Gu zhengfan stared at the ruler at that moment. I don’t know that he suddenly understood one thing. This time, he was really afraid of the cold wind.

Winning from a complicated situation has always been what Shallow Water Ching is best at and likes to do. The more complicated the situation is, the more people involved, the more confusing each other. Shallow Water Ching Ching is able to smoothly clear out a line that is beneficial to him and hold people he wants to tie down along this line, want to get, want to fight for.
It is far more important for the country to finally protect itself from the cold wind that is desperate, otherwise the country has lost its male moat and it is necessary again. Now the cold wind is hanging alone. Although the cold winds of the two countries are desperate not to let the Tianfeng army enter, they can’t eliminate it. If people have entered and controlled the country, if they can choose, if they can exchange, do they choose to have the country or the cold wind?
The answer is self-evident.
When everything is a noble purpose, many times you have to choose some means, such as exchange, such as buying and selling.
The shallow water is clear, and the cold wind is very clear. The purpose of the negotiation is actually very simple. Tell everyone that you will give me the cold wind, and I guarantee that the independence of the rainbow will not be violated.
Yan Zhenping’s transfer of autonomy to the three eastern provinces is aimed at this kind of line, which makes the endangered rainbow regain a chance, even if it is so weak, so pale and so difficult to maintain, but just like a terminally ill patient who wants to have a chance, it is bound to struggle to maintain it.
This is true for those who are patriotic, but it is another way for those who are speculative in some wars.
All the former generals who don’t want to stay can go to the Jinghong Dynasty to seek high-ranking officials and positions. Shallow water Qing assured everyone here that the Jinghong country was independent, and the solitary sails could replace the shallow water Qing Dynasty, where the military forces and horses were always leading and all the important personnel could be promoted.
If you want to nod alone, shallow water will take over the cold wind and keep all the original garrison positions!
As shallow water Qing and Yan Zhenping expected, there is no choice to refuse this bait, whether it is a solitary sail or a general.
This may be the best result that the people who are surprised by the war have seen so far.
The cold wind, the wall, the rainbow, the flag, the hunting and flying in the strong wind, the solitary sail and the hands looking at the wilderness far away.
More than ten days ago, the blood of storm corps soldiers spilled all over this place, and the walls dyed dark stones into blood. However, their strong fighting ability also made the cold wind guards pay a great price
It used to be the best barrier for the people who surprised the rainbow to resist the military attack of the Tianfeng people. In the past 100 years, the people who surprised the rainbow have repeatedly invested huge financial and material resources to reinforce the walls here and improve the defense here, and finally it became the first hero in the world.
For many years, he has been qualified to lead this place, and he has always been the best general in the rainbow, and he enjoys a high reputation even on the whole continent.
However, no one expected that one day the cold wind would be sent out intact to the enemy’s hands. If someone had told Gu Zhengfan that he would be beheaded in the first male field this day.
He let out a long sigh.
Without the support of the rainbow-startled people, the cold wind soldiers are doomed to die in the battlefield, and Fang Hu Biqing will never send food again. Fang Hu Biqing also swept across the three eastern provinces with the help of powerful soldiers to suppress the cold wind. Once lonely, the cold wind is doomed to die. At this moment, shallow water is the best solution
"What do you mean by shallow water?"
He asked none other than Mo Ou at this moment.
Mo Ou Wei bowed down and replied, "I don’t know how small I am, but now I am a soldier, a national event, and I can’t afford to be afraid to take part in the general’s questioning, but I can’t answer my fears."
Gu Zhengfan sighed, "You are still angry with me."
"dare not"
"Alas, you dare not say that there is resentment in your heart. I don’t blame you, but now the shallow water is clear and powerful, and I have no one who can help me share my ideas. Oh, shallow water has been sent to many generals in the emissary, and it is quite desirable to discuss shallow water. But I don’t think so. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s ambition is very difficult. How can it be easily delivered up? In the past six months, he has painstakingly worked hard to turn the whole rainbow into another day. Even if I return to the cold wind, how can I swear allegiance to him? I am afraid that I will never get up. "
"However, it is not the same way to stick to the cold wind and grain to complain about diplomatic difficulties. In the end, fear of not being able to keep the rainbow will give the Tianfeng army more reasons and excuses to enter the rainbow. The shallow water sent us a honey poison, but we have no choice but to swallow it."
Speaking of this lonely sail, I snorted, "The shallow water has caused me to dump my country, and now I want to take my cold wind without bloodshed. Is it so simple for him? He can manipulate the rainbow with the help of the wind and force, and then intimidate the wind with the help of the cold wind, but all the problems can be solved if he wants to kill him."
"So I have decided to agree to allow the three provinces to stand on their own feet in shallow water, but if shallow water comes in, you can’t get out alive! Hum, if you want to die in shallow water, the sky will return to peace, and my rainbow will be reborn. "
"Oh, I hope it’s up to you to do it. At that time, you personally killed the shallow water and cleared its name. I can also formally ask you to be reinstated. What do you think? This is I make up for you. "
"Thank you, General, for patronizing me. Just do what the General says."
"Good, good"
Gu Zhengfan nodded with satisfaction, leaving Mo Ou’s side. Mo Ou looked up slightly and his eyes were as cold as ice.