Fifteen star cruises’ force fields were scattered and touched the foot of xingbing Mountain before they stopped to look at the caves in the mountain. One figure after another turned out to be soldiers of the same shape and different sizes.

"Shit, what the hell is this?" Orleans froze hundreds of thousands of soldiers and figures, and their eyes shot out bright light, swimming around the mountain like a school of fish, and then wrapped around the discoverer’s fleet
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian Crazy Chapter 1119 Mine War
"Oh my God! Are these soldiers and figures? " Lin momo was very excited. After all, he stayed with the sinking blade for a long time and learned something about the mysterious missing ancestor three thousand years ago. Later, he found a lot of relics of the first galaxy left by Xiao Han. He saw the sixth ancestor of Hengbo and the heads of the Yi clan, and their understanding of the hero of the galaxy gradually became full, especially the means used by the other party had been studied in detail.
These xingbing are actually a kind of Xiao cold, which is made by the seed power of creating gods. Soldiers are called ore-gathering soldiers or vein soldiers. Nowadays, some mysterious miners can simulate similar means when they develop to extremes, but Xiao cold is far from it.
It is said that the xingbing is quite powerful. It is good for rare mineral deposits and energy circuits to gather minerals in veins, and then the quality will be improved over time. Once it is successfully made, the soldiers will become puppets in the hands of miners and do whatever they want. On the whole, the cost is cheaper than that of high-end robots. If some toxic minerals can be found, it will be even more remarkable, and even pharmacists can be made into soldiers who are afraid of poison veins.
Seeing tens of thousands of soldiers flying near, these soldiers are divided into three specifications: two meters, three meters and five meters high. They all look like scales. Ancient soldiers are two meters tall with sharp spears in their hands and three meters high with double hooks. The most exaggerated shoulders are carrying old rockets.
"Boom …"
Not nearly five meters high, the terracotta warriors began to fire. When the shells were fired with black light, a black magnetic storm flashed, which made the fleet method reunite for the first time. Tactically, it was dull but effective.
"Boom …"
The fleet began to fight back, and the dense cannon light interwoven out to kill the layers of soldiers. When Louis looked at the screen, those small soldiers broke out in a blue halo and connected into a piece that could resist the cannon light bombardment.
"Don’t let these ghosts come near when moving missiles." Bo Dan knows little about the ore-gathering soldiers. He knows that if these soldiers are allowed to come near, they will definitely be troublesome. These soldiers are more difficult to deal with than the Zerg, both in quantity and quality.
A closer look at the flowers in front of several destruction bombs shows that these soldiers and figures are scattered and kept at a certain distance when they rush forward, instead of shouting, they actually build a zerg source matrix
The explosion energy and tide of the destructive bomb brushed gently, but the attack effect was not satisfactory. There were hundreds of soldiers and figures in the center of the explosion, and the loss was negligible.
Those broken soldiers released a little green light and flew to the nearby soldiers. The surface of the soldiers who got the green light was immediately coated with a layer of luster. Although the vision disappeared soon, some problems could be seen.
Is it a terrible fighting mechanism that broken soldiers and figures have a way to transfer their own energy to their own kind? If we continue to go to the fleet, we will inevitably fall into a bitter struggle. Worse, it is hard to say how many soldiers and figures are hidden in xingbing Mountain.
"Boom boom boom boom boom boom!"
At the key moment, Qingyun, Qinglan, Qingshuang, Qingming and Qingxiu, five elite star cruises from Qingfeng Fleet, have made a splash.
These five ships have a strong attack power from the beginning, and they failed to play their real level when they were caught in the mirror array in the asteroid belt. Now they suddenly attacked and finally proved their strength.
The cross-sectional diameter is nearly 30 meters, and the light beam sweeps outward. The Qingyun and Qinglan both move forward. After several days of understanding, the two captains have finally explored the elite ship’s lighter skills, and now they are just joining hands to display them.
"A shelling storm broke out on the elite ship Qingyun’s fighting skill"
"Blue Lan’s elite class ship’s fighting skill broke out suddenly and violently."
Two light beams several kilometers long came into being. One light beam hit out and scattered, and another light beam hit out and caused a large-scale shooting phenomenon. The soldiers rushed in and fell into pieces, and the fleet had to be reunited.
The battle was soul-stirring. Three thousand years ago, power collided three thousand years later, and Xiao was cold. At that time, after all, human beings had not achieved today’s glory, and the star cruise ship body did not appear. At that time, it was possible to have such an army of soldiers and figures, and it did have the power to challenge ordinary insect tides. Even if the number of advanced insect tides was not as terrible as that, these ore-gathering soldiers might not be able to afford cannon fodder.
"xingbing Mountain is a xingbing Mountain! Even if the elite worm tower is not as good as it is, it’s incredible that these soldiers and figurines can still play such an amazing effect after being isolated from the outside world for three thousand years. "Lin momo walked to the bridge while thinking. We must stop these soldiers and figurines from attacking, which may help these soldiers and figurines deal with the bloody fleet.
"Look at what that kid is going to do?" A captain noticed that there was something wrong with the Great Mighty, and the door opened, and the one who came out was none other than the young employer who brought everyone here.
Louis was equally surprised that the boss walked the bridge without communicating with him. Does the boss have the ability to make these soldiers retreat? Maybe, but after all, this boss is always a miracle.
"Hum, xingbing Mountain Ore Gathering Soldiers, why don’t you return to your position?" Lin momo came up with a ray of pitfalls, which came from Xiao Han, and then "dong" was a loud noise and the drums were suspended to the top of his head.
"Hum …"
If the ripples spread out in essence, Lin momo did not move the mother emperor’s energy to drive the Tongtian drum, but used his own source force to barely ring a drum sound, hoping that the soldiers and figures could feel the wave of the destruction mallet and return to the cave
The soldier’s body shook and paused for a moment, but then it rushed again.
It seems that the destructive hammer power does have some advantages, but it is not complete in the end. It is even less than 100% power. It is impossible to knock off these rigid ore-gathering soldiers.
Lin momo narrowed his eyes and gave a sneer around. At this time, the captains probably guessed that the drum suspended overhead was a great artifact. Maybe many people have moved their eyes and didn’t get the five natural barrier badges and fake sacrificial towers. Now they need to bully.
"Great power opens a passage for me and I want to go out for World War I" Lin momo’s body Ran Ran rises, and the square energy shield suddenly opens one person and a drum rushes out straight.
Seeing this, Bo Shan turned around in horror and cursed the mighty idiot. Why did he let the adjutant out? Isn’t this killing people? Those soldiers and figures are connected into pieces, which is simply a meat grinder, which is very dangerous.
Lin momo raised his finger from the eyes of the public to split out a crescent cold light and then separated from both sides around very strangely. When Lin momo reappeared, he had been sent to the front of the army of soldiers and figures.
"Ah, it’s really reckless. This kid is dead. That artifact is me." A captain has reached out to touch the attractive artifact on the screen. Suddenly, a ripple bursts around and faintly hears drums.
"Hey!" This sound is profound, this sound is strong, this sound is ever-changing, and this sound is long and inexplicable.
It was a drum sound that spread out, but it formed thousands of waves of power that could expand outward. The tempted captains and adjutants in the fleet turned pale with fear.
It’s terrible that there is no peak, the artifact is not properly driven, and it’s just fleeting. It really belongs to the peak level, and the power is emitted by the artifact, even if it’s a peerless master.
What is even more shocking is that behind Lin momo, 50,000 soldiers and figurines are falling apart, and all the soldiers and figurines behind them are turned away in a hurry, unwilling to stay for half a second.
Lin momo was Zheng, and the strength of that blow just now was not enough to destroy fifty thousand ore-gathering soldiers. The ancestors must have done some hands and feet in the cold and cold, so that the people who were recognized by the destruction hammer had such preferential treatment. Most of the soldiers did not release the previous green halo, but contracted their forces back to their bodies to die.
"What is that possible? Is this teenager a master at that level? " Li Linglong’s face is indecisive, and Louis and she have reached some juvenile meanings. I don’t feel at ease. Now that I think about it, it is definitely not a threat. It is very likely that it is a special photo. After all, what this character says must be counted.
Li Linglong was in a panic. She decided to get up those uncles who had previously been disgruntled and let the adjutant temporarily take over the captain’s position. When she was safe, she immediately went to the Great Mighty to confess her sins. The previous list of contempt was simply the stupidest thing. The master with artifacts did not turn against him on the spot, which was already a very good-tempered type.
Thin sheet also shocked at this time he recalled Lin momo contact dribs and drabs straight skull door andao "would have guessed that this kid is not simple but didn’t think of such a simple blow to kill fifty thousand soldiers and figures than Qingyun and Qinglan joint make elite ship lighter ten times more formidable. Is this still a person? Even if you give me the artifact, you can’t do it. Philips must be a beautiful master outside drifting. "
Different people look at the screen with different feelings. The fleet has stopped attacking Lin momo, but the edge of the battlefield has reached out and gently sucked.
See a piece of flashing green ore in the hands of Lin momo as if by shape traction into hundreds of flashing green ore flew up.
Small ores are about the size of a baby’s fist and the size of a man’s head. They are the essence of soldiers’ figurines, and I don’t know what they do.
Lin momo suddenly gave ear to the taboo peacock to produce special wave frequency. The owner whispered in his ear for a long time and finally uncovered the tip of the iceberg of green minerals. These minerals are definitely good things and are the first-class things in the universe.
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 112 Yin beast
"It turned out to be the essence of this star silk mine. Good guy, it’s really a waste of time to keep the soldiers and figures running!" Lin momo was shocked and immediately relieved. It is no wonder that these ore-gathering soldiers will be called xingbing, mostly because they contain star silk minerals, which are very common and become pure and precious after being nurtured.
Three thousand years ago, the Star Silk Mine was not taken seriously, and it was easy to be cold and luxurious to construct soldiers and figures. About two thousand years ago, the captain of a star cruise ship discovered that the benefits of Star Silk Mine could increase the energy vein of the star cruise ship. Unfortunately, after nearly 500 years of crazy mining, not to mention the essence of Star Silk Mine, even ordinary Star Silk Mine has basically disappeared.
Humans are sometimes greedier than zerg. Once a new vein is discovered, those super families will go to carve up the roots of ordinary forces, and there is no chance to get their hands on the silk mines. If it is not the peacock prototype, the amulet of the wise man will come from an ancient database thousands of years ago. It is really difficult to identify this mineral deposit.
What is the energy vein? To put it bluntly, the auxiliary energy system can make the energy ship more harmonious and transparent when circulating. This is still the level that ordinary silk mines can achieve. If it is the essence in Lin momo’s hands, it can make the star cruise ship enhance its foundation to some extent.
For example, if it weren’t for Lin momo, an able person, to help the Great Mighty, it was difficult to reach the odd level, and it would be much easier for the hull to be promoted to the odd level after adding the essence of these silk mines.
Not only several other ships in the fleet of the mighty, cactus, steel magic, red coral and Qingyun, but also five ships have the opportunity to be promoted to the odd level. Isn’t this star silk mine a first-class thing in the universe?
Lin momo raised his hand and put away all the minerals. The equivalent device of ceramic dragon carving in the pseudo-elf sacrifice tower can often play several times to dozens of times, and no matter how many minerals are packed.
"It’s really good to harvest the essence of xingbing’s star-studded silk mine. It can’t be too much for star cruises. But this xingbing Mountain is located here. There must be some work to destroy the hammer and accidentally kill fifty thousand soldiers. It’s a fluke. If you are greedy, it may not be good." Lin momo thought to himself.
In addition, he has another idea, that is, to use the forces of Mount xingbing to deal with the blood-soaked main fleet. No matter whether Jakkula can find this place or not, he can always take the lead by getting familiar with the magnetic cloud environment first.
"Just do it and let go of xingbing Mountain for the time being. If the main fleet that bathes in blood can really destroy all the soldiers and figures, it is not impossible to pick up a bargain next to them." Lin momo thought of here and turned back to the ship, but his move was unfathomable in the eyes of others.
Li Linglong and her family became cautious, focused and didn’t dare to disturb Lin momo. gruss was extremely excited, and Louis and Orleans were very excited to reflect on it carefully and didn’t go out of line, which was reassuring.
Lin momo returned to the captain’s cabin, but he was anxious to sort out the essence of the silk mine and leave it in his hand, so that he could make the best use of it and get through the immediate crisis. Who knows what risks lie ahead? The sudden destruction of the mallet can be attributed to luck
"Louis came to the Great Mighty to collect the star silk mine and then distributed it to the captains, which made me plan to prepare this place for three days, so that they can make good use of this ore to enhance the foundation of the star cruise ship. In the future, the size of the Discovery fleet will definitely be larger than it is now. Whether it can occupy a place in the fleet depends on their efforts today."
"Yes, it will arrive at once." Louis dare not neglect the most energetic state to take over this project.
Although the ceramic dragon carving has received a lot of star silk ore essence, it also has advantages and disadvantages. Lin momo naturally has to make some screening, leaving a tenth of the essence for the remaining ore of the Tianzhu fleet. After all, he should have the opportunity to obtain the ore in a few days. He is still quite confident in inheriting the "industry" of his ancestors Xiao Han.
Xingbing Mountain fell into silence, and there was no movement for two days after Lin momo’s hand. From time to time, there will be geomagnetic storms outside the mountain, but these geomagnetic storms hit the top of the mountain. It seems that this mountain can absorb the magnetic storms. Maybe there are some rare treasures hidden in the mountain.
Lin momo, no matter how good things are before you, you must be able to take them unless you move the drums and drums to shatter this mountain, but that would be tantamount to losing a powerful amulet. The ancestors have given 50 thousand soldiers, figures, stars and silks, and greed will be counterproductive. You must master the degree of willingness.
On the third day, the hull of the mighty ship trembled slightly and finally formed more than 100 extra energy veins, which extended from the main control room, just like the human body’s tendons, conveying energy everywhere in the cabin and hull.
The energy context is attached to the energy system, but it is different from the energy system. The energy context can be generated so quickly mainly due to the decomposition ability of the micro-robot in the core cabin. After all, the micro-robot that swallowed the eternal blue heart drill is different.
It’s a pity that Lin momo has so many blue hearts left in his hand to increase Roderick’s knowledge and split the Tenchu fleet, but he bled out a lot of good things and the whole thing was to seek a breakthrough.
Obsidian’s decomposition rate of ore is also not slow, but after all, it is not an elite, and it can catch up with its elite decomposition rate at most, and the construction of energy vein is even slower by one or two points, but it is already very difficult.
Lin momo is considering whether something big happened when he set off. A figure flew from Yun Shenchu, which has a huge tonnage of 100 meters. Even five sperm whales can’t compare with it
What should be compared with the sperm whale? Because the sperm whale is the largest in the fleet, even the sperm whale is small compared with this figure, which shows how huge the object is.
Lin momo, of course, has seen a bigger prison cow, and in those days, he has seen an extremely huge insect corpse. Hundreds of millions of blue-line resin worms can live in insect corpses. It is simply unreasonable to measure how huge this figure is. Compared with those really giant creatures and giant zerg in the universe, there are still some things that are not enough to look at.
What really attracts Lin momo’s attention is not the object type, but the breath carried by this figure, which belongs to the wild and shattered species. The breath is full of barbarism, fanaticism and irritability, which makes people feel a sense of fear from the bottom of their hearts.