"One is Aerodactyl?" Xiao Zhi is also well aware that Aerodactyl is "coming back to Swellow!"

"Aerodactyl uses hidden gravel!" Aaron immediately shouted
"what!" Xiao Zhi was surprised.
After hearing the word "hidden gravel" in Xiao Zhi, I was very surprised. Immediately, Poké Ball didn’t hold the light steady, but Xiao Zhi was glad that he didn’t take back Swellow. If Swellow is now taken back and Swellow is released once, it must be attacked by rocks with the property of Keke to Swellow. In this case, Swellow will suffer great damage. Even if Poké mon Xiaozhi is replaced, it is clear that there may still be no way to defeat the fossil pterosaur. Now there are Pikachu and fossil pterosaurs in his team, and the rest of the Poké mon .. can’t win?
"Swellow continue to rely on you to fight! Make a wing attack! " Xiao Zhi is determined to continue to make Swellow.
"For this to Xiao Zhi! Use the original power! " Along ling
The ice ground began to shake, and then it cracked. There was no ice rock and the surface ice rock were floating up and scattered in Zhongda University. Wang Yanzheng rushed forward faster than the rock floated up, and his wing attack hit Aerodactyl’s wing.
"good!" Xiao Zhi was very happy, but Aaron’s expression was quite calm, while Aerodactyl showed a strange smile.
Suddenly, the rocks were drifting in the net, and all of them came to Swellow. Swellow immediately felt that the situation was not good and wanted to escape from this rocky area, but there was no way. While Xiao Zhi was making it, Aerodactyl suddenly shouted loudly! Aaron, the trainer, also immediately covered his ears. It should be said that Aaron also didn’t expect Aerodactyl’s voice to be so loud that he had never been found present before, not to mention Swellow, not far from Aerodactyl. Swellow heard Xiao Zhi say a "shadow" and the rest of the department was covered by Aerodactyl’s call. Because Swellow had no hands and could not cover his ears, it was also affected by this abnormal loud sound. Suddenly, the surrounding stones were surrounded and Swellow was surrounded.
At this point, Aaron doesn’t need to tell what to do. Aerodactyl knows very well.
Aerodactyl gathered a green ball in his mouth and then launched it. It was a dragon wave! As soon as the dragon waves hit it, it became a mass of rubble and then there was a big explosion! Aerodactyl’s attack power has also become higher! It is the dragon fluctuation that has reached this level! Then Swellow fell from the smoke and passed out.
"Swellow loses combat capability and Aerodactyl wins!" The referee announced
"There is no doubt about the combat effectiveness gap, but Aaron’s playing style is also very beautiful and fully beneficial to Aerodactyl’s loud voice. Even our side heard Aerodactyl’s call, not to mention being present. This call not only covered up the Xiao Zhi Order, but also interfered with Swellow’s normal action. In an instant, Swellow and Xiao Zhi’s actions were in a state of stagnation, which was very exciting." Xiaoyi analyzed that this was something that ordinary people could not analyze.
"Ice Ghost Guard!" A Poké mon in Xiao Zhi is an ice ghost protector. As soon as it came out, it was greeted by hidden pebbles.
"Rock is also gram to ice, that is to say, it is almost impossible for you to take back the ice ghost protector and then change a guy to protect it with ice ghost." Aaron said Xiao Zhi gritted his teeth.
"Come back to Aerodactyl" Aaron took back Aerodactyl "All right, red Tyrannosaurus rex!" As soon as Aaron called out Poké mon, the red Tyrannosaurus rex came out! Red Tyrannosaurus rex also shouted immediately after it came out.
"aye? Another flash of Poké mon? Tyrannosaurus rex! "Xiao Yi said.
"Is that the red Tyrannosaurus rex?" Xiao Zhi said in his heart, "Ice Ghost Protection makes the light freeze!"
"Tyrannosaurus rex makes the dragon angry!" Aaron is angry directly!
Tyrannosaurus rex immediately gathered a fireball in its mouth, then fired it out and scattered the frozen light! Although the ice dragon, but this fireball dragon anger also has the ice component, at this time, it is more powerful than power to remove the beast than destructive power. In nature, there are not many Poké mon!
Iceberguard immediately ordered in Xiao Zhi to use the shadow separation technique to avoid the attack, but Aaron didn’t leave his hand at all, and the Tyrannosaurus rex also immediately used the tornado. Just now, Aerodactyl used the original force to create the gravel class, and there was a place at this time-the tornado sucked in a lot of gravel and flew to the tornado, and immediately attacked the Iceberguard members! The tornado didn’t sweep to the ice ghost shelter, but it is possible to spread rubble in the field! Zun was immediately pulled out, and Tyrannosaurus rex also drove the tornado to the past. There was no way to use the quick freezing light, but the quick freezing light could freeze the red Tyrannosaurus rex super tornado! The tornado swept the ice protector in, and then after a while, the tornado disappeared, and the ice protector fell to the ground and passed out.
"Iceberguard loses its fighting ability, and Tyrannosaurus rex wins!" Aaron took another game.
At this time, Xiao Zhi has lost a replacement venue where 3 Poké mon rest.
"I’m afraid all the people didn’t think that the final four would be so one-sided." Xiao Gang said that everyone didn’t speak, so it was a concern for Xiao Xia Zhengzong’s mood
"But it should be said that it’s not a surprising situation. If just now, when Aerodactyl directly went forward with Aaron against Shinji, he made a big fight, so that the roaring words of Xiao Zhi Poké mon would be consumed faster. At the very least, the basic physical strength would be consumed by about half after another." Xiaoyi said that although it was true, it did lack consideration. Xiao Xia and Zheng Zong were immediately stunned by Xiao Jing, and Xiaoyi immediately realized that the horse would shut up.
At half time, the field was grassland, and at half time, Aaron called out Poké mon first, and then Pikachu.
Aaron Pikachu said that he wanted to try Pikachu, but now it’s really boring to think about it. As I said before, similar battles will show the strength gap and the most likely psychological trauma to the losers. Although Aaron wants to make a good end with Xiao Zhi, he doesn’t intend to make a psychological attack on Xiao Zhi. Think about it and avoid Pikachu. Besides, it’s really not in line with strategic considerations to avoid it anyway.
However, Aaron found that the hidden gravel disappeared after changing the venue, which made Aaron want to release the Aerodactyl again later and put it on again.
Xiao Zhi called Poké mon the lizard king, and it was indeed the anti-gas Poké mon. Sure enough, Xiao Zhi was also clearly obsessed with the significance of gas warfare, and Xiao Zhi’s goal was to fight an excellent battle. It is obviously not in line with this goal to send the ace Pikachu to fight a war now.
"Pikachu shines!" Along ling
"We also made a flash of light!" Xiao Zhi ordered confrontation.
Pikachu and the lizard king both rushed to the opposite side. Although the lizard king is also fast, Pikachu is even faster! The two Poké mon approached the lizard king and immediately opened it. See you? Then Pikachu suddenly flashed to the side according to his own plan, but the lizard king followed!
"It’s time to see through Pikachu!" Aaron said, "Use the straw rope!"
Pikachu continued to retreat, and the lizard king’s blade opened as soon as he was ready to cut it, but he tripped! It is almost impossible to find straw ropes in this grassland, and there is no way to avoid the grass everywhere
"Your side down it’s my turn to start work here! Pikachu uses 100 thousand volts! " The lizard king revealed that it was impossible for Aaron to let go of such a file.
143 VS lizard king! VS coal turtle!
Pikachu immediately hit 100,000 volts, but at this time, the lizard king’s excellent agility was also revealed. Immediately, he held his ground with one hand, and then his right hand made a single effort to avoid the attack! 100,000 volts directly hit the grass, and the instant soft grass was opened with a big mouth. If it is a rock, it is directly blasted.
Xiao Zhi saw the power of 100,000 volts and bit his teeth. Then he called the lizard king to use his knife & the net got up and bit his teeth. Pikachu immediately flashed in the past. The lizard king urged him to return to absolute being in Xiao Zhi and immediately tried to avoid Pikachu’s flashing light. Pikachu flew next to the lizard king at this time. This scene is familiar …
Pikachu immediately flashed 100,000 volts and exploded. As soon as the lizard king was hit, he was bounced out. Once again, he received a blow and fell violently. Pikachu did not get up again.
"The lizard king lost his fighting ability and Pikachu won!" The referee announced
"Can the lizard king hit this point? Aaron Pikachu is really amazing." Xiaogang said at this time that everyone didn’t speak.
"Xiao Zhi dialect should be Pikachu according to the present formation. It depends on whether Xiao Zhi is going to make a coal turtle or a flaming chicken, but not surprisingly, it should be a coal turtle." Xiaoyi said at this time that Xiao Xia was surprised
"What makes you think that Xiao Zhi will make a coal turtle?" Xiao Xia asked.
"If Xiao Zhi has been to delve into Aaron’s Poké mon, he should be able to think that Aaron knows the flaming chicken better than himself. At the same time, he must know the weaknesses of the flaming chicken better than himself." Xiaoyi replied that Xiao Xia nodded his head.
Xiao Zhi called out a Poké mon, which was indeed a coal turtle.
"Coal turtle, I am this guy!" Aaron also took back Pikachu and threw out a Poké Ball. A huge figure appeared. It was Aaron’s big armored Tyrannosaurus Rex!
"It turned out to be Tyrannosaurus rex!" Xiao Zhi was surprised.