"Come to have a night jersey" Liu Sunseeker lazily stretched the sound track at night.

Juaner unconsciously stretched her ears.
"Tell me about the shortcomings of Yeze." Liu Sunseeker suddenly ordered Juaner at night.
Juaner can’t tunnel "handmaiden doesn’t know what kind of person night male is, handmaiden is a slave, how can she know the things of masters?"
Liu Xixi said at night, "Look at his appearance. I think there is something wrong with his appearance."
Juaner suddenly clenched her fist, but her face was ignorant.
Liu Xixi pointed arrogantly at Yeze’s brow and said, "Eyebrows are bad, eyebrows are bad."
Juaner’s eyes blinked for a while, and it seems that she didn’t notice that "her mouth is not good and her mouth is too thin."
Juaner took a deep breath and Liu Sunseeker added at night, "This man is romantic, but he has the ability to satisfy himself in that respect. The woman can’t see it now, but when he is ten years older, she will definitely wear a green hat for him. I suddenly remembered that he is going to marry Miss Oriental. That’s really pitiful. Not only can he not send it, but he will also be suppressed by the Oriental family."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
239 Chapter 239 Small bugs
Feng Liu’s brain is running at a high speed, but she has no words to find. She wants to slow down the wind and find things. In fact, after killing the things in his brocade box, she doesn’t want to talk to him. Please search for the latest and fastest.
It was the wind that gave her a cold look.
Feng Liu Yu had a brainwave and suddenly burst into tears. "You are fierce to me. You are so fierce. I want to tell my report that you are fierce to me."
The wind stopped moving in a few words. In fact, Wang Ye, that is to say, when helping her pack things, look around and see if there is anything different. He also specially asked him to bring a cicada to find someone. Actually, he has found it, hasn’t he?
It’s just that the report is thoughtful and doesn’t let go of any clues
Now I can’t find my own things and make people cry.
So the wind stopped and said, "Where are your clothes? I’ll help you pack your clothes, and you can pack the rest yourself."
Your majesty emphasized that it was a check coat.
Feng Liu danger clutching his little face lip angle has evoked a sneer. Indeed as expected, this report is really difficult.
With Liu Yuner as perfect as body double.
In fact, she also roughly guessed the situation now.
Liu Yuner must have accidentally contaminated Jiao Da when escorting Jiao Da. Cough must be so rare that she ignored it.
I came to see Rui Wang Xuanyuanhe. Although she was dressed up, she certainly didn’t take a shower.
The cough trace naturally contaminated has not been washed away.
So I felt it by something in the brocade box, and that thing called out.
Is XuanYuanHe that guy must have thought of whether it would be a coincidence, this just let the wind to pack things for her, by the way, to screen her possibility.
I also blame myself for being too good in the hall, but I took advantage of it even though I was stupid. No wonder Xuanyuanhe became suspicious.
Feng Liu Yu vowed that she would be more low-key and stupid in the future.
After all, this body has nothing, and it is also a waste material, not martial arts material.
Her eyes flashed at this thought, but now she has to deal with this crisis first.
"Clothes should be packed." Feng Liu Yu murmured a few words and then burst into tears and laughed. Suddenly he grabbed the trench coat and tore it. "I will, I will pack my clothes."
Everyone was shocked.
The wind’s face turned black and then red. What the hell is this woman doing?
He couldn’t help but be torn open by Feng Liu Yu, and Feng Liu Yu didn’t seem to be going to let him go and even took off his pants.
The wind feels scared and feels that his life is dying soon. Damn it, this is stupid again. That’s also the report’s acknowledgement of the princess empress.
I am now openly stripped by Princess Empress. Isn’t that a cuckold for my own prince?
Don’t want your head, do you?
"Stop it, Princess." The wind flushed and pulled Feng Liu’s small hand. However, as he pulled the brocade box hidden in his sleeve, it flew out, and it snapped and hit the brocade box and hit a black bug and flew out.
The wind hasn’t moved yet. Feng Liu Yu grabbed it quickly and then happily said, "Fortunately, I didn’t let the bugs run away."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 24 Have something to catch me.
Juaner is still fast asleep. If she knew that there was roofies in the wings of the chicken that Liu Xi gave her tonight, she would be alert in vain, as if she would suddenly fall asleep and never wake up.
Liu Sunseeker ran all the way smoothly in the evening. princess royal likes to play Toy Boy and Toy Boy, but she doesn’t like peeping. If it weren’t for a pervert like Yeze, she would still be good at doing such a thing to avoid shame. There aren’t many guards in the Princess House outside. She didn’t expect that one day someone would have nothing to do and wander around the garden with the intention of escaping.
Liu Sunseeker observed from every corner at night and found that although there were not many people inside, there were three floors inside and three floors outside, and even a fly didn’t want to fly out.
Alas, before she came to sit down and rest, she heard a sudden chaos in the distance. People screamed one after another, and some people shouted, "She ran away from others."
I don’t want to know that she can be herself. It’s really that Juaner’s kung fu is good. That heavy ecstasy actually put her in a coma for a little while.
Is it true that you were trapped when you asked for blood to kill you? Didn’t you say that you could stun an elephant for ten hours?
"She can’t run away. She must be in the garden. Where are your police dogs?" A very nice and calm voice sounded like a demon in the silent night. Liu Xi couldn’t help shivering timidly at night.
What the hell is this bastard Ye Ze doing here? Damn, shameless. You must want to do something bad when you come to her so late. Fortunately, she runs fast, otherwise her good cabbage might be arched by pigs.
Liu Sunseeker was so glad that she didn’t dare to hesitate again. She got up and put the pig urine bubble in her head and sighed again. She thought that those who were so British and SHEN WOO couldn’t cross it were reduced to putting pig urine bubbles on their heads. The ancients were too powerful.
However, she is more awesome and so clever that she can think of it. She was narcissistic by the big pool in the garden for a while.