Jane looked at the procuress in surprise and then nodded.

"Xiaohong has come to see the guests!"
As soon as the procuress was tearing her voice, a demon enchanting woman came out. Her figure was slim and her face was handsome, but her freckles were reduced by a lot. At most, she was at one level.
"Does the girl know the rouge girl?"
Xiaocui was one leng and then looked at Jane, who seemed to be suspicious.
"Don’t know?"
"I know that I used to serve rouge girls!" Xiaocui really is the girl who came out of the flower bed. No wonder she boasted about money.
"Officer person is …"
Jane suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.
"Jane streamer knows you, and you are Jane streamer-"
Xiaocui suddenly cried with excitement, and then grabbed Jane’s skirt and made a trip.
"When will the big officer come to Chen Liu? Is it a slave? "
There is a shy look in his face.
"Little Niang mistook one for another!" Jane quickly covered her face with sleeves.
"Don’t hide the fact that I know the official. Even if the official turns into gray, I can pick out the official appearance in the gray!"
Jane has wiped a sweat.
"This ….. come to think of it a little urgent to leave now! The boss checks out one hundred and sixty-two silver, and you order a little! " Said and pointed to the foot box filled with silver!
"Enough is enough!" The procuress smiles. The girl here is the most expensive, and Xiaocui is only 10 yuan, and the others are no more than two yuan. I have earned more than 20 taels at this price! “
"Xiaocui sent a big official!"
"Isn’t it Xiaocui that the big officer is leaving?"
The melancholy tone made Jane stumble and almost fall when she went out.
What luck! Is it easy to go away? Is it not just visiting a brothel and meeting an acquaintance?
In a few days, the price of this brothel Xiaocui girl has soared, but it should not be asked to be able to break the head of Xiaocui girls one night.
And Xiaocui girl’s selling point once again rose to a higher level ―― the famous Jane streamer in Beijing, the number one rouge girl’s concubine, actually abandoned the rouge girl’s pursuit from Beijing to Chen Liulai to find Xiaocui girl, and was finally rejected by Xiaocui girl, and returned to Beijing heartbroken and depressed for life!
"I’ll see the landlord at the end!"
I saw Jane come back without her wits, and sang before Wu Da crossed his face.
"Well, I’ll lead the brothers to my cabin later. There’s more money in the box. You’re welcome to eat, drink and be merry. We don’t need these money!"
Wu Dahuan agreed to get the money.
When Yangjiazhuang’s class came back, Wu Da roared and a group of people went to Chen Liu to throw their weight around.
"Officer person!"
Outside the hatch, there is a two-tone sound.
"What’s the matter?" When Jane hit the hatch, she saw Er Ya’s tears and Pearl Ying Ying couldn’t help but habitually touch her bun.
"Er ya wants to be an official!"
Two ya entered the cabin and hugged Jane for a long time!
Chapter ninety-nine The wind blows
In fact, it is very simple to buy people’s hearts. Jane has established an absolute leading position in the eyes of two guards in the villa within one day. From the eager eyes of those guards looking at Jane, you can see that her face is full of worship!
Even Han Wuyan expressed his admiration for Jane!
"Big officer, my wife invites you!"
Sanya brought Yang Yi’s latest instructions. This girl pursed her lips and smiled and learned from her wife. See if Jane kept shaking her head. Why didn’t she learn from her wife at an early age?
"This ….. here is really can’t walk brothers need me!"