Luo Yi nodded and smiled at me. I didn’t expect the Khitans to give me this opportunity. Li Chongjiu is my opponent. You are in trouble this time.

At this time, Weichi Gong Tsui Hark and Su Su, the camp of Li Chong’s ninth Zhongjun, made a sudden record of Cui Xujin, Chunqiu and other generals sitting together.
"So that’s it. The Khitans actually mobilized the Baishan Department."
Li Chongjiu closed the stationery and finally Bai Lihu’s reinforcements were intercepted. Even the messenger came to the situation. It seems that he still underestimated the determination of Qidan to deal with himself this time. Can the Qidan people please move the Baishan Department? It seems that Koguryo people have reached a tacit understanding.
However, today’s World War I is like shaking the Khitan gangster and the like.
"Report that there is a fire on the hill northeast of Khan!"
Li Chongjiu eyebrows a pick.
May is near June in western Liaoning, and it is near midnight in summer. The night wind will attack and blow away the bloody smell of the battlefield, and the night is deep and dark.
Li Chongjiu’s generals climbed the mountain, and the plain in front of the mountain was huge. Except for a few fires, it was dark. In the northeast direction, it should be dark, but there was a crimson light that lit up the sky.
"Could it be that the Khitans attacked the local Mohong tribe?"
"It won’t be attacked in the middle of the night!"
Li Chongjiu’s eyes narrowed as the flames rose, and the Khitan Xi people also saw it, while there was a commotion in the Khitan Xi camp in Shanshan.
There was a scene of horses running in the middle of the night, and I don’t know what the reason was.
Then I heard a loud speech. In the middle of the night, because of the distance and the Khitan dialect, most people couldn’t understand what they were talking about.
Li Chongjiu’s eyebrows are wrinkled, and everyone knows that it is forbidden to make noise and shout in the military camp at night. There was such a thing. A veteran had a nightmare and screamed in the middle of the night. As a result, the army bombed the camp and a battalion collapsed without fighting.
The regular army is still like this, and the Khitan Xi people are so brave.
The Khitan people are not ignorant of this simple military discipline, but it happened that hundreds of thousands of troops, the Khitan Xiren, are shorter than the organization, if it can be banned.
When Li Chongjiu said, "Order the cavalry to attack, don’t fight in waves, try to attack an enemy and then leave. I want to see what’s going on?"
When Li Chongjiu’s cavalry was ordered to be in place in succession, 500 Han soldiers and cavalry and 1,000 cymbals rushed from Shantu to the riot place of the other army camp.
It seems that seeing horseshoes coming to the other camp has made the harassment worse, and we haven’t waited until the troops arrive.
The other brigade suddenly ran to the mountains in the night.
"Really Fried camp? Or run away? " Li Chongjiu doesn’t really happen, but he thinks it’s an opportunity.
"Beat the drums and order all cavalry to attack me!"
At this time, Khitan Khan congratulated Duh Luo for getting up in the middle of the night, but at this time, Dahe Mo would rush to enter an account and said, "Father Khan is not good."
He Duh Luo Shen said, "What’s the matter?"
Da He Mo will look pale and say, "That timid rat in Womandu actually abandoned us in the middle of the night with his troops and fled overnight."
"Xi dog!" Dahe Duh Luo’s words were half-spoken, and suddenly he was extremely angry and took a bite of old blood.
Yama will quickly say, "Father Khan, is this so good? If so? "
Dahe Duh Luo didn’t speak. At this time, the drums of Li Jiushan were already ringing, and the cavalry horseshoes came far away.
Yamato will hold Yamato Duh Luo out of the account. At this time, several Khitans will come running with knives and say, "Khan Khan’s group of Xi dogs have escaped."
"I know"
"Khan is now not only insulting the king’s department, but also running away even if he can’t sit still".
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Shuaiqi
Bombing camp, also known as shocking camp, is the most feared thing in the army, especially when you experience a day-to-day war and see several soldiers killed in Paoze, especially when the psychological pressure of new recruits in the battlefield has just reached the border, the more organized training the army is, the more likely it will happen.
Fear is the most easily infected. The Khitan Xi people all formed their troops hastily, and a battalion collapsed without strict military discipline.
After hearing the news that the three tribal chiefs of the Xi tribe fled the camp, they all looked at each other. If they said that their faces could be written, they would think it was a lost cause.
Not reconciled! If everyone wins the chance of Qi Xin’s cooperation day, the Khitans will win before Li Chongjiu’s main cavalry arrives, but Xi’s short-sightedness makes this situation impossible.
All the Khitans are holding knives and angry at the Xi people for their cowardice and treachery. At the same time, they look at Dahe Duh and Luo Xiwang for what they can do.
What about Khan?
He Duh Luo glanced at these brave generals’ hearts. I, the Khitan soldiers, are not inferior to others in bravery, but they can live in the bitter cold land of White Wolf Water.
I think I have killed my grandchildren and plowed a piece of cultivated land. Like the Han people, the Khitans can’t worry about food. Every time an extra child is born, they drown in cold water. Everyone can eat and wear warm clothes and live forever. Am I wrong?
He Duh Luo took a deep breath, his white beard trembled, and the blood in his sheepskin robe was scarlet. Suddenly, he got up and knelt down and said, "I’m sorry for the Khitan department. I’m sorry for following me here. We lost the battle of 100 thousand Khitans!"
Even the people who have always been proud and sweaty will stick their knives into the ground. Everyone is kneeling and silently wiping their tears.
There was a burst of noise and then a sudden burst of drums on the opposite side of the hill, and the door of the Han military camp opened wide.
Seeing that the Xi people bombed the camp and fled, the Han army drums beat the butter torches and lit them from a distance, like sparks flashing. The Han army took the lead in pursuing and attacking the Xi people’s camp. The Khitan general looked at the mountain and saw that in the dark, he heard the horseshoe rolling and the fire was everywhere. Xi people fled from the horse and trampled on the scene.
However, although the Han army held butter torches in the dark, its visibility was very low and its progress was very slow. In this era when most people suffered from night blindness, the so-called night battle was generally to kill one thousand enemies and destroy themselves. One of them hacked to death more than the other.
Therefore, even if the Han army wanted to pursue it, it had the heart, but the panic Xi people bombed the camp themselves, but they trampled on each other like a mess. The Xi people also collided with the Qidan people’s camp, and even several Qidan camps followed suit.
"We Khitans will fight to the death!"
Khitan generals have sat on the ground and drawn their swords.
"Wait!" He duh, luo will hand all people is a stop.
Dahe Duluo asked, "What about Jingbian Hou?"
Jingbian Hou Luoyi’s big tent is next to each other, and the two armies can see clearly the chaos in the mountains. Now, the heads of the three bombing camps of the Xi nationality are fleeing, and the panic camp of the Khitan department is also a mess. Only Luo Yi is strict in running the army. Article 17 prohibits the fifty-fourth cutting of catch-up camps, and there is no sound. There are more vigil sentries and torches.
But at this time, what about Luo Yi’s rigor in running the army?
Luo Yi Gao Kaidao They looked at the foot soldiers of the Shanxi clan in a mess and suddenly spoke.
Gao Kaidao shook his head and said, "There is no salvation, and the defeat is like a mountain. The third department of Xi nationality directly collapsed and the war situation can be reversed in the future. Brother Luo, it is difficult for you to lead the hundreds of Qidan Xi nationality to defeat Li Chongjiu."
Luo Yi looked up with his eyes closed and said to himself, "Is this a destiny?"
Gao escorting shook his head and was opening Luo Yi. At this moment, he threw his fist into the mud and was smashed into a pit by Luo Yi.
Luo Yi growled and shouted, "Old people don’t believe in life!"
Luo Yi’s eyes burst into a decisive color and pulled out a sword, pointing to the mountain Li Chongjiu’s army. He said, "Li Chongjiu dares to send troops in the dark, so it’s just deceiving Qidan Xi’s manpower to fight back, but the outcome of the midnight oil is 50-50. I will finally bet on luck with Li Chongjiu today."
"I ordered my army to keep an eye on Li Chongjiu’s handsome flag, and even if he died, he would fall to the flag!" Luo Yi big drink a few generals after smell speech without saying a word when according to.
Their military career for many years was single-handedly drawn by Luo Yi’s personal soldiers. Even at this moment, Luo Yi wants them to be a knife and a pan of oil, and they are desperate.
"Brother Gao, if you always die here, go back and tell Chenger to avenge me and vote for Dou Jiande!" Luo Yi Ma Angran said
Gao Kaidao nodded and said, "Brother Luo, take care. I’ll send 500 men to help you."
Luo Yi nodded when the camp door was wide open.
Luo Yi led 1,500 cavalry to advance quietly through the night.
He led 1,000 cavalry first, while 500 cavalry fell a mile after the high way. When Luo Yi led the army forward, his foot soldiers were all wordy and arrogant, so he pointed out the direction through a pinch of whistle
In the dark night, the torch passes through Li Chongjiu’s Shuaiqi, which is striking. When the cavalry in Luo Yi is marching without strength, Luo Yi suddenly motioned for the public to ride horses to raise horsepower, and it is also waiting for the opportunity
The third department of Xi nationality is now in a state of collapse. Li Chongjiu led a great army and turned around to attack the Qidan camp.
Han army cloth wrapped with arrows ignited and shot into the Khitan camp.
Arrows fly like a trance, like a road in the night, filariasis flashes. The Khitan people’s camp is full of ghosts and wolves, and the bodies are hanging on the railings, and the tent is also ablaze.
There were also qidan foot soldiers in the camp who rushed back to the camp gate in desperation, and all the results were stabbed and killed by the Han army in the front row.
Luo Yi saw that the Khitan people died in chaos but didn’t move at all. He held his breath and silently pressed the sword. He didn’t make the foot soldiers rush, but waited for the opportunity.
Suddenly, a brigade of foot soldiers beside Shuaiqi was sent to clean the burned ruins in front of the camp and prepare for the army to break into the camp and please make a way out.
At this time, Shuaiqi’s defense was suddenly weak, and Luo Yi’s eyes sank. When the rolling horse followed the youzhou fighters, it was only the elite in the battle of Zhuojun.
Luo Yi calling on one thousand cavalry to launch a surprise attack towards Li Jiushuaiqi!
Lee Chong-jiu is looking at the Khitan Barracks at the moment. He ordered the arrows wrapped in butter and sheep oil to penetrate into the Khitan Barracks. At this moment, the wind is just right, and he can also use this wind to attack the Khitans.