"Good morning, owner of Brawly Pavilion, please do a Dojo competition with me." Aaron said.

"Ha, ha, ha, of course. I just got cold feet yesterday. I’ll fight with you today," Brawly said, and then nodded to the referee next to me to start.
"From now on, Aron in Zhenxin Town will play against Brawly Dojo, the trainer of Wudou Dojo, so that Poké mon will be on both sides. When both Poké mon lose their fighting ability, a challenger can replace Poké mon in the competition," said the referee.
"I am the first to be it!" Brawly threw Poké Ball by the wrist.
"It’s really wrist strength. Then it’s a rice spoon snake!" Aaron called out the rice spoon snake as a striker.
"oh? It’s a rice spoon snake. I’m curious about how the rice spoon snake will compete with my wrist. In terms of strength, I’m better at fighting Poké mon than Du Juanyan’s Poké mon. I’ll say yes first. "Brawly said that Aaron nodded. This is expected.
"But this rice spoon snake has been born in the forest for so long, and it has grown into a very powerful force to make a living. I am also somewhat confident!" Along ling
"Wrist strength makes a word to block!"
"oh? Do you really want to compete with me? "
The rice spoon snake rushed to the opposite side, and then the tail gave off purple light and hit the wrist force. The wrist force also raised its right hand to attack and touched together, and then both sides bounced off! Wrist power words were bounced back several steps.
"Good strength, Aaron advantage!" May said.
"No, even if it’s really dominant, it’s a little bit. Just now, it’s mainly caused by different attack angles and application angles." Aaron heard May’s words and said, heart way
"Did you do a good job? It’s our turn to make a tile cut this time!" Brawly counterattacked.
"The rice spoon snake makes the big snake stare!"
"Close your eyes"
The rice spoon snake used the big snake’s glaring wrist force and immediately closed its eyes to avoid it, while the rice spoon snake quickly approached the wrist force.
"It’s time to make a burst punch!" Brawly suddenly shouted! Aside that group of beautiful cheerleaders also cheered instantly. It seems that this is a wrist ace skill.
"Will let you hit? Avoid! " Along ling
As soon as the rice spoon snake retreated outside the attack range of wrist force, but wrist force followed! What surprised Aaron even more was that wrist force still closed his eyes today! Burst fist hit the rice spoon snake to the ground with one blow.
"Is this the fruit of long-term training in surfing?" Aaron looked at the wrist force and said Brawly was one leng.
"Yes, surfing can not only exercise Poké mon’s waist strength, leg strength and sense of balance in the body, but also exercise Poké mon’s touch and hearing. This wrist strength is not my usual wrist strength during the match at the Dojo Hall. This wrist strength is extremely sensitive. Even if you are deprived of vision, you will not be able to judge the position of Aaron’s rice spoon snake by sound." Brawly said that he seemed very confident and put a pse on his wrist strength.
"But if the rice spoon snake is in a state of chaos, it should be said that the trouble is the owner of the Brawly Pavilion." Aaron suddenly said to Brawly that Brawly was one leng, although he didn’t know what was going on, but he realized what was coming!
The rice spoon snake raised its head and then called for a while and immediately rushed to the wrist force. The wrist force immediately used a tile to meet, but it was avoided by the rice spoon snake, and then the poison tail went around the wrist force and hit it out in the middle!
The wrist force is painful and then the spoon snake takes the opportunity to entangle the wrist force! Sub-forest lizards escape by relying on the blade. It’s not easy to get rid of the rice spoon snake by relying solely on strength, even if it’s the most powerful weapon to fight Poké mon! In terms of physical strength, it is also a snake rice spoon snake, which is much stronger than Arbok.
"What’s going on? Isn’t the rice spoon snake confused?" Brawly seems puzzled.
"Yes, it is chaotic. If it is chaotic, most of the understanding is that it will attack itself from time to time and the speed avoidance ability will be greatly reduced, right? But that is based on the fact that Poké mon has a strong fighting psychology or other psychology. Poké mon will have another situation. The brain is also disordered, but at this time they are completely out of control of the brain! Like now, when the rice spoon snake is finished, it relies on the hunting nature to make the prey poisoned first and then bind it until the prey is poisoned and dies. This is a typical rice spoon snake hunting mode. Of course, in this brain crash state, what tactics does the fighting method use to deal with the enemy? But here, relying on fists to eat and fight is not a complicated battle, and relying solely on fighting skills to organize tactics is really limited. Anyway, it is already chaotic. Just let the rice spoon snake act on its own, "Aaron said. Brawly gritted his teeth.
Sure enough, the wrist force was entangled in this way, and it seems that the poisonous tail just now succeeded in poisoning the wrist force. The wrist force is struggling, but the struggling force is slowly getting smaller. This is the phenomenon of nerve paralysis caused by toxins traveling all over the body. Brawly took back the wrist force when he could not see it.
"Please help me send my wrist strength to Poké mon Center." Brawly said to a beautiful cheerleader behind her. The big sister immediately took Brawly Poké Ball and ran out of the Dojo.
"Well, the second is it, Muslis!" Brawly’s second is the curtain lux in Aaron’s calculation. In fact, Aaron is still wondering if the wrist strength has changed just now. Will this second be the curtain lux? But it seems that it’s not Aaron who thinks there shouldn’t be two MuLiShi …
22 boxing badges! Looking for Dawu?
"Mu Lishi, that rice spoon snake came back." Aaron said and withdrew the rice spoon snake.
"Take it back and the chaos will disappear." Brawly said that Aaron smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
"Yes, there’s no way to form a disorderly attack by fighting alone in a chaotic state, and you can’t hit your Mullis to come to the forest lizard!" Aaron throws Poké Ball, a forest lizard.
"When the forest lizard challenged Kanaz Dojo, it was also a rice spoon snake and a forest lizard. Is it the same for me? Forget it. The so-called curtain lux "Brawly said is also said to curtain lux.
"Then here comes the forest lizard!"
"Face to face with MuLiShi!"
The forest lizard hit Mullis, and Mullis was pushed out by the impact of the forest lizard and caught it!
"Good directly make the earth vote!"
"See you!"
The forest lizard’s eyes shone, and then Mulux reached out his hands to hold the forest lizard. The forest lizard jumped up when he saw it, and Mulux hugged it.
"So make a slap attack!" Along ling
The forest lizard did an inversion in the forest, and then the tail leaf hit Mullis, and Mullis was beaten back two steps.