There is a huge gap between comics and movies in the same world body.

That’s a huge gap in special effects …
Just when he was still confused.
Suddenly a shrill alarm echoed through his office.
It’s only when there is a big problem that it will reverberate.
Represents that at least one [universe] is destroyed by unknown external forces.
He immediately looked serious and asked about the communication equipment beside him
"What happened?"
As he questioned
A virtual screen was slowly erected on the desktop of his desk.
A black man respectfully said
"Director’s adult, we have detected that there are three" parallel universes "that have stepped into destruction one after another in a very short time …"
"And through the data judgment, we confirmed that things were out of control, so we could choose to report to you and sounded the alarm …"
Loki, the Black Death Sword, snatched the organization from Kang. Although the Time Variation Administration has changed its boss, many policies and regulations are followed in order to facilitate management.
after all
[Time Variation Administration] has been able to say that there is no big problem with those policies and regulations for so many years.
[Black Death Sword Loki] Is it worthwhile to make great efforts to modify it?
on the/one’s way
The Time Variation Administration still follows the responsibility of maintaining the time series of all the "Universe" departments.
At this point
It’s not that Loki, the Black Death Sword, suddenly wants to maintain world peace because he is full and has nothing to do. It’s just that it’s dragging and making him famous can make many indigenous strong people turn a blind eye to him.
Hear the newspaper problem
Loki 】 【 Black Death Sword 】 was also immediately taken seriously.
"Destroy three universes in a short time? 』
After careful thought.
"Black Death Sword Loki" asked.
"Even [time back to the new moon] can fix the problem?"
The black man replied
"legal restoration"
"And because the three [universes] have been completely destroyed, our eyes can’t detect it [for a moment] and it has become a blind spot in our vision …"
before long
The new order was reached.
"In that case, release [overtime mechanical detection worm] to the incident coordinates to search for the wreckage!"
"I need to know what happened there …"-
Same moment
Those that have been ground into the center of the universe.
An unknown figure is stepping on the body like a vast star [Eternity], overlooking the grand scene that everything around is destroyed!
And most of that face cover by the hood.
The eyes are full of extreme madness and faint doubts.
"What’s wrong with these [universes]?"
"Part of life is weaker, and at the same time, the structure becomes more fragile …"
One destroyed millions of universes.
These aspects
Purple figure has enough power to things!
After thinking about it, he didn’t take it too seriously in the end.
Think of these as random little problems.
The body is a lot of [universes], drifting with the flow and destroying everyone he goes to [universes]. He has long been used to all kinds of accidents.
If not necessary
Generally don’t get too entangled in things.
Just like playing your own sandbox game.
The only problem is that recently
He can clearly feel that all times are becoming different.
And the source of everything comes from that special area called scarlet dimension, where all [time] has a projected scarlet vortex!
Have to say
This happens.
It is true that it has had some influence on him.
That kind of feeling
It’s like a teenager with Internet addiction being disturbed to play games.
His heart can be filled with disgust!
And in order to solve their anger
He also tried his best to go to crimson latitude, trying to explore the situation and solve the problem.
But the result is always failure again and again.
He couldn’t find a way to enter the crimson dimension.
That he is even more angry!
Only by destroying each universe and witnessing the collapse of everything can he balance his mind.
"Forget it …"
"Let’s go to another [universe] to see the situation first …"
Soon after
When things calm down.
His mind moved