There is no degree. Li Lingyu gave him a few more details about the brewing process and then came out.

Wait until the front yard hears the front yard and asks her to do the new reply and wait for her to copy it.
Since she copied the copybook, she has learned to be lazy. When she is here, she will be called to copy it. She will finish copying 30 or 50 copybooks without sitting at her desk, because she never asks questions. Slowly, they are not prepared for her.
Too eager to worship heaven and earth instead of heaven.
The ritual system of the Ministry of Rites rejected the request for no reason
On this day, there will be no personal affairs in the family.
When she was discharged from the hospital again, there was nothing left in a sheep. The shopkeeper sat by the campfire in the courtyard wrapped in a robe and saw her come out and asked, "Adults can come out late and have no meat."
Li Lingyu: "It’s good for adults to enjoy themselves."
The shopkeeper smiled and said, "If you are not in the store, I will definitely send you a pot of boiling mutton soup."
Li Lingyu said with a smile, "It’s not a bad day. I’ll go to the store to drink mutton soup another day."
Because of the time, she invited Yan Bainian and others to drink mutton soup, and she became familiar with this store.
Fu paid the money, gave the reward and sent the man back.
Because of a roast sheep and a noon, the atmosphere in the official office is very eager.
As usual, Li Lingyu went back to the inverted room to copy the official documents. The whole day was very leisurely, and Xiao Yong finally forgot her for the time being.
The day before Yuan Festival, she received a gift from Yan Bainian in the north.
If you don’t say Xiaoyan is a sincere person.
The gift giver is from the army, who will arrive on the tenth day of this month. Xiaoyan gave her a mare and a pony in the north because the road is slow with a pony.
There are two sentences in the letter, which are like enjoying the scene together. It’s a pity that I am so happy that I can send it.
Looking at the letter, Li Lingyu’s heart is really straight, and even the joy is hard.
But she loves the gifts he gives, and they are always sent to her heart.
Ah Fu said that this big pony could not be kept well in the stable.
Li Lingyu "just buy a few acres of land outside the city and hire a family to raise it."
Fu went to inquire about the village outside the city as soon as she heard that she wanted to buy a house.
Li Lingyu looked through other things in the box, including antlers and a Boshan furnace, which looked like gold plating.
She likes the shape of Boshan furnace so much that she can’t put it down for a long time. I really want to say to Yan Bainian that I will send you a more amazing painting, so please keep the gift-giving level.
The Lantern Festival is on schedule, and it is just the right time to hold a lantern festival. The snow on the roof has not melted yet, and it is not afraid of fire and candle.
Tongtuo Street is ready, and several surrounding lanes are ready to be put in place.
It is rare for her to be idle at home and make a few small lights for some children to hang up so that they can go out to play at the Lantern Festival.
Xiaoliushi saw her at home and came over to discuss with her about going out to play late.
These days, Li Daigang went to Buzhuang Banbuzhuang, where she asked Ah Fu to go out and inquire about the dishes. In a small city, the boss wanted to return home. Li Lingyu asked Ah Fu to change the shop and let Li Dai go to work every day. These days, she is in a mood to bring a few feet of cloth every day to make clothes for her.
Xiaoliu asked, "Are you at home today?"
"Go out to watch the Lantern Festival at home in the evening."
Xiaoliushi "There are too many people to go out in case …"
"No, if I let Duan Gong follow me for a few times a year, I will go out for a turn."
Just then Li Daichong came in to meet them and said, "What are you two talking about? I was just looking for you."
Li Lingyu is a little wary of her and is afraid that she will have moths.
"I won’t go to the store today or tomorrow and have an agreement with the shopkeeper. A new batch of Jiangnan materials has arrived in the store. Do you want to make a coat for each of you?"
Li Lingyu "you’re dying? Is it so generous in just a few days? "
Li Dai gave her an oblique look. "You look down on people, don’t you? Yesterday, I sold more than 30 embryonic linen, more than a dozen Yuezhou silks and silks! "
Li Lingyu asked curiously, "Really? Who needs so much? "
Li Dai immediately said, "I told you that the aristocratic family is just different. It is Xie Jia who is the Empress. This kind of aristocratic family naturally has a lot of cloth. It is that cloth village that can’t come up with good materials at the moment. Because I got along with that lady, I took it in the store, so I recommended it conveniently. It’s the only one in the capital that has a beautiful pattern. The expensive family bought dozens of horses without blinking."
She said that she was full of yearning for the rich family.
Li Lingyu asked, "Didn’t you ask what’s the happy event in their family?"
Li Dai "naturally asked that it was a happy event at home to marry a bride, change a season of new clothes for the servants at home, and cut new clothes for the nobles at home."
Li Lingyu is curious. It seems that Xie Pengcheng is really okay. Xie Jia has started to hold weddings again.
She was lost in thought. Li Dai asked, "Then it’s agreed that I will cut a new dress for all my family as a New Year gift."
Li Lingyu should be "naturally good"
Li Dai got up and said, "I just told you that I don’t have a long memory, but I didn’t lose money."
Say that finish proudly left.
Li Lingyu’s heart was as hard as an iron cock. Li Dai now knows the gift, so it can be seen that she didn’t understand it because she was really poor before.
Xiao Liu looked at Li Dai with an envious smile and said, "It’s really different for Dai Niang to have something to do."
Li Lingyu saw her curiosity and said, "If you are curious, you can go to the store with her."
Xiaoliushi said quickly, "What’s that? Leave it at home."
"There are only a few people in the family, so how many things can you manage to settle for Zhou Nian and Zhou Nian?"
Xiaoliu didn’t refuse her for the first time.
In the evening, several children began to fantasize about what the lantern festival would do.