretch out her hand and explore the old lady’s snorting. Finally, her hand dropped loose. He took a few steps back and silently closed his eyes for a long time. His eyes were full of indifference and murder. "Very well, this is that you forced me to hum and groan at night, and I killed my mother." !”
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 36 Cunning guy
The more the old doctor listened, the more frightened he became. At this time, he was so busy trying to escape that he even involved the emperor. Oh, my God, run! !
But after two steps, he felt an evil wind and a sharp pain in his neck, so he was pinched to death by his finger sticking into his neck! !
Throw away the old doctor’s scrawny body, take out his handkerchief from his arms at night, rain or shine, and wipe his blood carefully.
The corners of the mouth have evoked a cold smile. "Good, I like some opponents best, so it’s interesting to play! !”
At this time, Bai is calling me at night.
Emperor phoenix night heard the old woman’s death and nodded his facial expression. "Continue to monitor the night house to prevent him from being a coward! !”
"yes! ! What about princess royal? " White hesitate to ask for instructions
Emperor Feng night hand slightly froze and slowly withdrew his hand from the side of the teacup. "Don’t move first, she won’t be able to endure much longer. We don’t need to start work."