There is no need for them to do it themselves.

Yunzui and Chimie left after learning the truth, which made everything quiet in the secluded hall.
But Yunzui remembered those female bodies that made the kite ice temple.
91 Chapter 91 Perfect match (4)
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She looks a lot like her, and then she decides that Su Dye Pupil is what kite likes.
Should I tell Chi Mi about this?
I don’t know how Chi Mi will react when she knows.
However, Yunzui also hopes that if she returns to Su Dye Pupil in the future and she is in charge, it doesn’t matter whether the kite likes Su Dye Pupil or not.
Because she is drunk, she won’t like the kite.
Chi Mie and Yun Zui have finished their work, and the two of them have returned to Prince Mie’s Palace. The night is already dark.
"Good night" both said to each other.
The latter two returned to their respective courtyards.
The next day Yunzui just got up and went to the place where Chimie likes to practice martial arts.
I found that there was an endless stream of people delivering medicinal materials in the Wangfu.
She got up late and was afraid that Chi Xuan was in the early morning now.
This shows that Chixuan announced her opinion yesterday in the early morning.
After that, those ministers have chosen their trusted people to send medicinal materials to them.
And wait for the antidote.
In fact, the antidote of Xijinghua has long been configured.
Yunzui’s advice is either to get the money back.
She is not someone who will let others take advantage of her.
Don’t let yourself suffer even if you don’t want to take advantage of others.
Yunzui just wants to make a fortune and earn back all the previous losses.
Cloud drunk is thinking about ear suddenly more than a person faint said, "the king really don’t understand why these people want to send medicinal materials to what Wangfu? Did someone do something? "
Chi Mie knew she was talking if she didn’t want to get drunk.
Yunzui slightly hooked his lips and immediately said, "Why do you talk so much nonsense? Why don’t you take advantage of it?"
Chi Mo couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and then said sourly, "Someone has fulfilled the power of being the master of the palace before marrying into it."
Yunzui naturally knows that Chimie said it was her.
Yun Zui slightly hooked his lips and immediately smiled and said, "Aye, well, I am you, you are me. I have done this for myself, and killing myself is equivalent to killing you."
Chi Mie didn’t really mean to be angry and drunk. He immediately said, "Who is lucky to marry you?"
Yunzui was surprised and immediately asked, "What?"
Chi Mi immediately praised "because you get everything at home"
In this case, isn’t it a cash cow to marry home? !
Yunzui couldn’t help laughing. She didn’t believe that Chi Mi saw these herbs.
Although they are expensive, Chi Mi is richer.
"The fun is yet to come."
There are still four days, and that’s the most important time.
Now everything is nothing.
Everything is just now!
Now winter is getting closer and closer, but her affairs are almost decided.