Wang Guren looked at Kelly, where several people were entangled, and all of them wanted to laugh, but no one dared to laugh. After all, two of these people are the Prince’s Temple of the Imperial Tang Dynasty. If you laugh, you will not give them a face.

Everyone can now be in a hurry to dig a few mouthfuls of food and say that they have eaten enough. After confessing to Li Ke and Lee Tae, they left here for Kelly and the three of them to slowly toss and see what they can toss out.
After dinner, Kelly knew that it was time to make a decision, but it was up to him to see how these two gentlemen planned.
Kelly asked Li Ke and Lee Tae, "Now I don’t know what the two temples think about whether they are going to sit with me in my room for a while. What can I do slowly?"
As soon as Kelly’s voice just fell, Lee Tae scrambled to say, "What the king said is not a secret. If the third brother doesn’t bother, just go together."
Lee Tae had already figured it out when he was eating just now, but Li Ke was just managing the Weapons Preparation Bureau in the imperial court and what he wanted to say to Kelly today. Even if he wanted to listen, there was no conflict with himself. If he wanted to listen, let him as one pleases be no big deal!
As soon as Li Ke heard Lee Tae’s words, he didn’t talk, so he lifted his foot and walked to the building. Kelly knew Li Ke’s move as soon as he saw it. Li Ke hurriedly stretched out his hand and asked Lee Tae to move with himself to the building.
Chapter Erqi Telescope (3)
It’s not the first time for Kelly’s family, Lee Tae, to come to Kelly to get married. Lee Tae came here, but at that time, because he came to Lee Tae with Comrade Li Er, he really didn’t see it carefully. When Nanping gave birth to Xiao Wang, he also came to have a full moon wine. But that time, he didn’t come to this room. He just wandered around the yard and had a feast, and he left here in a hurry. Li Taicai felt that he needed to have a good look.
However, he also knows that it is impossible to build such a house by looking at his status. After all, the royal family still has to pay attention to a system. It is absolutely impossible to imagine Kelly building it at random, even if he gets such a little newspaper in a corner of his own house, it will not pass the palace.
As they walked along, Lee Tae slowly appreciated Kelly and knew that Lee Tae was looking at the furnishings and arrangements in his home. He didn’t urge him to follow Lee Tae slowly. When he passed the second floor, that is, Kelly’s bedroom, Li Tailai wanted to knock on the door and have a look, but the sound inside made him not dare to start work at the moment. Kelly saw his mind and knock knock told his wives about the situation inside.
Nanping, they are Lee Tae’s sister. Although there is no contact on weekdays, they don’t have too much scruples about Lee Tae. The place is to receive their own private things in the closet and generously knock on the door and invite Lee Tae in.
Just now, Kelly knocked at the Nanping house, where Xiao Wang was lying in bed and joking with several aunts. When Lee Tae came in, he also obeyed and called "Uncle". His big eyes looked at Lee Tae and watched.
Lee Tae looked around and touched Xiao Wang’s head before retreating. When he heard Kelly’s introduction, the other room had the same layout, so he didn’t go in again to see if he planned to follow Kelly to the third floor.
Kelly introduced the layout of the house all the way. When Lee Tae heard that there was a recreation room next to the house, there was no horse going into the room, but he pushed the door of the recreation room with great interest and went in and looked around.
Lee Tae has also heard about the popular play skills among court ministers, including the fact that people in his own house are playing from Kelly. Now he finally sees what the birthplace of this stream is like.
Kelly couldn’t see Lee Tae’s expression behind Lee Tae at this time, and he didn’t know what Lee Tae was thinking now. He could just silently wait for Lee Tae to go to his room after watching it.
After a while, Li Taicai turned to Kelly and smiled and said, "Wang Daren is really arranged here. Wang can’t help but want to come and play every day."
Kelly heard this in the mind is really some unspeakable taste for the idea of Lee Tae. Kelly is really afraid to speak. Say yes. If Lee Tae puts it, she will push Li Ke as an obstacle. If she is mixed with him, she really can’t say how to deal with it. But this refusal is not a way. After all, this little identity is there. If she refuses it in one bite, she has set up an enemy for herself. Now it is a headache for Kelly. If she comes to Lee Tae, she really doesn’t know what to do.
Kelly can’t be kind and unwilling to say, "Does the temple want to come to play? Just take care of it when you want. I don’t know if I have played with the temple when I want to, but there is no princess. They won’t have any problems when they want to come."
Kelly said these words and thought that he would not have offended Lee Tae. After all, he didn’t really refuse Lee Tae, but first of all, he declared that he didn’t have time to accompany Li Tai to come, so he could find Nanping. Kelly still knew about Nanping and these temples except Li Ke, and it depends on whether Li Tai could understand it.
When Lee Tae heard Kelly say this, he didn’t know whether he understood Kelly’s words or whether it was a joke. When he saw Lee Tae shaking his hand, he said, "Mr. Wang is joking. Now Wang is also in trouble. Where can I have the heart to play? Today, I also asked Mr. Wang for help. If this can really be done, I am too busy to go anywhere!"
Hearing Lee Tae get to the point, Kelly hurriedly walked along the topic of Lee Tae and made a gesture of inviting Lee Tae to sit in the room and then talk about Lee Tae slowly. He didn’t delay stepping out the door and came to the room.
Li Ke is already waiting in the room. He has been in and out of Kelly for a long time, but he is too familiar with Kelly’s family, especially in Wang Ke’s room. Li Ke has never been an outsider. Every time he comes in, he looks around as if he can find something he is interested in every time he comes here.
Now I’m leafing through Kelly’s place in front of the Kelly shelf. Li Ke heard footsteps from outside the door and put his hand back on the shelf. Then he turned around and said, "Why did you come here for half a day? I’m getting impatient!"
Kelly heard Li Ke’s words and knew that he was deliberately complaining to Li Tai. He knew Li Ke himself, and even if he came in later, Li Ke could find something to kill himself slowly.
But Lee Tae not white this truth see Li Ke say this words to hurriedly bow to Li Ke with not mouth explained that it was his whim to visit Wang Ke room and delayed.
Li Ke saw that he had reached his goal and no longer disputed with Lee Tae and beckoned Lee Tae to sit down and talk with a smile.
After sitting down, Lee Tae respectfully handed over to Li Ke and said, "If you have any questions, please tell Mr. Wang first. I’m all ears."
Lee Tae actually wants to hear what Li Ke wants to say to Kelly. For him, Kelly and Li Ke are also very interested in the topic he said. Although he may not understand it, there is no obstacle to listening.
Li Ke is not interested in Lee Tae’s discussion at all, but what he said to Kelly is that he saw Wang Ke scratching the glass during the day. What things are made of what materials? There is no problem when he asked. But Lee Tae is most interested in coming today. If he asked Kelly first, it would be delayed. If he was late, he would have to hurry back to the house. Isn’t it a waste of time?
Li Ke gave a hand and said, "You still want to talk about it, Fourth Brother. I’m not in a hurry. I can ask at any time. It would be bad if I delayed you."
Kelly knows what Li Ke wants to ask, and there is certainly no way to say things with Li Tai. Then he smiled and said, "Don’t be humble in the Fourth Temple, or you can say it. The Third Temple wants to ask questions, that is, about materials and some technological things. It’s not big, but it’s complicated. If you want to make it clear, please ask the Fourth Temple to talk about what you can do. Just ask me to help and do my best."
Lee Tae heard that if Li Ke wants to ask Kelly about these things, look at Kelly and Li Ke’s expressions. It doesn’t look like there is a fake sample, so there is not much interest. He is also eager to talk about his own affairs first and see if Wang Ke can help him find Comrade Li Er and let Comrade Li Er agree to do it himself.
Lee Tae said to Kelly, "Wang Daren is not only an expert in running the army, but also quite familiar with the DPRK affairs. It seems that Wang Daren’s talent must have been superior. He has also had a considerable research institute for Central Plains culture. Wang wants to ask adults to help him go to the palace to talk about his father."