Roots have no feeling!

At the same time
Just when the [world] is about to be torn apart, the power of Olga [Tathagata] has already penetrated the [world] [time barrier], and when the margin is wider, I don’t know how many things are affected …
Even the surrounding [world] can avoid shaking violently.
It was like a bubble spewing out a wave that flooded the earth.
And that huge time force is a huge hole directly formed by the traction of two wills!
A huge time hole that attracts everything and destroys everything!
As if the time had come to destroy everything!
It’s the same in this scene.
Bright golden light and harsh lotus flower seeped out from the center of the huge hole at the same time.
As if cutting the sword of truth
Meet in the scene of law and metaphor
And the shape impact spreads further like waves.
The inherent structure of hundreds of millions of worlds seems to be a puzzle.
All kinds of structures have ushered in changes.
In a [plane]
Hundreds of millions of fleets are roaming in the Milky Way.
For a moment, the galaxy turned into a sea of fire
The huge fleet has become a group of people with pig heads.
The bright stars turned into white clouds and roared strangely in the sea of fire.
In the other plane.
The residents here are celebrating the 50 billion years since the great unified empire was formally established.
There are 30 trillion [world] huge forces all over the world, and their power has gone beyond material constraints and extended to the dimension of time. Every resident can ignite the stars with one thought, let gamma-ray bursts bathe the surface of the body like a breeze, and can easily shuttle hundreds of millions of light-years away. They can also act as [gods] from traveling to many [worlds] and make their will run like truth.
Everything is already a doll in their hands.
And when that wave hits,
This [plane] body is like a split tree, and the [time axis] is straightforward and shaken.
The large number of seemingly large numbers [the world] also shines like a fruit shaken …
Inherent structural change
For example, the [time] sequence becomes a sequence.
One second in the "world" here may be 22: 22: 22 on February 2, 2222, and one second will become 474: 14: 11 in 545, and another second will become 747: 141: 44 on July 11, 1454, before the great cosmic heat death …
[Time] Flow has become a matter of law.
And all conventional things have changed inexpressibly.
A powerful one may still be in the world for a second, and the Ministry is omnipotent.
It could have been dead for years in a second.
It has ruled 30 trillion [worlds] and [great unified empire], so it is in a state of [] [no] every moment, it may be built or destroyed for years …
In its [plane], all kinds of things are also happening.
If an ordinary person takes a step forward, there may be a few tens of kilometers behind, or a bare alien sphere may appear, or it may directly cross the time and arrive hundreds of millions of years ago.
Their shape, strength, personality and memory …
Can’t avoid crazy changes.
I don’t know how many changes have taken place every moment.
Even some [time] is directly frozen because of this, and the unit stops running at every scale.