"I will accompany you!" Ding Qiunan said in a tone of not refusing.

Hearing her words, Li Chu smiled. "Wife, do you think Xiaohei will still want to be reborn in our home?"
"What, do you want the little black generation to be a dog?"
"Maybe I’m selfish. I really want it to accompany me again."
"In fact, according to our human saying, Xiaohei has reached a long life. Plus, his generation is delicious and delicious. I think when he leaves, he should be a generation and still be a Li dog."
Li Chu was a little surprised to see her. I didn’t expect her to say such a thing.
"Why are you looking at me? I think Blackie can definitely be reincarnated into the stinky ball."
"Good words for you"
So the husband and wife leaned together and chatted with each other until Ding Qiunan couldn’t hold on and fell asleep in her husband’s arms.
Li Chu gingerly picked her up and went back to the bedroom.
Early in the morning, Li Chu played a set of boxing in the courtyard.
"Chu Dad"
I broke out in a sweat and just got ready to take a shower when I heard Wang Yueyue yelling at myself.
Looking back, I saw this little girl lying on the window frame of the bedroom in the west wing.
"How did you wake up so early?"
"Chu dad, I’m a little hungry. I didn’t eat enough last night," said Wang Yueyue with a bitter face.
"Well, I’ll go out and buy breakfast as soon as I wash. Tell me what I want to eat?"
"Well … I want to eat braised pork."
"Er … how do you like this for a big girl?"
"Hey, hey, I want to eat. My mother won’t even let me eat."
It’s strange that you can eat it. This stewed lover can love it to death. People who don’t like it don’t even want to be served at a glance.
"Dad Chu, what I really want to eat is saute spicy chicken and Lamian Noodles."
Say that finish Wang Yueyue big eyes slightly looking forward to looking at Li Chu.
"Ha ha, you little girl, let’s eat saute spicy chicken tonight and I’ll get some Lamian Noodles. Did you tell your parents you didn’t live here?"
"Chu dad, that’s very kind of you! I told them when I came here yesterday. "
"Well, lie down and go. I’ll call you when I get it back later."
"Thank you, Dad Chu."
Li Chu touched Wang Yueyue’s little head and turned back to the main living room.
After breakfast, the three children go to school with their bags on their backs.
After Ding Qiunan tidied up, the two eloquences walked out of the house together.
And a military jeep has stopped at the alley and killed a soldier.
When they saw Li Chu coming out, they first gave a ceremony, "Vice President Li is good and Ding is good!"
Then pulled the back door.
Ding Qiunan is now the owner of Chinese medicine in the General Hospital.
This is also a reward for Li Chu disguised by the organization.
After both Li Chu cars, Oda’s door got into the cab and walked smoothly to the general hospital with the jeep.
This jeep is assigned to Li Chu by the General Hospital, and the driver is also a full-time vice president, but no one feels unfair.
After all, there are too many things in Li Chu every day. If there is no special car, it is estimated that the head of the border will ask questions
When I came to the hospital, Ding Qiunan got off at the outpatient hall.
Now the general hospital has been reopened to the outside world, and there are an endless stream of patients coming here every day.
People will still trust the troops more.
Li Chugang, the administrative building, came over from the car to run the doctor’s office.
"Li, vice president of the General Office of the Government Council, just called to inform you to attend a coordination meeting at Jiaokou."
Li Chu stopped and looked at Zhang with a full face of surprise. He wondered if he had heard wrong.
Zhang repeat what he said just now.
I heard him right, but how could he be allowed to attend a meeting at this level?
Although I felt a little strange in my heart, I didn’t hesitate to turn around and sit in the car and let the driver Oda drive to the education entrance.
He knew before this coordination meeting that the discussion was about medical college, but how could he let himself attend it?
He didn’t think he was old enough to attend such a meeting.
By the time he arrived at the meeting room, all the members of the meeting had arrived except for a few heavyweight leaders.
I said hello to some acquaintances. Li Chu found a corner and sat down.
After sitting, he observed the people who came to the meeting.
Boy, medical college has long since retired, and several old deans have come over.
The meeting was not long ago, and it was discussed twice. This time it was just to confirm something.
Until I got in the car, Li Chu’s strange look on his face hasn’t faded.
What’s the situation? The medical college is going to ask him to be an external professor in charge of the basic course of Chinese medicine for Chinese medicine majors.
Of course, this matter is not so simple. Now we are asking for his advice. It is necessary to coordinate with the education department, the health department, the medical school and the Ministry of Health of the Army General Logistics Department.
He can become the external professor only after the approval of the army.
And it’s not just this weird thing. Just now, when he left after the meeting, Dean Chen stopped him before school.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Recommended
Looking at the retrogressive scenery outside by car, Li Chu remembered Dean Chen talking to himself just now.
Dean Chen stopped him when he was leaving after the meeting.
"Xiao Chu, four departments of the Academy of Sciences have elected members and we recommend you."
Li Chu felt his eyes, almost protruding from her eyes.
He turned his head and looked around at people passing by and said, "Chen Lao, this is too exaggerated. I’m only 43 this year."
Dean Chen waved his hand. "We also recommend that several old guys think that who can be selected in the end is the decision of the Academy of Sciences."
Li Chu shook his head slightly. "Age, the opportunity is rare. I still think you are a little impatient."
"Ha ha" Dean Chen raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder "Is it appropriate or not? We know that you are also recognized by everyone not to have any psychological pressure.
These medical skills have been thrown away, and it is enough for you to write the basics of Chinese medicine and those cases. "
Li Chu’s compilation of the basis of traditional Chinese medicine took five years to complete the rough draft and was discussed by famous Chinese medicine doctors in China. It has been revised three times in total and has been included in the education cluster by the two major departments of education and health.
And all medical schools have decided to teach here.