Azazeru asked in the previous step with a dignified face.

"Cao Cao? It seems that you are the heroes who sent people? "
"Indeed, we are all heroes and brave people. If we don’t inherit the ambitions of our predecessors, we won’t be heroes, will we?"
Call cao cao youth is feeling probably said.
"Yeah, it’s all self-satisfied guys. Listen, be careful with the gun in that man’s hand. It’s the strongest weapon. It’s said that even God can penetrate the absolute artifact. It’s synonymous with the real weapon. I haven’t seen it for a long time. Although I got the information very early, I still have some palpitations!"
Everyone except Ye Yu stared at the silver pike on the young man’s shoulder.
The’ twilight sacred gun’ is said to have crucified St. Jesus. The gun is indeed the strongest killer, which everyone has to admit.
"Equipment advantage? But …" Ye Yu looked at Azazeru or Gabriel with a dignified attitude and slightly didn’t understand.
The smell of that gun really makes people feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s not as exaggerated as they say, is it
At this time, the fox Jiuzhong, who accompanied him, was fearless and shouted at Cao Cao, a young man with a gun.
"You little! I have something to ask you! "
"Ah, what’s wrong with such a little princess? If so, I can talk about anything and I will answer you. "
Although Cao Cao’s voice is very peaceful, it is obvious that he knows something.
"Is it you who took the mother!"
"Exactly" Cao Cao simply admitted it.
"What do you want to do to your mother!"
"I want to ask your mother to cooperate with our experiment."
"Experiment? What do you want? "
"To realize the wishes of funders is the so-called policy."
It seems that he was very angry when he heard that his teeth were exposed, and there were light tears in his eyes. He not only took his mother away, but also claimed that the experiment was not white and evil.
"Sponsor … is Orpheus? What exactly does the disaster group want to do? !”
Sending out a powerful momentum, Azazeru severely questioned.
"Soon you will know that we have no intention of hiding. Actually, it is Orpheus’s intention to let you come over this time."
"Simple is enough. Please return the leader of Kyubi no Youko to us. But we have to work together with the monsters Qi Xin."
With Azazeru’s voice falling, everyone has entered a state of preparation. After all, the opponent is an important figure in the three families, and even the heroes here have to be vigilant.
"Demons, monsters and angels, isn’t that right? We heroes and brave people have always been your target, Leonardo, the devil against the monster, so please. "
With that, Cao Cao nodded his head to the teenager who looked like a junior high school student.
Immediately, the young man nodded gently on his face, and instantly, a disgusting shadow appeared and expanded rapidly.
Xiao Jiuzhong was afraid to hide behind Ye Yu. Although he was still full of momentum to question each other just now, Fox was still afraid when he really fought.
And with her strength, it really won’t help, which will give Ye Yu a mess.
Twisting things keep appearing in the shadow, and gradually those things begin to swell and shape. When the arms, feet and heads are formed, the eyeballs are born, and the mouth is wide and cracked, which is not just one! It’s ten … not over a hundred!
"Whew …"
Make a deafening noise. These monsters emerge from the shadows! It is perhaps the most appropriate expression to say that it appears or gives birth to "creation"! The monster with black feet is very solid, with rough skin and sharp claws, and its teeth are exposed, so the monster is in a big row at the front.
"This, what are these monsters …"
"It’s another kind of killer’ Warcraft creation’"
"Wrong answer, yes, the artifact this child holds is the’ killer’-and my’ twilight sacred gun’ has different meanings. Danger is the most ferocious artifact."
Cao Caoxiao patted the young head around without mind explained.
"It actually looks good, but if you can beat the holders of lethal devices, these monsters will disperse themselves, right? Do you think relying on these miscellaneous fish can stop the three demon-level combat power on our side? "
"Hey, hey, hey, don’t be so simple. The three of us not only have to deal with these monsters, but there are many heroes around Cao Cao, and each of them doesn’t know what kind of powerful killer it is!"
Listen Ye Yu said that Azazeru, who was behind him, was in distress situation.
"How to open degenerate angel governor is afraid? It’s just some rubbish. What’s there to be afraid of? "
Listen to Ye Yu’s understatement. Asacher is in distress situation, but the other party has already said so. What else can he do? The governor is naturally unable to embarrass himself here.
"good! These guys are left to us to deal with! Go and get rid of that Cao Cao! "
"Is this right? This momentum is the degenerate angel. The governor should have it."
Ye Yu is funny, so he immediately looked up to see the heroes there.
"I hope … you don’t let me down."
Chapter 37 Uninvited guests
Ye Yu walked towards Cao Cao step by step, and the rest of the heroes gave way one after another. They had to face their opponents, and they were equally careless. That was a degenerate angel, a blazing angel and a demon king’s adult.
"I’m sorry, because I promised the child to recall her mother. Could you please let her go?" Smiling, Ye Yu said so lightly at Cao Cao, but it brought a strong sense of oppression to the other side.
At the same time, the silent teenager also drives himself to attack Azazeru and them.
Although he holds the magic weapon, he naturally won’t be so arrogant that he will charge the three demon lords alone, because there is no doubt that it is suicide. At the same time, the rest of the men and women are also attacking together
"I’m curious about what your purpose is, Wali. That guy may be a crazy fighter. What about you, Cao Cao? You don’t look like that."
With Cao Cao stood face to face Ye Yu some curious asked.
"Don’t tell me it’s a good joke to kill a dragon or a demon in order to realize a heroic wish."
"Oh, how do you know we’re not this? Can we be so sexual?"
Cao Cao smiled and shrugged his shoulders. It didn’t look as dangerous as Azazeru said. He was a good communicator.
At the moment when Cao Cao and Ye Yu were talking, the other side was in full swing, and a shining magic circle emerged, and it was a strange pattern
"This is …"
Azazeru seems to know who this escort belongs to. The battlefield was temporarily stopped due to sudden changes. At the same time, he looked at the lovely foreign woman dressed as a magician.
A girl with a big hat and a cloak is really a magician. She is about the age of middle school students and she is very thin.
The girl in the most dangerous area of the battlefield is not afraid. She turned around and said with a bright smile.
"The first time I met you, I’m Luffy Pan Dragon, and I’m a magician belonging to the Wali team. Please take more photos."
Azazeru asked the girl Luffy questions.
"… Pan Dragon? Who are you from Arthur? "
"Arthur or my brother is always taken care of by him."