"Compensate" I said coldly, "If you are wrong, then you will not be responsible or compensate anything if you don’t compensate Hengyuan Root."

"How can you talk about this person? My brother is so young that you are forever difficult to have no responsibility at all?" The man in his forties shouted at me.
Xiao Chen is afraid that he will stand in front of me against me.
I pushed him aside and looked directly at the brother of the deceased. I didn’t yell at him and said faintly, "When it comes to blaming you for filing a complaint, you should also go to the contractor. Your brother signed a labor contract with the contractor. What are you doing here?"
"That building is Hengyuan, of course, we are looking for you. You know that the contractor is not qualified enough to contract the project to them. Your company is a" black heart ".
"The contractor is not qualified. Do you have any evidence? As far as I know, your brother signed a five-year contract with this company and has been working with this company for three years. If you don’t understand the law, I would like to forgive you for being impulsive today, but please leave at once. My voice is not high or low, but everyone present can hear me.
"You bad woman, I’ll fight with you." The old woman suddenly rushed to hit me and was stopped by Xiao Chen.
I bit my lip. I have to do it hard today
"Xu lawyer call the police" I have been indifferent to one side and don’t speak Xu Law ordered.
Lawyer Xu is a little hard to look at me.
"Miss Lin’s family just lost their loved ones. You are not only not comforting, but also so cynical. They are too unsympathetic. It’s so difficult that this is your attitude of handling things in Hengyuan. That’s too chilling." The dust-pulling woman came from one side
I turned to look at the woman in her mid-twenties, with a camera hanging on her chest and a work permit in her hand, and waved and sneered at me, "I have a certificate."
I raised my eyebrows and smiled lightly. "You said I have no sympathy." I shrugged my shoulders. "ok, I have no sympathy." I turned to a stern tone and said, "They are quite sympathetic to Hengyuan and tried their best to make up for it. They can be constant and far away from them. Why do you want to pay for this? Who will sympathize with Hengyuan because he is a developer?"
I took two steps in front of the woman. "Hengyuan has more than a thousand employees, so there are thousands of families behind them. What should Hengyuan do if his children’s families fall? Who will sympathize with them? Is your sympathy that no matter whether they are right or wrong, they can smear a company so wantonly? What’s the difference between this and touching porcelain? "
The female reporter looked at me dazed.
I turned around and shouted at the crowd on the other side, "What do you know about so many people around here in such a cold day in the early morning?" I sneered at "The extras are not cheap." From the man who claimed to be a reporter without a certificate just now, I concluded that half of the people here were called.
I also said, "If you are journalists seeking truth from facts, I respect you, but if you blaspheme the profession of journalists, I’m sorry I can look down on you."
"It is very difficult for every enterprise to maintain its corporate image without being attacked by outsiders."
"On the day of Daxing accident, Mr. Zou also called a press conference and made it very clear that I don’t think I need to repeat here that Hengyuan was willing to pay so much money for comfort because of sympathy and regret for those two lives."
I turned around and looked at the dead brother. "I don’t know what’s wrong with this society now. The more kind you are, the more you bully everyone. Your sympathy will become ironic."
"I hope that the reporters present will follow the principle of seeking truth from facts and not encourage those unhealthy tendencies." After that, I turned to the old woman and sighed judo. "I can understand your grief when you lose your son, but you can’t take it out on our company because of your grief. If you think your son is dead, you can tell him that you have a long way to go." I pointed to a lawyer nearby. "He is a very famous lawyer. You can ask him if he is responsible for this accident. If you don’t believe him, you can ask another lawyer."
"I don’t care if the building is your company, I have to find your company." The old woman is unruly.
Chapter three hundred and forty-three My color
"I don’t care if the building is your company, I have to find your company." The old woman is unruly.
I glanced at her and looked at the banners and ordered Xiao Chen, "Xiao Chen called the police and said that someone was disturbing the public order and affecting the normal class of the company."
I turned to enter the building.
"Miss Lin, can you ask me if you are in a position in Hengyuan now?" Someone shouted behind me.
The moment I turned around, the flash flashed, and I blinked several times.
I didn’t see the man until I fixed my eyes. He was thin, tall and handsome, and his sharp eyes were staring at me. "Do you mind if I take some photos?"
"Of course, if your report is true," I chuckled.
"Don’t worry, I’m a daily reporter and I definitely have professional ethics." The man smiled back.
I raise my eyebrows. "Do you want to know my current position?"
He ordered one.
"Mr. Xu showed him a Zou Zongshou." I left a head behind Mr. Xu and smiled at the reporter. "Excuse me." Then I turned and walked into Hengyuan Building.
Many employees in the building leaned over the glass door and looked out. It was somewhat taboo to see me coming in. They all hurriedly swiped the card and took the stairs and walked down the corridor, and it was gone.
After a pause in the lobby, I took a deep breath and looked back. There seemed to be a lot of people scattered outside.
Soon lawyer Xu followed in, and Xiao Liu followed him.
"Lawyer Xu will trouble you to organize a meeting for a while. It’s just a matter of time. I guess I’ll just stay for two or three days and let them be calm." I went into the ladder first and then Liu followed.
"Lawyer Xu, won’t you come in?" Xiao Liu called him a lawyer, Xu Wei leng, before he stepped in.
I didn’t ask Xiao Liu until lawyer Xu got off the ladder. "Is this lawyer Xu an external or full-time employee in Hengyuan?"
Xiao Liu replied, "It’s full-time, but it was only two years ago that I transferred to work full-time. Why?"
"Oh, nothing. I just think he’s a little too old." What I want to say is that he’s a little pedantic
At the moment when the ladder was thirty dozen, I was lined up by the stairs. The secretaries were shocked and Allen was in it.
"General Manager Lin is good"
I was just about to step out when she squeezed my foot and shouted and shrank back to sweep them one eye. "You … what are you doing? Isn’t it a little grand?
"That … Zou always called me just now and let us listen to you later." Allen laughed.
"Well, I’m just doing it for him for a few days, and you make it look like I’m alone." I can’t help but chuckle, "Well, we’ll all go back to you as before."