Lin Hao looked at it and felt very familiar with it. It seems that I have seen it again, but I can’t remember how to think about it.

All of a sudden, a lot of storms came and an arrow rained down.
Lin Hao remembered that when Apollo killed the dragon skin, it was this trick to shoot arrows into the sky and rely on the sun to cover them. Then all the arrows fell at the same time and shot the enemy into hedgehogs.
This trick works well for Apollo because he controls the sun. If Apollo wants to move his mind, the sun will follow it. Unfortunately, Apollo’s current opponent is Lin Hao, not an idiot.
Lin Hao looked at the speeding arrow and knew that the golden arrow was about to die. When Lin Hao reached out his right hand, the golden arrow suddenly stopped, and then a golden arrow turned into gold powder. This is Lin Hao’s ability to decompose combined matter according to the law of matter.
At the end of the day, Lin Hao waved his hand and a black light sent out waves like waves. Flowers and trees withered when touched, and birds and animals died when touched. Apollo, the sun god, was full of resistance and was filled with black fog. The whole person was dying.
"Day" Apollo roared that the sun was falling towards the ground very quickly during the day, and the sun was getting closer and closer to the ground. Lin Hao had a glimpse of the sun. This is an ancient chariot pulled by four golden giant horses, which means that the sun chariot flew over Apollo and jumped into the sun chariot.
Look around, because the sun chariot is too close to the earth, the earth becomes a scorched earth, the river dries up, the riverbed cracks, a number of people die because of lack of water, and a number of trees and houses are burning fiercely. Fortunately, animals can follow and migrate far away.
To Lin Hao’s relief, he stopped spreading when he attacked Apollo, but it didn’t reach Koo.
The extreme of light is darkness, and the end of light is a trick. It contains dark attacks. Lin Hao specializes in dealing with Apollo. The end of light haunts Apollo like a maggot.
The disaster caused by Lin Hao and Apollo has attracted the attention of the Olympians.
Gaia, the goddess of the earth, got angry and went to the mountain of gods. Zeus, except Apollo, gathered in the temple to wait for Zeus, the king of gods.
Gradually Caia could not wait for her to call a god behind her, and then the god withdrew from the Pantheon.
Lin Hao watched Apollo leap into the chariot of the sun, and Apollo would fight himself again with the power of the chariot of the sun, only to find that Apollo ran away directly in the chariot.
Of course, Lin Hao won’t let the other party run away so easily. A string of obscure syllables is spit out from Lin Hao’s mouth. The world is shaking. As time goes by, the world of Lin Hao’s curse and voice is shaking, forming a resonance. A string of characters fly out of Lin Hao’s body, drill into the virtual other side and enter Apollo’s body.
But Apollo didn’t know that he was still galloping towards Olympus in a chariot of the sun. He wanted to ask his father Zeus, the king of gods, to help him get rid of his dark powers like tarsal maggots.
In addition to Lin Hao and the Daphne beside him, there is nothing left of him when she turns into a laurel tree, as if she were in a closed room.
Lin Hao’s lips are still moving. If Elena is here, you can see that Lin Hao has just risen to 1 o’clock, and his spirit has gradually decreased by 9, 7, 6, and 5. After it has dropped to 50,000, it will no longer decrease. On the other hand, looking at the mountain of Olympus, Apollo has slowed down, and he is no longer in a hurry. The dark forces are constantly eroding and disappearing. There is a different brilliance in his eyes.
"The master has passed the first one, and the second one is barely about to pass. It is this last one that will determine whether you can enter the final game. Don’t believe me. Don’t." Ailien still mumbles about the unknown place.
Apollo still drove as if he had noticed that the sun chariot had stopped at Mount Olympus.
Chapter 311 Mouth gun
Apollo Shiran went into the temples burning with eternal blue flames and looked at Zeus’s explosive tension.
Apollo smiled and blurted out, "How are you?"
Suddenly, all the gods looked at Apollo and Hera laughed. When everyone knew it, they probably wouldn’t say anything, because everyone knew that Apollo was not her child.
Athena is curious because this is the first time that her brother has done such an indiscretion, and he has made such a thing with a lesson.
Some time ago (hundreds of years ago), Helius, the sun god, always dreamed of driving his father’s sun chariot.
Once his father, Helius, gave him the opportunity to drive a sun chariot, but he didn’t realize what a sun chariot was. In fact, a sun chariot was the sun.
Phaeton looked at the people on the ground. He wanted to fly off the ground and get closer so that people could see himself.
He motioned for the steed to fly to the ground, and then the steed approached the ground with Phaeton, but then everything was beyond Phaeton’s expectation. People were burned alive, the earth cracked and the trees burned.
Finally, Zeus stopped the sun chariot and saved Phaeton and Poseidon, and led the sea to extinguish the fire of the earth. The gods of Olympus saved mankind, and the faith of mankind became more and more devout.
But there is a person who is not happy that the earth goddess Gaia is her strength. Would you be happy if someone cut your body and let you bleed?
The answer is that Gaia will not be angry. Gaia is the grandmother of Zeus, the king of gods, and also the greatest help for Zeus to sit on the throne of God. So Helius lost the chariot of the sun, lost the priesthood of the sun, and was deprived of most of his strength and became a Xiao Pi god with the sun.
Zeus also gave Apollo the right to drive the sun chariot, and Apollo became the sun god from then on.
Athena didn’t expect Apollo to offend the goddess Gaia in just a few hundred years. Athena remembered that Apollo was not such an unwise person.
Zeus, on the other hand, slaps his forehead with a dark lining. This boy is so stupid that he dares to run back after just getting into trouble.
Gaia was the opponent, and the gods were disappointed. Yes, they were disappointed. She sent someone to intercept Apollo, but Apollo came back safely and seriously.
On the other side, several temples are ready to set out to kill Apollo, who annoyed his mother.
"How dare you come back? Zeus deprived him of his priesthood. I want his body to fill the damage to the earth." Gaia said flatly as if it were nothing.