Tianyang mask sneered and raised his left hand to stroke the mask.

Circles of waves spread like ripples in water.
Xie Miao yi suo Jue
The masked man is close at hand!
He looked up and slashed his long knife, pulled out a silver screen and cut it into the face door.
Xie Miao can see each other’s masks, eyes and eyes with horror!
Serve you right!
Xie Miao ha ha a smile lift kick each other’s chest pulled out a long knife.
However, at this moment, Lei Songyin faintly sounded in my ear. "Young master, be careful!"
Be careful of what?
Xie Miao hasn’t reacted yet. Suddenly, he was hit hard in the back of his head, and the picture in front of him fell apart like a broken mirror!
When the line of sight was spent again, Xie Miao saw that the ground was rising and there was no mask at the root of the ground.
What’s going on here?
He didn’t expect the answer to this question before he passed out.
Leisong’s expression is like hell now. He is dumbfounded. He can’t understand what just happened.
He looked at Xie Miao’s efforts to slay each other, but he didn’t know that before the attack, the result was that the long Dao was one meter away from others.
Pick up the mask man deceives Xie Miao around behind his master, but Xie Miao is oblivious to being knocked down cleanly by the back of the handle.
Ray looked at Xie Miao in an elastic way. If Xie Miao has anything, it’s hard for him to talk to him when he goes back.
Mask Tianyang gently breathe a sigh of relief, this is the first time he has a nightmare mask.
The result went well.
Just now, the picture of Xie Miao slaying the masked man was that Tianyang gave him a "dream". Tianyang found that this dream was slightly different from the actual situation and was easily accepted by Xie Miao.
It seems that the dream given to him by the wizard at that time was quite contrary, so it is no wonder that he broke away from it so easily.
The real method of nightmare mask should be to modify the reality in a limited way, and it is the immediate reality
Because of this, dreams and reality are more difficult to detect at the first time than those who are close to the dreamer.
Looking at the ground foaming at the mouth Xie Miao Tianyang suddenly has a revenge pleasure.
At this time, the sublimation progress has also changed slightly.
"Take him away."
Xie Miao is unconscious, and Yang is not afraid to expose his line. Moreover, he deliberately changed his voice. I’m afraid Xie Miao won’t recognize it even if he is awake for a while.
Lei Song raised his glasses. "Aren’t you afraid of getting yourself into trouble by doing this?"
Tianyang said lightly, "If I were afraid of trouble, I wouldn’t be here."
Lei Song can’t see through Tianyang just now, and with this fearful remark, he has never been able to judge the strength and background of this masked man.
Heng repeatedly lei song headed and said, "I sold the pavilion today, but how long does it feel that I can protect the lame?"
Tianyang mask clearly smiled faintly, "Xie Gu won’t limp until today."
He wants to kick this shit back to the captain when he gets back.
Can fall LeiSong ears more than hair think this person background is profound, otherwise know this thing is behind Xie Gu presided over still dare to talk big.
"Okay, we’re leaving."
Leisong made a sign and someone lifted Xie Miao, but Tianyang cried "Wait" when they left.
LeiSong back "pavilion what do you mean"
Tianyang Chao Liu Shu pointed out that "he can’t leave"
"I hate those ungrateful people the most!"
Liu Shu’s face suddenly became more ugly …
Chapter 15 Employers
Liu Shu quickly looked at Gao Song and saw that the latter’s face showed a thoughtful look. He quickly chuckled, "Mr. Gao invited our Xie family but made great efforts. You won’t really hand me over to such a stranger, will you?"
Takamatsu looked at this lean man limping in front of him, and the city had a little influence. At first, Xie Gu tried to scrape him out, but there was always resistance.
Kao Sung asked several street gangsters in the city, but these people seemed to have been crippled and refused to disclose anything.
On whether Takamatsu is bullying or indulging, Takamatsu doesn’t know how to continue the investigation without letting go. When he went there, the man named Liu Shu found himself.
He said that he knew that limping wanted Xie’s family to give him a job, and he was willing to take Gao Song to find limping.
The result is self-evident
Now see Tianyang VIP takamatsu heart slightly measured a horse will have a decision.
"He’s yours." Kao Sung pushed Liu Shu out. It may be a strong person in higher vocational colleges. If it weren’t for stupidity, everyone would know how to choose.
Liu Shu suddenly screamed, "The surname is Gao, and you fucking kick down the bridge and talk about morality!"
Takamatsu sneered and turned around with a group of people.
Liu Shu was immediately left around.
But after Kao Sung and them left, men came out of the bar in the next room.
These men stared at Liu Shu like wolves and approached. If it wasn’t for Tianyang, they might have come to tear Liu Shu apart by now.
The grocery store limped on the door and limped out.
Liu Shu immediately gave Tianyang a kneeling boy’s foot and cried, "Adults help me! I, Liu Shu, am willing to help adults to save a small life. "
Tianyang gave a sneer in the mask and kicked Liu Shu’s shoulder. The man immediately rolled out.
The teenager gave way to the limp and nodded, "I’ll go first."
Lame jaw first way "please"
Tianyang then roared off.
The wolves finally surrounded.
One of the burly men with fiery red hair looked at the limp and said, "What do you say?"
"It’s up to you," he limped and walked back to his grocery store.
Men sharpen their fists, and the red-haired man snapped his fists. "Liu Shu, you are also a fucking urban mix. You should know that we are not good people."
"But there are some rules in our city. We will never work for people in the city because those people think we are dogs and slaves, and we will not work for those big men if we are killed."
"Now you broke the rules and sold your limp. You can do it."
"Brother Dragon, I was wrong. I was really wrong." Liu Shu cried with a snot and tears. "I’m possessed. You and your brothers will give me a break this time."
The man known as the dragon laughed. "You don’t take a piss. What qualifications do you have for us to let you go?"
When the fire dragon ordered a dozen strong men to come around, Liu Shu was even more desperate. There were dozens of men outside who blocked the street.
These people have no intention of letting him leave!