"Hey, dare to speak ill of me, even a drunk has to teach him a lesson to let him know that this Hu family is not to be provoked." One of Hu’s brothers came up with a single knife towards Ye Shuang.

One side has been holding the leaf frost outside the big fellow at this time, he quickly said to the coming Hu Jiadi, "This little Xia Hu is obviously drunk and can’t control his drunkenness. Don’t take him away with his general knowledge of my horse."
"Hum, I didn’t think of leaving late at this time." Coming Hu Gudi said with a cold face.
"Don’t worry," Ye Shuang once again burped and pushed away the big fellow who was holding him. He staggered and faced Hu Jiadi walking alone. "With this kind of congenital fish, I dare to be rampant in front of me. I immediately sent him all to continue drinking for a while."
"How dare you scold me?" Go to Ye Shuang quickly. When Hu Xiaodi heard this, he was angry and wanted to go to the restaurant. When everyone saw this, many people stopped again. Some people’s eyes showed a look of unbearable, but they didn’t speak. Hu is not something that these people can afford.
"Today, I must teach you a lesson to make you regret getting drunk this time in my life." Hu Gudi walked up to Ye Shuang with a single knife and the knife flashed toward Ye Shuang’s ear. Obviously, he wanted to cut off Ye Shuang’s ear with one knife.
Although you are in a daze, Ye Shuang still slaps a palm toward each other for practitioners.
Before the other knife came to Ye Shuang, Ye Shuang staggered a palm and suddenly broke into a cold, cold and malicious palm, so that he could instantly know that it was too late to retreat.
A scream, he has been beaten away by Ye Shuang’s mysterious palm. People spit out half a mouthful of blood in the air, and the blood has been frozen into bloody ice before it is isolated.
When pushing Ye Shuang, this Hu Jiadi fell to the ground, the whole person turned pale and stiff. When he came with him, the Hu Jiadi exclaimed and rushed to his side only to find that he was dead. Suddenly he was shocked and reached out and trembled, pointing to Ye Shuang and saying, "You dare to kill my Hu Family."
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Drunk and killed exposed
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Drunk and killed exposed
"Ha ha de gruyter de gruyter it’s no big deal for me. I’ve offended many forces, and there are many people who want to kill me. There are not many gruyters." Ye Shuang took a sip of the wine in the bowl and walked over to the gruyter.
Although Ye Shuang is a careless person, everyone else in the restaurant looks bitter. They all drank Ye Shuang today and invited Hu Jia to check it up in the future. In their view, Ye Shuang is not good, but they have to follow bad luck.
Ye Shuang’s arrogant attitude has made another Hu Gudi in the field speechless and want to start work before, but thinking about his companion didn’t resist himself to start work. Nine times out of ten, it was this fruit that suddenly blew a sharp whistle and remembered to summon his companion.
"Bro, you run away quickly. De gruyter’s help horse is coming. If you go now, maybe you can escape." The big fellow said to Ye Shuang with a face of eagerness.
Ye Shuang turned around with a mouthful of alcohol and patted the stranger’s shoulder with a smirk. "Brother, you are a kind person, unlike them who all want to run away after drinking my wine one by one."
Ye Shuang pointed to the person who wanted to leave here before and said in a lonely tone, "I’m not born to make friends, even if I invite people to drink, they won’t appreciate it. Brother, you’re enough to come and let’s have another bowl."
The foreign man stamped his feet in a hurry and said anxiously, "It’s really difficult to hang out after you killed him this time."
"Don’t worry," said Ye Shuang woman.she, "Hu family is not a big deal. I’m here to protect you."
Ye Shuang’s voice just fell and she heard a track outside the restaurant "Who is so bold? So contemptuous of my Hu family? "
As he spoke, an imposing Tsing Yi man came in, followed by several Hu Jiadi.
The man who was guarding the body on the ground was very excited when he saw the bearer and shouted, "Brother Hu Quan Hu Ping was killed by this man."
Hu Quan hurried to the front of Hu Ping’s body and found out that his face was suddenly gloomy. He got up and looked at Ye Shuang. "I don’t know what kind of hero Ge is. Can my Hu family have offended me and actually did this to my Hu Jiadi?"
"Don’t always play gruyter in front of me and take gruyter to press me. I know you are gruyter." Ye Shuang pointed dimly at the dead Hu Ping. "It’s enough that I rarely have a drink and he bothers me and wants to kill him for me."
Looking at Hu Quan’s gloomy face, Ye Shuang smiled and said, "I am happy to drink today and don’t want to continue to kill people. Although you are a congenital realm, you are not my opponent. Get out of here. I will continue to drink with this brother."
"Hum, even you drunkard can’t clean up my gruyter’s art of using saber." Hu Quan was obviously very angry at Ye Shuang’s words, and the tip of a long knife was drawn and pointed at the crooked Ye Shuang.
Looking at the knife in Hu Quan’s hand, Ye Shuang shook his head and pushed it away. He was so scared that the big man sighed, "There are always some people who can’t recognize the situation. There are always some people who are struggling. Is it important to be famous, profitable or moral?"
"Hum, it doesn’t matter if you talk crazy. It’s the most important thing to kill my Hu family." Hu Quan said with a cold hum, a knife light was shrouded in leaf frost.
Ye Shuang ZuiYan hazy half squinting cocked his head and looked at the wine root in the bowl, there is no face to kill Hu Quan.
When he was naked, Ye Shuang dodged his first few knives in an oblique way. It seems that every knife Ye Shuang escaped narrowly, but every time it was just right.
In the middle of Huquan’s knife light, Frost gulped down the wine in the bowl, then turned to face him and said, "When I was practicing knife skills, I thought I could learn the Hu family’s knife skills one day. Unfortunately, I can’t see the real Hu family’s knife skills today. Your knife skills are disappointing."
Then Ye Shuang’s left hand seemed soft and took a palm at him. Hu Quan’s long knife stopped in front of Ye Shuang’s left palm, but after a crisp, the blade of the long knife was shattered into several pieces by Ye Shuang’s palm force, and Ye Shuang splashed around and hit Hu Quan’s chest with a palm.
A burst of broken bones mixed with Hu Quan’s shocked expression flew out with Hu Quan, almost exactly the same as before Hu Ping.
The difference is that after landing, Hu Ping struggled to get up and moved, but failed. His face was still shocked and he said "Xuan Ming" with blood in his mouth.
Before the next words were said, he gradually lost his breath and became stiff
Although Hu Quan said two words, he felt the chill in the air, and his mouth was frozen into ice and blood. Many people suddenly turned white and looked at Ye Shuang in amazement, looking at them with different expressions of fear or excitement.
After making people panic and suppress the silence, Hu Jiadi suddenly screamed, "Inform Hu Jiang quickly."
This scream broke the calm in the restaurant, screaming and shouting, and the noise was endless. Some people began to flee to the outside desperately, while others stayed and stared at the movement of Ye Shuang, and most of the drunken people woke up.
Although drunk, Ye Shuang realized that her identity might be exposed, shook her head and said to the chaotic crowd, "Go if you want, and I don’t want to get involved with you."
I didn’t care about these noisy things. Ye Shuang moved a few steps forward and walked to a wine table. He grabbed the jar and poured himself a bowl of wine again. He sighed, "I can’t even have a good drink. It seems that I really don’t have this life."
No one dares to get close to the left part within a ten-foot range around Ye Shuang. Everyone looks at Ye Shuang and drinks it himself. No one speaks.
It wasn’t long before an old man with a sharp momentum came in. Hu Jiadi immediately surrounded the scene and said, "Hu Jiang’s teacher Hu Ping and Hu Quan were both killed by that man. He may be Ye Shuang."
When they got to Ye Shuang’s name, they involuntarily lowered their voices, looked at him with some fear and hurriedly turned their heads.
This old man Hu Jiangxian was the leader before the fight. He swept his eyes. Hu Ping and Hu Quan’s body picked their eyebrows and walked steadily towards Ye Shuang. He involuntarily raised his vigilance and said, "Is it Ye Shuang?"
Ye Shuang took a sip of the wine in the bowl and looked at Hu Jiangdao coming. "I knew I wouldn’t send you away. Don’t want to leave here safely. You’re the only one who can send you away. I have to get out of here quickly."
Although drunk, Ye Shuang is still white. He has exposed himself and can’t stay here for long.
Said Ye Shuang, removing everything that was easy on her face, and then pouring out the wine in the bowl, the ice qi instantly condensed this half bowl of wine into a thin ice sword.
Looking at the exposed face with the iconic ice sword leaf frost, everyone doubts that he is the leaf frost.
"Ha ha, it’s really hard to find a place where you can’t get along." Hu Jiang laughed. "I didn’t believe it when I heard the news that Ye Shuang had fled outside. I didn’t expect that now I’m in front of my eyes. I’m just going to attend the Shaolin Conference. I’m sure I’ll get a big boost when I take you to the Shaolin Conference."
"Ha ha, the old guy wants to capture me, and you are not qualified." Ye Shuang smiled lightly and touched the new condensed ice kendo. "I’m going to leave you alive, so I’ll send you the way."
As soon as the voice fell, Frost’s crooked body instantly disappeared in the same place and appeared not far from Hu Jiang’s throat.
In utter amazement, Hu Jiang’s long knife suddenly chopped at Ye Shuang, and he himself tried to retreat, but his speed was not as fast as Ye Shuang’s. As soon as the ice sword crossed, a white line crossed Hu Jiang’s neck. Hu Jiang didn’t stop retreating, but he fell to the ground and never got up again.
"Wine is really not a good thing. It should be solved with one sword, but he has to use two swords." Ye Shuang fell to the ground without looking. Hu Jiang threw his ice sword away from the nearby table and carried an altar of wine to the restaurant for export.