Zhang Tiehan took the ball forward and Si Tong entangled it again.

Pi Si Tong was very angry in his heart. Just now, he lost face. If the normal defense was passed, it would have been passed. But this was a real physical collision. He lost and lost. Although he was angry, he knew that there was a big gap between his body and the other side. He decided to give Zhang man of iron some color to see.
First he posted it.
Zhang Tiehan seems to have been moving forward with the ball as if he hadn’t seen him. Si Tong wants to stick it up and find a chance to steal Zhang Tiehan’s roots. Seeing that Zhang Tiehan is about to start accelerating, Si Tong directly mixed his feet with Zhang man of iron’s feet.
This is intentional!
Pi Si Tong just wants Zhang Tiehan to fall down, so that he can complete the defense, and if he moves like this, he will get an extra yellow card in the Premier League derby. It is said that it is the most important thing for him to get back face.
Zhang Tiehan has been paying attention to Pi Si Tong.
When he saw Pi Si Tong trying to trip himself, he was still in a rage, and he was about to speed up the start of Pi Si Tong, so it’s not surprising that if the average player is put upside down and directly injured.
He was annoyed, too.
Also the first time to react, the left leg firmly stepped on the grass, followed by the right leg, and the direct force went forward, and the two legs collided. Zhang Tiehan’s calf bone directly hit the skin of Si Tong’s calf … If Zhang Tiehan stumbled forward two steps to stabilize his body, the general principle of Pis was directly kicked down.
The football is still at Zhang man of iron’s feet. The referee didn’t signal!
Zhang Tiehan, the referee of the Han Dynasty, looked at it and then the horse continued to take the ball forward. At this time, he had reached the right side of Everton’s restricted area. There were players on the other side who were preparing to greet him, but Zhang Tiehan would not give them any more defensive opportunities.
Swing your right foot high!
Push forward!
A football with a football face-to-face collision resounded through Everton’s half-court. Like a rocket loaded with enough fuel, it instantly rushed out of its place and flew directly to Everton’s goal.
This shot is quite sudden and quite fast!
Many people are still paying attention to the collision between Zhang Tiehan and Pi Si Tong, and many Everton players are also thinking about why the referee didn’t whistle to stop the game, but Zhang Tiehan has already shot.
Everton goalkeeper Turner didn’t react until the football flew to the goal.
Everton’s No.2 goalkeeper Turner didn’t make many appearances this season, but now he has a chance to start with Wright’s injury. He wants to do well, especially against Liverpool and Zhang Tiehan. If he can save a few shots, the media will definitely praise him after the game.
See what Turner knows when the football really flies. Those world-class goalkeepers are all on Zhang Tiehan’s shooting strategy.
Too soon!
It’s so fast!
He has just reacted, but the football has come to his eyes. All he can do is wave consciously, and there is nothing else … He can watch the football fly by his hand and chase the track with his eyes until it hits the net.
Chapter four hundred Old people can also tackle the ball!
After seeing Zhang Tiehan score the ball, Anfield Stadium immediately became a sea of cheers.
Every Liverpool fan is waiting for the goal from the beginning. The happiest thing for them is to celebrate the goal in the derby. Everton fans can watch them do nothing at this time, while Liverpool can celebrate without fear. It is really enjoyable for the two rivals in the same city.
But Liverpool fans didn’t expect the goal to come so soon!
They believe in the team’s strength and Zhang man of iron’s ability, but the goal is still a little too sudden. Before the goal, there was no smooth cooperation, and there was no constant siege of Everton’s goal. Some of them suddenly lifted their feet and shot.
It’s so simple!
Many fans were in a trance, and the Liverpool commentator was excited to explain, "This is a landmark long-range shot!" "
This sentence defines the goal.
"Up to now, we rarely see Zhang score such a goal, because opponents often defend Zhang against Liverpool and will not give him a chance to kick up near the penalty area, but Everton may be different from those opponents in front of the team. They don’t care about kicking up or these arrogant guys don’t care about Zhang. They may think their star is better. Obviously, it is a mistake to score a goal card."
Liverpool commentator kept saying.
What he said was a compliment to Liverpool and Zhang Tiehan’s goal. At the same time, he was also sarcastic at Everton. He almost missed the opportunity to satirize Everton, and the other Everton commentator did the same. He defined the goal as a’ despicable sneak attack’
However, it is a bit difficult for people to accept this statement. Even if Everton fans can’ comfort themselves’, they know that the ball is a real head-on shot and a sneak attack.
In the different mentality of the fans of the two teams about scoring goals, Liverpool has already celebrated that the two teams are back in place and the game is ready to start again.
After the restart of the game, Liverpool tactics haven’t changed, and Everton hasn’t adjusted. Zhang man of iron still has to face Pi Si Tong’s defense. Zhang Tiehan feels so-called, but Pi Si Tong’s eyes staring at him are a bit fierce.
Just now, Zhang Tiehan scored Lippi Si Tong. What a shame!
He came to trip Zhang Tiehan’s fruit and was directly’ kicked’ by Zhang man of iron, that is, he kicked Pi Si Tong to lie on the ground for a long time before he got up. He hadn’t eaten such a loss for a long time, and he thought that he must retaliate.
Be sure to find a chance to get back at you!
He made up his mind that the way he looked at Zhang man of iron was very unfriendly, but Zhang Tiehan didn’t even pay attention to him. In Zhang man of iron’s view, this guy’s eyes haven’t changed since the opening, as if he and he had any wife hatred, but think about it. Well, if this guy’s wife is very beautiful, he will always consider it.
Is it possible to always be a gentleman?
When Everton attacked, Zhang Tiehan’s thinking had drifted away, and soon the football was handed off by Liverpool and then went to the frontcourt. Zhang Tiehan quickly ran to the right.
Pi Si Tong and
Before the football flew over, the two began to squeeze constantly. In the state of Zhang man of iron’s ball, it was obviously wishful thinking for Pi Si Tong to take advantage of it. But soon after Zhang Tiehan ran to the point and got the ball, he was afraid that a little more Pi Si Tong would cause him a little trouble.