It was also that night that Qinghe Goddess told Changya Xianzun that she loved him at the moment he left.

"I don’t really know what love is, but I feel different from my father, uncle and brother, but they are as profound as they are. I think I should like you."
Chanya Xianzun bowed his head and kissed her. "What can this be if you don’t like it, fool?"
It was also this night that they hugged each other.
Qinghe Goddess grew up with Hongyi Xianjun, and they are the last of their kind. Their parents have never been a big hindrance to them, but Hongyi Xianjun loves Qinghe Goddess and doesn’t want to be a natural rule before marriage.
Qinghe Goddess was a child when Hongyi Xianjun played something, and she didn’t realize it was wrong until the end.
"Changya Changya …"
Her voice was anxious and vacant, but the immortal followed her neck and kissed her.
"Qinghe, didn’t you say that you love me and like me?"
Is the one you love painful?
Qinghe Goddess was not white and didn’t want to be white. When two children were born in her belly, she still didn’t understand anything.
If nothing happened, she would have been ignorant.
On that day, she lived in the palace where Chanya Xianzun placed her.
Changya Xianzun promised to show her all the waters in Qian Shan after she was taken out, but when she followed her out, she was trapped in this small palace.
Probably worried about her and the baby. Qing he Shen NV Xiang
Until that day she heard an incredible "Qinghe" in the palace.
She turned around and saw Chang Ya Xian Zun staring at her in situ.
Soon another "Changya Xianzun" appeared and saw Changya Xianzun’s lips evoke a smile, saying with malicious intent
"Eldest brother, aren’t you closed? How did you come out before? "
Qinghe Goddess pointed to Changya Xianzun and pointed to another Changya Xianzun. "Are you Changya and is he Changya?"
Being called "big brother" reveals pain in the eyes of Changya Xianzun. Regardless of another Changya Xianzun, she will definitely look at Qinghe Goddess and say, "Don’t you mean that you can’t get out of Qingtan Dreamland?"
Qinghe Goddess wants her to come in vain.
It turns out that my parents and uncles often talk about it. That’s it.
She thinks it’s not that she can’t bear it. She wants to go back to Qingtan Dreamland.
Jing Ye’s biological father didn’t let her go, even though Chang Ya Xian Zun was closed, he sat on the celestial potential and the Xi Yan Pavilion was filled with several beauties.
"Nothing in my life has won my brother but you."
"It’s wonderful that every time I see you, he is in all kinds of pain."
Chang Ya Xian Zun didn’t let her go either. Every time she begged him, he said, consider it as a child in your womb.
Think about it? Ridiculous!
Even Brother Qing’s search for Menjingye’s biological father, Hanying, lost to Hongqing, and it was he who stopped Hongqing and seriously injured Hongqing outside Chongyang.
Qinghe goddess has never been so hopeful and so desperate.
She didn’t understand what is beyond redemption.
She is the goddess of Qinghe and the dreamland of Qingtan. She has the ability to weave dreams since she came.
She left a dream hidden in the heart of the child she gave birth to, and it will take root when the time is right.
Jing Ye saw this faint feeling that it was wrong. When he looked around, his dreams gradually dissipated, and Zong Yue showed his figure
Jing Ye knew from the place where he had been mistaken that Zong Yue, like his biological mother, had experienced dreams before he knew that they were alike.
At the moment, Zong Yue came to him, and he couldn’t tell whether it was Zong Yue or his biological mother who came.
Until Zong Yue hand suddenly appeared a bow and arrow head pointing in the direction of him.
Dream weaving bows and arrows can naturally kill people in dreams.
Zong Yue asked vanity, "Don’t you regret that he is your heir?"
Qinghe Goddess Phantom said, "Do you hate people and talk about regret?"
She has been waiting for this day for a long time.