In a quiet village, a man in his fifties was bending over and hoeing when he suddenly shook his waist and covered his waist with a gentle shout.
The woman sitting there picking vegetables quickly got up and helped him to sit there. The ground was already cold and the tea was low. "Husband, your waist is not very good. Be careful."
"Alas, I can’t do this well when I am old." The man shook his head and carefully held his waist with his hand behind him. If he didn’t hold him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on.
The woman also sighed, but did not say much.
The man turned to "madam, it’s hard for you, but at this time I still let you accompany me through such a hard life."
"It’s all over, just let it be." The woman Nai said that she seemed reluctant in her words, but her eyes were full of gentleness. "Let’s live here, and it’s better to live less than to be scared in the capital, like today’s chaos. Even in the capital, our day will not be better."
The man shook his head, looked at the distance and remembered some past events. He whispered, "Since the resignation of Pei’s adult, the officials in the DPRK have become more and more ignorant. I am just an assistant minister, but I can’t do anything with my heart."
"Husband, you have done a good job," the woman soothed.
"I used to think that Lord Pei was a good official, and when he went to the official department, maybe the situation in the DPRK would change." The man suddenly had an idea to talk. Looking at the half-cultivated land, he said the past. "Lord Pei was indeed a good official. He was unprecedented in officialdom in those years, but the pressure was also unprecedented. After the resignation of Lord Pei, I once thought that if I could sit in the punishment department and cooperate with Lord Pei, I might be able to make some changes in the court instead of going to a dead end like this."
"At that time, even if you were a husband, I’m afraid it worked from the beginning …" The woman said suddenly, and she knew that the people in front of her would be white.
Sure enough, the man smiled, "Yes, it’s better to say that the beam is crooked than the beam. No matter how good he is, he will be destroyed in court."
The woman held her hand and sewed clothes many times. She remembered something and looked up and said, "Husband, have you ever heard of’ gods’?"
"No" The man shook his head, shook his hand, clenched his fist and gently hammered the hammer, feeling that his waist felt a little better, and struggled to get up and walk forward with a hoe. "Where are the gods at the end of this day? They are deceiving or thinking about planting these vegetables as soon as possible, otherwise they won’t be able to come in a few months."
What else did the woman want to say? Suddenly, when she heard horseshoes coming from a distance, she turned her head and the man raised his head.
They are a village here, although it is close to the town, but it is also a village. Usually, most of the agricultural trips are on foot, and occasionally they will take ox carts. At this time, the sound is the sound of horseshoe axle rollers
If there were no special circumstances, such roots would not have appeared here.
It wasn’t long before the horseshoe gradually approached until it appeared in the sight of the two people, and it was obvious that the other party was coming for them
The man frowned and held the hoe tightly in his hand. He had made a decision, and if anything happened, he would fight for it.
By this time, the carriage was near, and although the speed of the carriage became very slow after the distance was near, it didn’t take long to reach their house and the carriage stopped.
The carriage driver vaulted his horse and looked at the man’s avenue. "But Lord Bao Shi Bao."
"It’s Bao. Are you human?" Bao Shi, that is, the man still holds the hoe in his hand and consciously looks at the door. Madam clearly confirms the distance between the two carriages.
"Can Mr. Bao go to the back room to talk? The teacher wants Mr. Bao to meet him and talk about some things." The driver turned around and lifted the car curtain. A person came from the face, but the other person’s head was wearing a black curtain hat. I couldn’t see what the other person looked like
Bao Shi looked at the carriage carefully, but he felt that the other person was not young, but his spirit was good from the pace of his carriage. He frowned and wondered if there was such a person among a familiar person, but he couldn’t find anyone after looking around.
And that person who shout "teacher" look not like a student, but like a martial artist.
Who is the military commander?
Bao Shi thought of approaching with a hoe and pointing to the open room. "Please come in, two. Please forgive me if Bao’s family is humble and can’t entertain well."
When he spoke, he pushed his wife to let her go to the next room so that even if people came with ulterior motives, they would be prepared.
If he thinks so, he still doesn’t think that his status is worth personally coming to do it. Even though he worked as an assistant minister of punishments, it was several years ago. Since he resigned, he has never been in contact with the DPRK and never communicated with officials in the DPRK. Be an ordinary farmer honestly.
After entering the room, Bao first opened the tea bowl on the table in two of the seats and touched the teapot to feel the temperature outside the teapot before pouring tea.
At this time, the person who has been wearing the curtain hat is also nearby to help gently remove the curtain hat from the top of his head.
Bao Shi pretended not to care, but he still consciously looked at the past and thought that no matter who came, he could not show too much surprise, but when he looked at it, he completely froze in place and forgot what he had thought before.
It was a long time before he found his voice "Pei … Pei’s adult …"
After shouting, Bao lifted his robe and knelt down.
Pei Fengping hurriedly lifted people up before "don’t bother to be an official in the DPRK and I don’t have to be so vain."
When Bao looked up at Pei Fengping, his eyes were full of light. Suddenly he remembered something and hurried to the door and shouted "lady lady, come quickly" at the next room.
Mrs. Bao just sat next door and worried for a moment when she heard Bao’s excited voice. She immediately thought of the bearer, who must be an acquaintance. It was only when she walked into the room that she found that the bearer was more shocking than she expected.
No wonder Bao Shi called her that way.
"Mr. Pei" Mrs. Bao shouted with a smile, "Mr. Pei, I’m going to cook some good dishes for you. My husband was just talking about Mr. Pei, saying that Mr. Pei is a difficult official in the previous dynasty. We must treat him well this time."
"No need" Pei Fengping raised his hand. "Let’s sit with Mrs. Bao. We can’t stay here for a long time because we want you to say something, but it’s not appropriate for Zhou Zhang."
When Bao said such a thing from Pei Fengping’s mouth, he quickly guessed that it was not easy for him to say something, and soon let Mrs. Bao sit together and listen to Pei Fengping quietly.
Although they used to be officials in the same court, they were not only different in their official positions, but also twice as old. When Bao faced Pei Fengping, it was the attitude of the younger generation towards their elders
Two people just sit suddenly some dark in the room.