But I can’t stand continuous and repeated friction!

Ya ya grabbed the bottle from Fang Siyi, but she had no scruples about Fang Siyi rubbing it back and forth.
Maybe it’s because of drunkenness that you will never do it, but now it becomes a matter of course.
Or in other words, there is a bottle of wine in Ya Ya’s eyes at the moment.
He has completely lost his feeling because of alcohol paralysis.
It was not until Fang Siyi Nai let go that she successfully grabbed the bottle in his hand.
Lying on your back with a bottle in your arms contentedly, you can escape.
"Hiccup!" With a silly hiccup, she hit it, hit her lips, and hugged the bottle with some satisfaction. The whole person has become drunk.
I’ve been drinking a lot before, so it’s hard to get sleepy.
Fang Siyi some nai to see ya ya at this time only to find that two people look very wrong.
At the moment, ya ya’s half body is pressing Fang Siyi’s little head and pillow Fang Siyi’s right arm with a bottle in her arms "splash! Hey! " Drinking
Fang Siyi’s clothes and sheets were soaked by drinking some urgent drinks along the corners of her mouth.
The wine was mixed with some strange aroma.
Let Fang Siyi, who is a little dizzy because of the strength of wine, feel even more dizzy.
"Ya ya …" Fang Siyi tried a pity because the whole arm was pinned down. Fang Siyi was able to reach out and push her shoulder.
"Don’t rob me of wine!" Yaya JiaoChen increasingly towards Fang Siyi body stuck in the past.
Turned a body with one leg directly to Fang Siyi whole person.
Fortunately, at this time, the wine in the bottle has already been drunk by Yaya, otherwise it will be drenched all over him.
Chapter 223 Yaya counterattack (11)
"Ya ya …" Fang Siyi said naively, "You’re drunk."
Ya ya propped up her body by pressing Fang Siyi’s chest with her right hand, and poured the bottle into her mouth with her other hand. Unfortunately, the bottle had already been poured, and she could never pour it out again.
Ya ya threw the bottle aside in frustration, holding the bottle in her left hand and pressing her right hand, and the whole person quickly lay down.
At the moment, Ya Ya’s whole person is kneeling, her legs are half-length, and her forehead is holding up her hands, just pressing his front.
Fang Siyi was embarrassed. Some people involuntarily wanted to stretch out their hands to push away Ya Ya, but naively found their right arm. I don’t know if it was because she just met hemp tendons in her mind. She couldn’t move at all.
And one arm alone will not hurt ya ya, which will push Fang Siyi away, press ya ya’s shoulder and shake her "ya ya wake up!" Wake up! "
"Well-"Ya Ya uttered a meaningful sound, twisted her right hand with some dissatisfaction, and muttered, "What is so embarrassing?"
Fang Siyi a stiff face couldn’t help raised a bit embarrassed.
Mouth unconsciously breath a chill.
"Well, damn it! You have nothing to hide in your waist! " Ya ya drunk bow to press the "mobile phone" the finals shouted.
Fang Siyi chill more.
But before Fang Siyi made effective measures to stop Ya Ya from moving, Ya Ya made a move that made Fang Siyi tense up!
She shrugged her nose, and the whole person involuntarily crawled, followed by Fang Siyi’s clothes when she was tight and kissed straight.
It’s not accurate to say that she is after the wine that was spilled on Fang Siyi before.
Unfortunately, at this time, the wine has already been absorbed by the clothes, and even if she licked it for a long time, she didn’t taste anything.
On the contrary, it makes my mouth bitter.
While fuming sweetly, Fang Siyi’s clothes were torn violently with her hands at random.
"PSST-ya ya! What are you doing! " Fang Siyi’s facial expression was almost crowded together, and his mouth couldn’t help shouting.
Just now, Ya Ya tore at his clothes, but she kept pulling the "mobile phone"!
That pain …
"Wine … wine …" Maybe it’s because of drunkenness that Ya Ya suddenly broke out. Except it’s hard to imagine that Machamp directly pushed Fang Siyi’s sweater up and then pursued the aroma of wine to tear Fang Siyi’s thin underwear.
Then, with a slight quiver, Siyi gently kissed the part soaked by wine.
It is located in Fang Siyi’s right chest near the ribs.
"Ya ya ….." Fang Siyi tried to push Ya outward. Unfortunately, once she paralyzed her arm, she couldn’t make any effort. The only thing she could do was to push Ya ya farther to the right.
I want to pull it back, but it is limited by my strength. Does the method support Siyi in front of my body just by relying on one arm strength or the method to pull Ya Ya away?
Especially when Ya Ya really found that small piece of wine, the whole person directly hugged Fang Siyi and then licked that small piece of wine seriously.
This position is too close to Fang Siyi’s front.