After all, it is difficult to really determine a person’s identity by textual research. There are loopholes that can be exploited since ancient times, which leads to the occurrence of imposters taking exams.

Base, if all the imposters are scared, they will be caught and put in if they can’t be scared.
"Let me ask you, you are from Jinhua, but what is the guarantee?" Asked the beadle
"This is because my family moved to Bianjing residence this year, which is the guarantee of Bao’s adult." Shen Shi didn’t go through normal procedures without Zhao Zhen.
However, the beadle’s questioning obviously caused all candidates to be nervous, especially the beadle’s comments on Shen Shi’s appearance.
What about yourself when you grow up like this?
You know, in the Han and Wei Dynasties, there was no unified examination for selecting talents, but the inspection system seemed to emphasize talent and filial piety, but appearance was also very important, so extra points appeared and it was called "judging by appearances"-it makes sense to add points for being handsome and deduct points for being ugly. Who in the world of mortals doesn’t like beautiful guys?
Chen Pingyuan, the hero of Liu Bang, first blamed the beadle in Wang Wei for his handsome appearance, saying that he had committed adultery with his sister-in-law, but Liu Banggen gave a high score when they met for the first time, and directly worshipped a surname, which made Fan Kuai, zhou bo and others very envious and jealous of Pan An, a beautiful man in the Western Jin Dynasty, and his grades in business school were average. Jia Chong, the minister in charge of the inspection, gave him a senior staff officer in an instant.
If that’s all, it’s just that, but the problem is that this looks not only have a history of adding points, but also many people who have been deducted for their appearance. Feng Chu Pang Tong is talented but has a heavy eyebrow and nose, and his black face and short beard were deducted by Liu Bei during the interview; Zhang Song, a famous scholar in West Shu, is a small and ugly man, and Cao Cao also gave points.
The Song Dynasty was inherited from the Tang Dynasty, and the results of the imperial examinations in the Tang Dynasty were the selection criteria-among the so-called four criteria of "body, speech and judgment", "body" ranked first, and physical appearance was still the first choice for extra points. Candidates with the same results are likely to be distinguished and look alike. Lu Qi, a famous minister in the Tang Dynasty, was often teased because his appearance was not handsome enough. His official career originated from the fact that his ancestors and grandparents were prime ministers.
Luo Yin, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, read well and wrote a lot. However, from the 13th year of Dazhong (A.D. 59), he always fell into disrepute in Sun Shan for seven consecutive years. At the same time, the daughter of Prime Minister Zheng Yi especially liked Luo Yin’s poems and hoped to meet Luo Yin one day. Zheng Yi arranged for her daughter to peep at Zheng Nv and never read Luo Yin’s poems again for life.
These readers all know that they have their own knowledge. How can they not know? However, it is because they know what they are doing that they make a big fuss.
That scene can refer to a later college entrance examination. Suddenly, one day, the admissions office said that the geographical bonus was cancelled to see if they were wow.
Of course, the points in the ancient "college entrance examination" are far more than those in the generation, such as good handwriting. Dad can also get extra points (such as shade compensation) for his meritorious service to the court; A scholar has special skills, even if the imperial examination results are not enough to admit the emperor, he will be given extra points, such as "being a fellow scholar" and so on
Where did the beadle think so much? He was just bluffing. However, it seems that he didn’t scare people, but he was going to provoke public anger. He no longer questioned Shen Shi and nodded his head and said, "Go in."
After entering Hiram’s Hospital, officers stopped Shen Shi to check his belongings.
This is to prevent disadvantages, and the officers brought good paper when they saw Shen Shi, emphasizing that this paper can be used to make drafts, not to write answers, and not to make answers, and it does not count as grades.
This is also anti-fraud, otherwise there are many places to mark all kinds of paper.
After this, there will be a special messenger to take the candidates to the examination room.
This is the real entrance.
Of course, it is impossible to check these hundreds of children without half a day’s work, which is not included in the examination time
When the exam was added, the actual waiting time in the hospital was much longer than expected.
After Shen Shi came to his own examination room, his place was not so good except that the table was clean. Weeds were growing tenaciously in the soil in the corner.
However, it is normal that Hiram’s Hospital is a place for exams, and exams are not taken every year. It is normal that no one becomes the same on weekdays.
Moreover, civil servants don’t even build yamen. It’s just a place for future quasi-officials to take exams. How neat and beautiful do you want to be?
Some people are eager to "eat hard and everyone will suffer"!
Shen Shi shook his head while waiting for this period of time to take care of this exam room. How do you say that you have to stay here for the next two days or clean it up?
Chapter 337 Help is not easy.
However, if you don’t clean it, I don’t know if he really cleaned up something to see a green snake emerge from the grass in the corner
When the green snake saw Shen Shi, it turned out that it was not afraid of people at all. Instead, it stood up as if it were going to fight Shen Shi.
"If this is bitten, I guess it will die."
When Shen Shi saw this green snake, he thought of the imperial examination candidates dying in the examination room on the spot, but many died and went crazy all over the country anyway.
Then Shen Shi said, "Miss Qing, why are you here?"
The green snake froze, and then it continued to spit snake letters as if it were going to attack at any time.
"Come on, don’t play. You know you can’t attack me." Shen Shi’s knowledge locked it directly.
"What! It’s so boring. You’ve kept me for so long, and no one is allowed to retaliate? " Xiaoqing said
Shen Shi put away the bedding and said, "Go ahead! What compensation do you want? "
Xiaoqing has no murderous look. If it weren’t for Xiaoqing, Shen Shizhen would really regard it as an ordinary snake.
But there is a thing or two that makes it difficult for Shen Shi to think wrong.
"I want the Dragon Ball" Xiaoqing blurted out.
Snakes don’t love the dragon ball. Xiaoqing was careless by her, but Xiaoqing soon found the dragon ball.
At this time, Xiaoqing was not only not angry, but bent on absorbing the dragon ball. However, before she came to absorb Shen Shijin, she was taken out of the examination room.
A shout rang Hiram’s hospital door heavy.
The hospital tried.
All the boys will not leave Hiram’s Hospital until the end.
"I’m going to have an exam. I’ll talk about it after the exam."
If you are close, Shen Shi and Xiao Gollum are closer to each other and have the deepest feelings. When the dragon ball reaches Xiao Gollum’s belly, Shen Shi never wants it.
The dragon ball didn’t even bother Shen Shi. Xiaoqing wanted Shen Shi, but she didn’t purr for ideas from childhood. He just used the exam as an excuse.
"good! I will help you! " Xiaoqing is serious and really wants to help, but what can she do?
The first day of the exam is to paste the scriptures.
It sounds a little complicated, but it’s actually very simple. Just choose a sentence from the fourth and fifth classics and leave a blank space for candidates to continue writing.
This test is the examinee’s memory of the Four Five Classics.
In addition, there is also a way for candidates to memorize a passage in the Four Five Classics from where to where.
It’s all rote learning.
This is very important, and it is also a place where examiners brush a lot of people. After all, there are so many candidates, and each admission is limited. How can you successfully pass the college entrance examination and enroll your scholar if you don’t even have a thorough knowledge of the four or five classics?
On the contrary, it is not very important to test the articles and politicians later. A boy student is not really talented, and how good his articles and politicians are.
To put it bluntly, you are an excellent boy, and how much will those officials appreciate it? Except for very special examiners, most of them are afraid they can’t appreciate it if they want to.
Officials are also human beings, and they grow up listening to the teachings of big bosses. Naturally, they tend to be biased towards big shots.
Not to mention the views of politicians, I am afraid that the person who said this would have laughed first.
Is there really absolute right or wrong in the implementation of a political event and a policy?
There is no absolute thing about right or wrong. How can you determine right or wrong?
For candidates, it is right to ask the bosses to be careless and have no wrong base.
Uniting the core of so-and-so is not just talk, whether it is ideology or political ideology, others are the standard answer.
After all, no one in politics is a big shot when he enters politics, and he has to obey orders.
For example, if you don’t listen to orders, there are also Li Bai, such as Liu Sanbian, who are literati and civil servants, and they are bound by each other.
The first lesson in politics is loyalty, and even pretending to be loyal is better than not teaching.
And this kind of exam is naturally more suitable for Shen Shi, who has a good memory. Although he practices most of the time, how many words does it take to add up the four or five classics? Compared with later generations, it is also the homework of primary school students.
You can’t recite it backwards, but you can still do it by reciting it normally.
Immediately twist the pen to dye the ink and write the draft next to it, and then copy the examination paper after confirming the mistake.
Xiaoqing eagerly wanted to help and how to help?
Compared with Shen Shi, there is a need for help
For example, a candidate with white hair on his temples is squatting in his own room at this time, and his memory has been greatly reduced. They don’t want to ask for grace. If they have skills, they will still get the exam if they have won it early.
He is definitely a man who needs help.