Green morning is leng for less than a second, and the line of sight immediately turns white after Lu Jinian’s face slips. "Oh, I’m too busy to work overtime these two days, so Lu Jinian has put steamed buns and children in your foster care. If you like them, you can certainly take good care of them."

Lengli’s face, holding the teacup, finally burst into a little smile. "Thank you for believing me."
Even a smile that is so shallow that you can hardly see it makes Liu Jinian’s eyes darken around him.
Lengli just smiled like there were hundreds of cat paws scratching his mind at the same time.
"Don’t worry, friends should believe in each other." Qing Chen finished and glanced at Liu Jinian and saw a little gratitude in his eyes.
Don’t even think about it. Lu Jinian is trying to please Lengli with two parrots again.
And so it is, although Lu Ji-nian tried many ways to get close to Lengli, he finally found that there were no two parrots to work.
Although he was dissatisfied with the two parrots, Lu Jinian was not at all soft-hearted when it was time to benefit them …
Leng Li Houji hasn’t said a few words, and as always, no one smells like smoke, but Qing Chen thinks that the method of boiling frogs in warm water in Lu Ji’s year will become different sooner or later.
After dinner, Lu Jinian naturally sent Lengli home and blew a kiss to Qingchen and Chenchi before leaving.
"So he is benefiting us, right?" Qingchen looked at Lu Jinian with her arms on the side of the road, and her figure was covered with her back, followed by Lengli. She was petite, but she was particularly harmonious when she walked with him.
Chenchi put Qingchen in her arms and gently buckled her finger on her shoulder. "Now wait for him to start."
"What’s the matter?" Qing Chen tilted her face. She felt that this sentence of Chenchi had no meaning.
"Lujia seems to be quiet now, but it’s already choppy." Chenchi sighed. "Lu Jinian will be busy then."
"How do you say?"
"Lu Jinian’s father, who keeps seeds everywhere, now doesn’t know how many illegitimate daughters are outside and his father’s life is coming to an end."
It needs such a simple explanation, and it will be white in one morning.
Can it still be white? Since Lu Jinian’s father still has all kinds of illegitimate daughters living abroad, when he dies, it is estimated that those people will come back to compete for such a large piece of cake resources in Lujia. If they can get a little bit, it will be raining for a generation.
"Lu Jinian won’t wait so easily for the property to go out, will he?"
"What you need depends on your own circumstances." Chenchi moved her fingers to Qingchen’s neck and fingertips and gently rubbed them.
It’s just that it’s easy to talk to Cong people, and you can talk to each other without saying much.
Chenchi’s love for Qingchen is also a little bit like this.
Qingchen can clearly understand what he means, and he doesn’t need to say any more nonsense.
"But with your help … the ending should be very obvious." Qing Chen laughed.
"How did you know I would help?" Chen Chi is interested in asking her.
"You guys are friends since childhood, right? In addition to friends, the forces and resources behind you should also overlap. No one can always need allies. Maybe you are friends or allies? " Qingchen simply expressed her views. She didn’t know much about the rich families, but she was able to judge something by herself after she came into contact with some new knowledge of Chenchi.
Chenchi noncommittally.
Qing Chen is smart, and he is not surprised at all that he knows. She can guess the truth to a close degree.
As Qingchen said, their forces are intertwined and they all need strong pillars around them to stand forever.
"Actually … I knew it when I married you," murmured Qingchen. "Chen’s family is not something I have ever contacted. There are many things I can’t imagine."
Chen Chi’s eyes are dark and I can’t help hugging Qing Chen. "Those things are not important when I am here."
Qingchen lowered her eyes and smiled. Of course, she knew that Chenchi was there to protect her.
But she still wants to be strong and can be qualified to be around Chenchi.
Four years ago, she was attached to Chenchi and married into Chenjia. Now they have no interests, and everything has returned to the normal track. It is this that Qingchen hopes that she can be able to be with Chenchi.
Although she knows she is too small, people always have goals.
"Let’s go. What’s the cold wind doing here?" Chenchi took Qingchen to the parking place.
Green morning this just to react, the two of them just outside the restaurant to chat for a long time.
It seems that when I’m with Chenchi, time passes unconsciously.
Besides, Chenchi kept hugging her, and she didn’t feel how cold it was this winter night.
After getting out of the car, Chen Chi played heating, only to find that his hands and feet were a little cold, and he couldn’t help breathing out.
"Cold?" Chenchi touched Qingchen’s hand and frowned slightly.
"It’s okay. It’ll be fine in a minute." Qingchen said with a smile. "I come in winter with cold hands and feet."
Chenchi’s eyebrows stretched a little, and he didn’t start the car until he put his hand over Qingchen’s hand.
At this time, Qingchen suddenly remembered a very important thing. "I said I would buy a car before …"
But since Chenchi lived next door to her, she completely took on the full-time driver’s office, and she also left the idea of buying a car behind.
"Why buy a car?" Chenchi directly rejected the proposal of "I can pick you up"
"But not every day. Sometimes I have to go back by myself when you are busy."
Actually, Chenchi just wants Qingchen to need more of herself. This idea of watching her all the time has not faded but has become stronger with the passage of time.
The feeling is so hot that Chenchi can imagine it herself.
"Then buy it. When I can’t take your class, you can take the car and I will send you at other times." Chenchi made a compromise for the time being and tempted Qingchen to say, "Isn’t it more convenient for me to pick you up?"
Qingchen didn’t refuse "OK, then I’ll go to the 4s shop this weekend."
"I’ll go with you"
When they were talking, a strange word came in Chenchi.
After picking up, Chen Chi’s face became a little heavier.
"Have you been rescued?"
There’s a sound in the quiet carriage to the ear of Qingchen. "The rescue is saved, but I haven’t woken up yet. It’s hard to say …"
"You send someone to watch it."
Hang up the phone and Chen Chi said "Xia Xiaotian attempted suicide" before Qing Chen asked.
"How could she …"
Qing Chen’s expression is somewhat stunned. I never thought that Xia Xiaotian would choose to commit suicide.
"I haven’t woken up yet, and I don’t know the specific situation. When the guards are outside, the nurses make rounds, they find that she committed suicide."
Because Xia Xiaotian did not show suicidal tendencies during this period of treatment, all of them were unexpected.
"This time Xia Xiaotian parents still have to go and have a look …"
"Well, the police station has informed her parents." Chen Chi’s look has returned to normal. "Let’s see what they will do first."
This matter is really not easy to answer and it is becoming more and more complicated.
From the most slander to kidnapping and murder to having a history of mental illness, Xia Xiaotian committed suicide again.
Qing Chennai thinks that if this thing doesn’t end quickly, she will be exhausted.
"Don’t worry" Chenchi comforted "It’s not a big deal"